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 An early birthday present. (training)

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PostSubject: An early birthday present. (training)   Thu Oct 11, 2012 10:57 pm

Whining sirens were wailing quite persistently behind of a simple beat up porsche. The silver paint, chipping and slightly rusted, whipped around of a sharp corner and scrapped against a guard rail. "Shit.." came a soft voice, driving on this road at this time of night with a police car chasing her was a bit more problematic than she hoped it would be. The curse word whispered passed scowling lips while the driver's hands curled around the steering wheel to straighten the car back out. The road was curvy and angrily wrapped around and through a mountain range. The Great Appalachian mountains, still standing stoic with great American pride. The driver, Arihyoshi Yuuka, whipped the car around of another corner. She was driving down Blood Mountain; one of the trickiest roads to travel by when you had to travel by car from North Carolina to Georgia. It was also a sure route to Atlanta; and that's where she was headed. The only thing that was hindering her arrival was the police car behind of her. She grabbed a throwing knife and slapped the emergency brake into place. The cop car zoomed passed her and she made a steady throw. The blade bounced and severed the electrical power from the engine to the rest of the car. It was now stuck in the middle of the road. Yuuka would have helped the cop, but she wanted to get home. She wanted to get home badly.

After losing the cop, and getting off of the mountain range, she drove only five over the speed limit, but kept with the flow of traffic. The goggles she wore war both exceedingly helpful as they were stylish so any unsuspecting forest critter that secretly ran across the road would have been seen. Her little neck of the woods was coming into view. A nice neighborhood with a few houses across the road from her place...well it wasn't hers, just borrowed. She slowed down and was about to pull into the driveway when she noticed something. The screen door was open. It was never open. She had it closed before she left. She drove passed her house and stopped a block down the road. She then got out and made sure her wakizashi, duel blades stolen from a Yakuza leader, and her fans were at her disposal. She moved the short walk through the woods and then came out behind of the house and climbed the shallow wall that gave her a good enough reach to get to her old bedroom window. This was how she snuck out and into her old house when she was younger. She opened the window and slid in as quietly as she could manage. She was almost perfectly silent. Anyone in the house would have to be just outside the door to hear her. She then slid out of her boots and walked on soft feet toward the door.

She stopped. The bed looked as if it had been slept in. She crouched, carefully sliding to eye level with the disheveled sheets. She sniffed gently. A soft, delicate scent clung to the sheets. It wasn't Gain or Bounty detergent. It was a soft perfume. There was hair on the bed; and it wasn't dark green. Yuuka plucked one of the sparse few strands and sniffed gently. That perfume. she licked her lips, a curious expression stealing her features. She then stood up completely and made the short walk toward the stairs. She knew every creak in the floor, and avoided every single one. She then turned the shallow corner into the living room, her gun pointing into the room first. Her eyes were a bit wide when she saw a man, and a girl. The girl looked frightened out of her mind. The man, however, looked like he had just been given his Christmas presents three days early. "Who the hell are you?" The girl caught her attention again. She was younger than her, probably eleven and she stared at Yuuka in a mix of juvenile fear and shock.

"I won't ask again.." she snarled, quite pissed off now, her eyes flicking from the girl, but made to keep the young woman in her peripheral vision. "Who the hell are you?" She pulled the wakizashi out of her sleeves and let her index finger caress the fine delicate blade. She'd feel more comfortable at this point with her fans in her hand; but the small bladed weapons would just have to do. Her heart was thumping with anger, and her eyes couldn't help but glance at the girl. Every fiber in her body told her to go to the girl, but her instincts kicked in correctly; stay your ground, shouted her mantra, keep defensive until the time calls for offense.

"WOAH WOAH WOAH! I'm just Professor Hemingway's assistant...i just brought my daughter with me..the front door was can't surely deny a child to stand out in the cold night all the way out here!" he questioned, an genuine look of worry plastered on his face. The very mention of professor Hemingway caused Yuuka to instantly drop the blades and let out a startled "Oh..." and replace them with a coy grin, it seemed her present had arrived. Brushing a stray strand of hair out of her face she feigned shock and instantly ushered the man to sit down next to his young daughter. She cleared hr throat and attempted to give the younger girl a warm smile...seeing her daddy almost get chopped up by a teenager was probably going to traumatise the kid anyways so Yuuka simply handed her some chocolate from the fridge that didn't belong to her. This girl was completely innocent, her father probably dragged her along because he could use her as leverage if he got himself into a dangerous situation. It did not surprise the Yuuka though, her father always took her along on adventures, although Yuuka was sure the kid did not want to be there.

"Right, well sorry for guys just shocked me and its okay, i know she used my bed", Yuuka grinned cheekily, causing the girl to blush a deep red. She was probably tired waiting with her dad for Yuuka so it was understandable and the acrobat barely took any further notice. "Anyways what has the good professor given me? I assume his research on the venom won't kill little old me.", she smirked propping her chin on the palms of her hand as she leaned in to look at a briefcase laid onto the table. It was black leather, completely unassuming but expectant of a man of his profession, the items inside the case were the toys Yuuka had commissioned the fumbling professor to make for her, toys that would allow her life to be that much more fun. In this case her love for pretty things and immobilising techniques had been merged into one...all because she had 'promised' a zoologist that she would give him anything he wants.

The strategy worked and even though her age was of question the professor could not refuse, maybe he hadn't done anything remotely 'fun' for a long time...unfortunately for him Yuuka was not as whorish as she made it seem and the instance she receives these gift from the briefcase she'll disappear from the silly professor's life, a thank you card would probably be all she gives him. Rubbing her slender hands together she bit her lips in anticipation, happy that christmas had come so early this year. The man, noticing her anticipation, swallowed and proceeded to unclasp the metal on the case, fumbling for bit as he slowly worked out the lock system on it. Eventually the briefcase clicked open, revealing the beautiful gifts snuggled in the protective casing, yearning to be held in the asian girl's loving grip.

"Oh...those are beautiful.."

1339 words

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PostSubject: Re: An early birthday present. (training)   Fri Oct 12, 2012 10:23 pm

Several days had passed since the spontaneous visit by Hemingway's assistant and his young daughter. Since then Yuuka had become accustomed to new gifts presented by the fumbling thirty something assistant and has also disappeared from Georgia, forever abandoning the house she was temporarily borrowing, staying in that place for too long was a bit risky considering Hemingway knew where she lived...Horny men tend to never give up and the teenager did not want the man throwing stones at her window. She had packed up her scarce belongings and alongside some of the items in the small house and tossed them in the stolen corvette, driving off to find a reasonable place to 'borrow'. She did not care where she was going. She had no real home to return to, no sentimental items other than the ones shoved onto her family r real friends to beckon her back into their arms, she was simply alone and for that time she actually enjoyed it.

She had made a brief pit stop at a tavern alongside the dusty red stretch of road that spanned alongside the belly of America. Swerving the stolen vehicle next to a rusted ute the girl propped her purse over her shoulder as she slinked through the creaky wooden door. The pungent smell of tobacco and cheap alcohol drifted into her nose smudging all of the clean air remaining in her lungs from her drive outside. Several men were stetted against the bar, many staring longingly at their beers whilst others half heartedly played a game of pool. The interior itself wasn't impressive, barely adequate but typical of a rundown bar used by bikers and truckies...and here she was, a petite beauty with an amused expression on her flawless skin."Well..isn't this fun..", she smirked strutting over to a dusty bar stool not far from the nearest bearded fellow.

Brushing the dust from the wooden tabletop she gave the bartender a coy grin, free drinks maybe? The stocky man was cleaning one of the glasses, a tattoo of a bare-chested angel on his right arm, something that had the girl stifle a giggle. Lumbering over to the pretty teenager he gave her a perplexed look, scrunching his bushy brow as he tried to determine why such a delicate looking female was in their testosterone ridden escape. Clearing his throat he stared at her, his eyes briefly lingering on her slender body. "what will it be today darling? a margarita?...maybe sex on a beach?", he chuckled out loud, a chorus of gruff chortles echoing from the lips of the other men present. Yuuka cocked her head to the side, the deep emerald hair flicking to her side as she gave the bartender another little grin. This was expected, many men treated her as such and as they laughed at the misplaced teenager she scoured her bag for something. Eventually her hands clasped onto the cool black casing of her lipstick. Glancing at the men with a glint in her eyes she gently ran the glossy deep red against her puckered lips, smacking them together as she pouted in the reflection of her compact mirror.

Turning her to the man one she had put the lipstick onto her lips she smiled,"Aww..that's sweet. But can't a girl like me have what you guys are drinking?" she pouted her lips, batting her eyelashes and she bit her lower lip. The bartender raised an eyebrow before belching out in laughter, gripping his belly as she looked on in amusement, folding a napkin in front of her. "C'mon boys..I'm not that lightweight. I can hold my own..believe me", she winked, flashing the men around the room an adorable smile. Her ruby red lips glossy underneath the hanging if the vibrant blood of some creature was splashed onto the puckered grin. This was all too easy and the girl knew exactly what she wanted and these rugged fools were the best lab rats for her little experiment.

"Well, a pretty thing like you should know how we work things in this area" the bartender smirked, coking his head to a heavily tattooed man seated behind her. Dragging his chair back the heaving mass of flesh and tattoos leaned in behind her, the stench of beer clouding her senses. Chubby sausage fingers dragged alongside the nape of her neck, sending shivers down her spine. But she remained controlled, simply raising a perfectly sculpted eyebrow as the heaving creature behind her drag his his fingers down the curve of her back, any further and she would have cut off his hand...but she really wanted to test the lipstick. "Hows about you give Rodney and all the other men here a kiss and we may give you some beer", chuckled the bartender who was rubbing his hands together in perverted glee.

Yuuka gazed around herself as a small crowd began to surround the small space, these guys have obviously not been laid in years.. she thought to herself, scrunching her nose up in mild disgust. Taking in a deep breath she sat up straight, leaning her back into the man behind her. 'A kiss aye..?", she whispered, every word dripping with feigned lust. Clasping her slender hand around his head she slowly dragged her fingers across his face, receiving 'oohs' and 'aahs' from the men surrounding her. Leaning her head in she pressed her supple lips against the man's thick puffy mouth, making sure that her kiss lasted long enough for her new toy to take effect. After 3 seconds the passionate smooch was ended, but she gazed into the man's bloodshot him an innocent smile as his pupils slowly dilated, his eyes beginning to quiver.

No sooner had she torn her face away from his he stumbled backwards, a confuse look on his face as his limbs began to shut down. the flailing arms trying to grasp onto something before his stocky legs gave way. The men surrounding him looked confused, scared even but the girl simply sat with her hands clasped on her legs, a cheeky grin on her face. "What can i say..i'm a good kisser", she chirped, brushing her fringe behind her ear as she watched as the lumbering oaf fell backwards, taking a whole table down with him. Glass shattered on the floor and beer drenched the timber planks underneath. His mouth opened and closed like a fish gasping for air and as his limbs, which were already heavily intoxicated due to the alcohol, began to flail around like limp twigs the men surrounding him scrambled to help him up.

"WHAT DA FUCK DID YA DO TO HIM YOU LITTLE SLUT" barked one of his friends was stumbling to help his swaying partner onto his feet.

Yuuka's lips spread into a small grin and reaching into her purse she brought out a vial of perfume, spraying it in the air once to test if it was working. "Me? I did nothing...", she huffed sarcastically bouncing onto the balls of her feet as she hopped in front of the stumbling biker. "he just needs his sinuses cleared thats all! Some trusty Eau de toilette should do the trick", she chimed before spraying the man in the eyes with her perfume. A pained cry escaped his lips as he instantly tried to rub away the burning sensation in his eyes,hot tears flowing down his face as the men surrounding him took a step back...wary of the teenager. "Don't worry boys..he should be fine in a few minutes..also, forget about that beer. I guess I wasn't so thirsty after all" she giggled, blowing the men present a kiss before strutting out the door.

She was happy. Her toys worked.

1346 words.

(2685 words altogether)
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An early birthday present. (training)
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