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 Carbon Manip Stuff

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PostSubject: Carbon Manip Stuff   Mon Sep 10, 2012 9:55 pm

Name: General Ash Manipulation
Rank: C+
Power: Carbon Manipulation
Description: Ash is based entirely on carbon, allowing ease of control for the user. The ash can be manipulated in an area around the user. The ash can be used to do most anything, and can be used to attack or defend. Ashe is slightly weaker than sand, meaning if solidifying the ash, it will lose against most things. The power of ash is that it can be used as a smoke screen, as well as the ash can easily get into the eyes and lungs of the opponent, causing heavy irritation, blindness, coughing, and eventually death if they can't leave the ash in time. The ash can be controlled in a 20 meter area at C rank.

Name: Ash Constructs
Rank: C+
Power: Carbon Manipulation
Description: The user can cause a section of ash to become a weapon, structure, or even a minion to do their bidding. This construct is loosely connected, the ash even moving freely in the wind and such, but staying in a loose shape. The construct can be defeated by most things if you were measuring strength or durability. The strength of these constructs is that the ash moves rapidly, so any strike would feel as though being sand blasted, and shred anything coming into contact with it. At C ranked, this will be able to rip through wood and cloth, and even cause a significant corrosion of metal if contact is held for too long. Can completely erode steal if the metal is struck by the construct and held there for an entire post. Projectiles made by this ability go at 80 mph at C rank.

Name: Ash Cloud Generation
Rank: C+
Power: Carbon Manipulation
Description: The user can expand a bit of carbon they have, creating a large cloud of ash. This can be shot out of the mouth, or a heavy carbon source can be detonated from a little ways away. This causes the carbon to explode outwards, covering the area in layers upon layers of ash. The user must have a carbon rich substance near them, or have collected carbon before hand. The user can cover a 40m area in ash at C rank.
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Carbon Manip Stuff
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