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 Target Practice (Training)

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PostSubject: Target Practice (Training)   Tue Sep 11, 2012 7:21 pm

The Gai Gun came back to the mountain where he was first given his powers. He was to visit the deity that first granted him his abilities, he figured there was no one else he would want to train with just yet except for the deity. He was the only one he could really place trust with. "Izanagi." He said softly, waiting for him to appear, as Izanagi appeared, he flew up to him, and shook his hand. "Hello Rubedo, how has your adventures in America been, have you been successful and preventing crime and evil." The Gai Gun sighed, as he shrugged his shoulders. "Some what, but I feel as if, I could be bettter, I haven't been training and I need your help sir."

"Why would you need my help? How could I help?" The Gai Gun sat down and began to meditate, as he thought what exactly did he want to train. He knew Izanagi couldn't help him in terms of flying, seeing how Izanagi never even knew The Gai Gun could fly, he was the first incarnation to gain the ability to do so. He thought about his durability, as he never really endured any serious physical punishment from an opponent. His only problem has been a unimpressive offensive in his opinion.

Then he began to think about his experience, with the woman who was completely unaffected by his strongest attacks. He thought how useless any of his tactics were but how she was shot from out of the sky by one of his allies, and how his comrade was attacked by someone from long distance. He thought, what if it was him, he would be a sitting duck and would simply be shot out the sky as the one who called herself hades. Or emelie had been murdered. "What, could I do to counter that. If only I had long range attacks or some type of projectiles."

The Gai Gun looked up at Izanagi, as he raised an eyebrow. "Doe the Gai Gun have some type of projectile, I know I have advanced durability and mystic martial arts, but is there anything else I could do? Like, i don't know fire some projectiles from my chi?" Izanagai smiled, as he thought and put his hand on his chin, going into deep thought, as he looked at Gai Gun. "Yes, it is. you can fire your chi into blasts and waves. I think your strong to learn this. Let's see." Izanagi created targets in the air with just the snap of a finger.

"With your powers, you can make projectiles from your chi, just focus them into your feet or hands, and fire them at the targets. Just focus your chi, and shoot it out at the targets." The Gai Gun nodded at Izanagi, as he closed his eyes, He began to focus, as he started to channel his chi into his limbs, he start to groan. "Ahh." He said, as he started to shout louder, similar to someone on a popular anime charging their ultimate attack. He looked at Izanagi, as he nodded in approval, he nodded back and focused on the target. "Start with a blast, then we can work on the wave next." Izanagi said, as Rubedo stared at his target, he sent his fist forward sending a blast at the target, the projectile soared and exploded when coming into contact with the target.

He turned around, and sent a kick behind him, and sent another projectile at another target, resulting in the same result, as he smirked and looked back at Izanagai. "So, is that sufficient?" He said, smiling at him, as Izanagi applauded at him, and then he made several targets in him, right behind each other over and over. "Fire it all in one big wave." The Gai Gun nodded, and stood back, and charged his chi back into his hand. "Watch Me." The Gai Gun shouted, as he sent his fist forward, as he did, a wave of chi was shot forward at the targets, piercing through each target, as they all were destroyed upon contact, as the Gai Gun smiled, and turned his back to them. "What's next?"

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PostSubject: Re: Target Practice (Training)   Wed Sep 12, 2012 8:29 am

"I'm proud Rubedo, that is just one more ability you have learned for you to take down crime. But now, I sense you are lacking something, you lack defense, sure your offense is better, and yes you have super human durability but you rely too much on that. You can take all your opponents hits, you have to learn more ways. Your going to have to use the chi, to boost your reflexes. Just focus your chi, and it will help you in reacting to your opponent's attacks and boost your reaction time, with this you can expect anything. You can withstand anything your opponent can dish at you. With your durability and your reflexes, you will never be hurt. Now begin to train."

The Gai Gun began to focus his chi, and channel his chi, so he could super humanly react to anything. He sighed, as he took a deep breath. He was a natural at focusing his chi, and he knew it, and he began to meditate and focus. "Come on." He mumbled and start to think, and as he start to distributed his chi in his body, He looked up at the Deity, and nodded his head, now what do you have prepared for me to test my reflexes?" The deity just looked down and smiled. "You will see child, now just prepared yourself, I got a surprise."

The Gai Gun nodded, and the deity snapped, and about hundreds of different bodies were formed, all made of chi, as they all got into a stance, similar to his martial arts, he stood steady looking at them. "Come." He siad, as they all started to charge at him. The Gai Gun smirked, as he ran toward them also, as soon as someone sent a punch at him, it seemed as if it was in slower motion. The Gai Gun quickly turned out the way of it, and sent a kick to his side. He fell to the ground from the hit of the kick, as The Gai Gun smiled, and sent a kick to his side to another one that was about to attack him. "This is too easy, I know you have something more challenging master."

The deity snapped, and suddenly, two guns were made, pointing down at him, as The Gai Gun's jaw dropped. "Do you really have to get that drastic." The Gai Gun asked, as the deity smiled and just shrugged. "You said it was too easy, plus how do you get better if your not challenged right, now pay attention, I'm about to pull the trigger. The Gai Gun sighed, as he put his dukes up, and waiting for him to send the next training exercise. "Let's go." He mumbled, as his master smiled and suddenly, the guns he made began to fire upon him. "Damn it." The Gai Gun said, as he started to run away from the gun fire, using his increased muscle mass to boost his speed. He instantly ran the opposite way of the fire.

"Dodging bullets? This is extreme, but no challenge is too great for the Gai Gun." He took flgiht, as the bullets came his way, he spun and flipped out the way of them. The Gai Gun started to barrel roll out the way of the incoming gun fire, as he spun. He sighed, as he spun, and started to fly downward now. The gun fire would chase him, but he wa out running it good. "Yes." Suddenly gun fire appeared in front of him. "Oh crap." He shouted, as he instantly turned out the way, he could feel his reflexes beginning to pay off. The Gai Gun finally descended on the ground and landed.

"How was that master." He looked, and his master took out a giant sword, and the Gai Gun instantly flipped to the side, out of the way. "Wow, what the hell was that!" "It was to test your reactions, and fortunately you passed." The Gai gun sighed and nodded. "So, failure would mean..." "Yep, thats right being cut in half!" The deity smiled, as the gai gun shook his head and cracked his knuckles. "Just, whats next master i'm waiting."

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PostSubject: Re: Target Practice (Training)   Wed Sep 12, 2012 7:59 pm

The Gai Gun looked at the Japanese deity, as he sighed and looked at the ground, looking at his body, as he felt his strength begin to raise, he felt the chi starting to get stronger, as his blood coursed through his veins, he smiled and looked up. "You have done good Rubedo, you have much more to learn, but you are becoming stronger and stronger. But, your strength can increase more." The deity said as The Gai Gun nodded. "I will never reach a peak, I will constantly get stronger and stronger, just like everyone else, just like evil. I'll never stop training not until I die."

The deity simply smirked, and began to think. "Well, until I think of what you should do for the next training exercise." Just, practice some more against the chi spawns." The deity said, as he spawned several more of them. The Gai Gun groaned, and put his hands up and started to get into stance. He gritted his teeth and started to punch the air. "Come." He said under his breath, as one charged at him, he sent a punch forward, hitting him right in the stomach, as it grabbed it, he sent an uppercut sending him in the air.

The Gai Gun smiled and looked at another who was trying to strike him. His reflexes, highly boosted due to the focus of chi, dodged the incoming swing, and grabbed his head and sent a hard headbutt straight into his fore head. The Gai Gun smiled, and put his foot into the air and sent it down into his chest. "I'm sorry." The Gai Gun said, as he looked forward to meet a foot to his face. He was kicked in the face by one of the chi spawns, this caused him to get a little angry, and he ran forward, and sent a punch at his gut.

The spawn grabbed his gut and started to groan in pain and started to cough. "Your not even real, your just the master's chi channeled in a physical form. You don't even have nerves to feel pain. Quit complaining, you should feel sorry for the villians I'm going to be using my martial arts, the pain you are in, is gonna be dished out to them, only it will be no mercy." He said, as he grabbed the hand of another person attempting to hit him, as he twisted it, and swung him around and threw him at another one of his partners, as he looked at another. "Who's next."

"I am." His master said, as the Gai Gun looked confused. His master had giant metal gloves, as he pointed down at the Gai Gun. The Gai Gun saw how big the master was compared to him. Each of his hands were maybe 500 pounds each, he had superhuman durability, but in a fight against him, he had no hope of winning. He is faster, stronger, smarter, The Gai Gun sighed but he wasn't going to give up on him at all. "Ok, come at me Izanagi." The Gai Gun said, as he ran toward him.

The Gai Gun jumped up into the air, toward him as the deity sent a punch at The Gai Gun. He was knocked away, as he caught himself mid flgiht, and began to fly. "Damn it. He is too strong and too fast. What will I do....that's it." The Gai Gun said, as he flew faster toward him again, he smiled, as he started to focus his chi. As soon as his master sent another fist at him, The Gai Gun began to channel his chi. "Hah!" He shouted loud as he looked forward. "Give me all you got!" He shouted at the deity, as he put his hands forward, and held back the fist."

"More! Feel the power of my Chi!" The Gai Gun shouted, as he started to look forward as he tried his best to push, but it did not work at all. "Damn, chi please help me! Give me strength! Give me the power! CHI CHI CHI! I NEED STRENGTH!" The Gai Gun shouted loud into the skies. Looking high up into the heavens, as his chi built up more. He felt his muscles bulge, as he started to push more and more. "I feel it. The chi is making me stronger, I feel the power!"

The Gai Gun pushes more and more, as he rushed and ran the fist into the deity's chest. The Gai Gun smiled, and picked him up by the hand, and started to spin him. "CHI!" He shouted, and threw him down onto the ground again. The deity looked up embarrased and in pain, as the Gai Gun laughed and put his hand up into the air in victory. "Yes!" I did it!"

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PostSubject: Re: Target Practice (Training)   Sat Sep 15, 2012 10:21 am

"Rubedo, you have improved greatly. Your strength, your speed, your chi, your reflexes have all gotten stronger today. Sooner or later, you will surpass even me. Now lets train you in some more techniques, that nesecarily aren't meant for combat, but could prove highly useful for you. I'm gonna tell you how to sense life energy, so no one can ever sneak up on you. With this technique, you can sense anything with life energy, you will find this extremely useful against sneaky opponents or anything like that. You can't trust those ninjas." The deity said as the Gai Gun nodded. "Ninjas are incredibly untrustworthy."

The Gai Gun thought about how he could put this sensory technique to use, as he thought about the day he was talking to the girl until she was shot out of the sky. Even though it was his ally, what if it was the opposite and a ally of hers was to shoot him out the sky. He would be completely useless and dead. The Gai Gun has forever been haunted by that day, it didn't scare him, but he did slip up and it could have cost him his life, so he would constantly train to make sure that would never happen again, he shall cover up any openings to make sure evil will never win. "Ok so what exactly will we be doing for this training?"

The deity nodded, and pointed to a forest. "I have several students hiding in the forest. It's pretty much a game of hide and seek. Just find them, and just to make things interesting, they will be using their powers against you." The Gai Gun raised an eyebrow. "Powers? I thought I was the only one you gave powers." The Gai Gun asked, as the deity laughed. "You are, everyone has chi in them, they knew how to use their chi by themselves though. You did too remember. They are just more advanced at it then you were." the deity said, as Gai Gun sighed, and flew up to him, and slap him across the face, with his increased strength it actually hurt the deity. "When I come back, your ass is mine." He said, half joking as the deity looked scared and he flew to the forest.

He sat down and began to meditate right in front of the forest, thinking and waiting to find out how to exactly use this whole sensory technique and to find his students. He looked forward, and sighed. "Chi, help me find them." He said, as he closed his eyes and began to focus his chi. He looked forward, as he did, he began to feel something different. He looked forward, and got faint detection of chi coming forward. He opened his eyes wide, and looked. "It is chi, I shall follow it." He said, as he began to walk forward, and smiled. He flew up and started to accelerate in speed in the direction of the upcoming chi.

The Gai Gun looked around, as he closed his eyes, and he smiled. He was finally get closer to the signature of chi, as he felt a punch come to his face. He looked forward, but no one was there. He was confused and raised an eyebrow. "Am I insane?" He said, as he felt a kick to his stomach, as he was knocked to the ground. "What the hell?" He heard laughing, as he got back up, he sighed. "Invisibility, looks like I'm gonna have to use this sensory stuff to sense this opponent. Ok, I dare you to attack me again, I'll take you out in one blow!"

The gai gun said, as the opponent was getting ready, he focused his chi, and he began to meditate, as he looked forward he saw, as if the invisible person became visible as he sensed the chi from his opponent. He grabbed his leg, and tossed him into the air. The Gai Gun smiled, and jumped into the air and sent an uppercut up, getting him right in the stomach. The opponent fell hard to the ground, as he smirked and stretched his arms. "I am the best student from this temple, I will always be the best. SHame you can't learn kid. Challenge me in about one hundred years.

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PostSubject: Re: Target Practice (Training)   Sun Sep 16, 2012 3:50 pm

The Gai Gun smiled, as he looked back, and he walked back to Izanagi. "I did it, I found your student." He was holding him by the collar and threw him in front of Izanagi, laughing, as he pounded his chest. "What's next Izanagi." He said, as Izanagi sighed. "Izanagi, is not my name, this is not my real form, its time for me to reveal my real form." He said to The Gai Gun, as a blinding flash of light appeared and shined in the place of Izanagi, as it shined, The Gai Gun closed his eyes. Gai Gun looked forward, and saw as the deity he once knew had transformed into a dragon.

"What the hell? Your a dragon?" He asked, as he roared. "Yes, my name is not Izanagi, my name is Feilong. I only show my true form to the strongest, you have proved yourself worthy to be trained by me in my real form. Now, I going to teach you the strongest defense the Gai Gun can learn Rubedo. Now, we are going to teach you how to focus your chi, into an exterior shield that covers your entire body, shielding you from any damage. Now, it is a highly costing technique, you can only use it maybe three times per day, and your gonna have to wait a long time before using it again."

The Gai Gun nodded, as he start to channel his chi. He started to focus, as he sighed and started to focus. He smiled, and began to focus his chi, thinking. "I'm sorry, but it's really hard to focus around this, you just told me your a damn dragon. I mean, what all can you do exactly." Feilong laughed, as it started to fly into the air, as it roared again, the ground began to shake, as Gai Gun sighed, and looked up at him. "Is that all you can do?" The dragon then shot out a giant fireball right in The Gai Gun's direction. He quickly flew out the way of the fire ball looking at the dragon.

"Oh, so you are a true dragon. Well, how about me and you fight dragon. I wanna see if you are truly what you say you are." The Gai Gun said, as he flew into the air, right toward the dragon, the dragon swung its tail right at Gai Gun, sending him straight back into the ground. The Gai Gun looked up, as the dragon was laughing. Gai Gun frowned, and pushed himself back up wiping the dirt off of him, as he charged chi into his fist, he shot several chi blasts right at the dragon. The dragon took them as if they were nothing, as Gai Gun smiled, he flew back into the air, he spun, as he dodged various fire balls sent his way by the dragon, as he approached, he charged more chi into his fist, as he sent a punch right into the stomach of the dragon.

The dragon roared, as it grabbed him and shook him up and down in the air. Gai Gun tried to break free but to no luck. The dragon then threw Gai Gun hard on the ground, and the dragon began to charge up its fire. Gai Gun looked up, as he struggled to get back up, breathing hard, as he thought about the amount of flame he could produce, he had no energy to fly or run away, and this flame would be huge, he already knew, he knew exactly what he would have to do to withstand this. The Gai Gun pointed up at the dragon and nodded.

"Chi, you have saved me numerous times, now how about one more time please?" He said, as he began to focus, he started to channel it all around his body. He sighed, as he focused the chi around his body, he kept it in place, sturdy and strong, as the dragon rained the fire down straight on toward Gai Gun. The fire was simply withstood by the armor of chi, being knocked to the side, as Gai Gun laughed in triumph, as the fire was knocked away. He put his hand up, as the flame cleared, Feilong applauded him, and Gai Gun fell, exhausted as he sighed.
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PostSubject: Re: Target Practice (Training)   

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Target Practice (Training)
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