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 Devealoping Powers (Solo Training)

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PostSubject: Devealoping Powers (Solo Training)   Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:29 pm

In the pitch black darkness is where Lance awakened. He sat up in a cold sweat, momentarily forgetting where or when he even laid his head down to sleep. His heart nearly beating half out of his chest and his breathing pace in short uneasy inhales followed by exhales that barely eased the fright he felt. It was that dream again. The one where his brother died right in front of him and there wasn't a thing he could do about it. The dream had been bothering Lance since exactly three months ago. That was the day his brother died. You would think that he would be used to it by now. Used to it, or gotten over it. Only there was something different about this dream. The young Lance tried not to think about it, but he couldn't stop his mind from releasing and revealing to him his deepest fears. This time in his dream, the events played out a little differently. After the murderer shot his brother, the man walked up to the dream Lance himself and bestowed upon him the very gun that he just used to kill him brother. "Pull the trigger..!" A unidentified voice had echoed to him from all directions. It almost sounded like an amalgamation of his brother and parents all speaking at once to him. With just seconds of hesitation he did it. The loud crack of the gunshot in his dream was what woke him up. Right after that everything faded to white, then to the blackness of his bedroom.

His eyes slowly started to adjust to his room's poor lighting. It eased his franticness when he could see the space around him. His bed was a mess. His covers that were once cleanly tucked along the edges of his bed were now crumpled and in disarray from how he tossed and turned in his sleep. His pillow had somehow vanished right from beneath his head. His alarm clock that usually rested on the head of his mattress was mysteriously gone too. Lance peered over the edge of the bed and found them without much thought put into it. Resting on top of his pillow was the digital clock. It read in a bright red display 3:40 am. Much earlier than he had even awakened from one of his reoccurring nightmares before. Usually his parents would hear his sleep screaming that his night terrors brought on. They would come to wake him, get him a glass of water, then sit with him at bedside until he was lulled to sleep once again. Only this time they weren't. He wondered if it was the factor of the dream changing today that changed the norm of his parents being there to comfort him out of these scares. Only he was glad he didn't disturb them this late. They had work to do in the morning to support their church. Even he knew about their financial problems since his brother's death. He knew how important it was for them to work. With his frequent dreams, they weren't only keeping Lance awake, but his parents too. He hated to be any bother to them. They weren't his real parents, and part of him wanted to be invisible to them so they wouldn't try so hard to care for him. He was grateful none the less. He reached down to reclaim the pillow and clock and set them in their rightful places.

After straightening out his bed he climbed in again. He felt far to shaken to go to sleep again, so he imagined that he would just sit there and think about his dream until his eyes got tired. Minutes passed. Thinking of the dream wasn't as scary as it used to be. It also felt satisfying to take the revenge on his brother's killer that the judicial system failed to. Until he realized that gratification and closure like that only existed in dreams. As much as he hated the killer of his brother, he knew he would never be able to do anything to get revenge. He was just a boy. A twelve year old boy who was the son of a preacher that owned a church. The chances of him ever even getting his hands on a gun were low, much less killing the murderer to exact his revenge. He wondered what his parents would think if he told them about his dream. They would probably lecture him after it about how wrong taking vengeance would be. Make him promise that he would never try something like that, even if he had the chance to. He figured telling his parents about it would only trouble them more. Keeping it to himself would be for the best he told himself.

He could feel his eyelids getting heavy after about fifteen minutes. He still didn't feel tired exactly. He felt exhausted in a way. His eyes felt like they needed rest. He tried to focus them, looking up at the ceiling fan of his bedroom that slowly spun clockwise from the air flowing in through his open bedroom window. He blinked twice and rubbed his eyes with his hands. When he removed them, it seemed that he only made his vision troubles worse. The ceiling actually looked a light green tint now. He payed no mind to it at first, but then he heard rustling in the corner if his room. His eyes shifted to his peripherals to take a look, since he wasn't very alarmed by it... before he saw what it was. A strange glowing ball that seemed to melt right through the wall. He sat up with haste to stare at the wall. His vision 'cleared up' and was no longer seeing green everywhere after he blinked. "What was that...?" He vocalized to break to silence. He took a minute to think about what he just saw. Maybe it was just his eyes playing tricks on him? It was possible seeing as those dreams persistently haunted him. It wouldn't hurt to make sure though. Lance got out of bed again and slowly made his way to the bedroom door. It was right by the wall that whatever he thought he saw went through luckily, so whatever that thing was, it would be right outside his room if it stuck around.

The door opened without a single creak from it's hinges. The only noticeable sound was of the doorknob twisting to make a distinctive clacking noise of the parts retracting inside. Lance was trying to be as stealthy as possible so he wouldn't disturb his parents. He only opened the door enough to look outside though a crack. Nothing looked out of place. Everything looked untouched and at rest. He was just about to retreat back into his room when he heard a pulsing sound in his ear. At first it was all over the place. He could barely focus on anything else from how loud it was to him, but after a minute or so of getting used to the noise, he was able to tell it was coming from downstairs. Either the living room or the kitchen. He was sure of it. Without fear, Lance proceeded across the padded rug floors down a hall that led to the staircase. He tiptoed his way onward to remain as quiet as possible. Waking his parents right now would only end in them getting suspicious of him having a nightmare again. Him not wanting to talk about it would only be even more suspicious. Thanks to the risks he didn't want to take, being cautious came easily.

Once he reached the foot of the stairs the sound of that terrible screeching came back. It made his head ache just getting closer to it. The more he walked closer to the living room the worse his condition became, but he was determined to see what was causing this freaky activities. When he entered the living room door, his eye lids started to feel heavy again. The world felt like it was spinning. And then, 'THUD'. He collapsed right there on the floor for only a few seconds. When he regained his senses, he saw the room in a whole new way. Something had changed. The world around him was a mix of light neon greens and cotton candy blues. Everything seemed to be coated in the abnormal colors. A humming sound that entered the room took his mind off the change long enough to look up and recognize a familiar sight. It was the same glowing little floating ball that was in his room. Only he could see it now. See it, and hear it. It was making a low hum as it flew above his head near the ceiling of the room, circling the ceiling fan. "Hello..?" Lance called out in a whispered shout. The creature seemed to notice him. It hovered down to right in front of his face and stayed there without making a single move. Lance reached out to try and touch the weird ball of light, but his hand had passed right through it. Not that he expected this luminous creature to be solid. Still, he had no clue what it could possibly be. He was leaning towards telling his parents what was going on at this point. Perhaps they would be able to shed some light on this strange occurrence.

Without warning, the glowing sphere shot over to the flat screen TV mounted on the wall. He didn't even have time to ask himself what had just happened before the TV magically came on. Fearing that his parents would hear the commotion, he started making shushing noises to try and get the message to the entity that was now in his TV to turn it down. Only it didn't listen. The volume bar of the TV displayed on the screen, then up it went to as loud as it could go to. 100 max volume. Before it reached that high Lance had bolted up the stairs to his room. He wasn't as worried about disturbing his parents, since he knew they wouldn't sleep through this. His main priority now was getting back into that bed to pretend he was asleep and that he was never there in the living room.

He heard the telltale click of his parent's bedroom door opening. The footsteps that followed sounded heavy, even on the rug. It was his father. Lance climbed into bed, making small noises that were over shadowed by the larger commotions going on down the stairs. His father wouldn't even notice that. Waking up in the middle of the night does that to your senses. He was going after the TV. Checking on Lance would have to wait. Lance awaited for his father to turn off the TV downstairs and then a minute later, peek into his room to see if he was the reason behind the mysterious TV's activation. Only it didn't happen as fast as he anticipated. His father had run into trouble with the TV. For some strange reason he couldn't get it to turn off. Even by pressing the power button. Eventually he gave up and just unplugged the set. That was the only thing that assured success. After that Lance heard the footsteps coming up the stairs again. He turned on his side facing away from the door, threw the bed sheets over himself, closed his eyes and hoped that he looked convincing enough to make his dad think he had been sleeping this whole time. He could tell by how loud they were and where they came to an end that his father was now right outside his door. Before he came in, Lance heard that same buzzing sound again. He wasn't going to let it ruin his focus on acting asleep.

It worked. Shortly after he heard his door open it closed about ten seconds after. That meant his father would be heading back into his room to get back to sleep himself. What did that mean for Lance? He could go back downstairs to investigate the paranormal activity going on downstairs. Or he could ignore it and try to get back to sleep. Just as he was going to close his eyes, the glowing green sphere arose from somewhere under his bed. It phased right through so that it could float in front of his face again. Lance let out a groan. This annoying thing just had to show up again. "Go away..." He whispered again. Only this time, the glowing ball listened. It floated out the window to make it's escape. He considered going over to close his window to make sure the thing didn't come back, but quickly found the meaninglessness in it since he knew that the thing could pass through solids. It was like a ghost or a spirit. But why would he see it? Why now? A randomly acquired power like this just so happening to come to him on just an average day. It was so unreal, but Lance had seen it with his own eyes. Heard it with his own ears. Whatever it was that he could see and hear was abnormal ad unnatural. That much he was sure of. He drifted off to sleep with his questions unanswered. With them on his mind, having a bad dream was the farthest thing from it. The questions rested with him and would have to wait till morning to get answered.

He woke up feeling refreshed after the night of unexplained strangeness. He was even more relieved that it was still there. The way the world looked. Everything being normal except for the light neon greens and blues that were circulating over everything in rifts. That meant that whatever was happening was real. He looked over to his clock. The time now read 9:54 am. A much more appropriate time to wake up this early in the morning. He sat up and was met with the scent of breakfast cooking downstairs. Even with his bedroom door closed he could smell it coming into his open window from the kitchen window right below it. He got out of bed and proceeded down to the kitchen.

He was greeted with a good morning from his parents. His father, who was sitting at the kitchen table holding a cup of coffee in one hand and a newspaper article in the other. His mother was working at the stove frying up some bacon. His father was a tall man, but mostly everyone was tall to Lance at this age. His facial features were nearly identical to his older brother's that died, only more aged and distinguished. His dad was known for how he always had an answer for everything. When he told you what was what, he was usually correct. He also had an eye for detecting the truth most of the time. He had a friendly vibe and a voice to match it, conditioned to talk like that since he was a preacher. His mother was a average sized woman with brown hair and brown eyes. She was a caring person who would never hurt a fly. Literally. She found all life precious. Most would wonder where Lance got his looks from, since he looked nothing like either of his parents. He was as well mannered and behaved as them, except for where his morals were aligned after his brother's killer got away with his crime.He returned their good mornings and sat down to the table. The remote was conveniently placed right in front of him, and on Saturday mornings like this as a kid, Lance liked to watch morning cartoons. He aimed it at the TV across the room. The one in the living room that was possessed last night. There was no wall in between the living room and the kitchen to separate them. Just a change in floor material, since the kitchen had wood floors and the living room had a rug surface. He could see it from his seat while he waited for his breakfast. Only when he pressed the power button, it didn't come on. His fathered looked up at Lance, persistently mashing the power button of the remote. "TV's not coming on? It's because I unplugged it last night after it came on by itself and wouldn't turn off... do you know anything about that, son?" His father asked. Lance shook his head side to side, even though he knew he was probably the cause. Him and that strange glowing thing he met.

Lance got up and went over to the TV. It looked pretty normal. Northing out of sorts about it. He wanted to be cautious in case that ghost thing was still sticking around to take over it again. His strange vision and sense of hearing told him that nothing was around, so he went ahead and plugged the wire into the outlet. The TV came on, and in the seconds before it displayed sounds and the picture, Lance held down the volume dial so that it wouldn't come on blasting out noise. His father was watching him carefully, and noticed that Lance knew about how high the volume was before it came on. "Are you sure you don't know? I think you're lying to me Lance." His father accused. This got his mother to turn around. "What is it?" She asked. "I really don't know, dad." Lance said back, which caused his mother to turn back around and go back to cooking. His father went back to reading the paper. Lance went back to his seat and was met with a plate of food. He slowly started to eat, and never completely finished his meal before he went back up to his room to get dressed. He was too concerned about what was happening to him to have a good appetite. When he came back downstairs from his room he was fully dressed to go outside. "Where are you going?" His mothered stopped him at the door to ask. "Out to the park..." Lance said with half truth. His mother let him pass and even opened the door to let him out. "Be safe, okay?" His mother said with a hint of worry to her voice. He could tell because that was the same voice she used when Lance wanted to go outside as he would usually do with his brother just a week after he died. Only this time she was much less protestant about him not going, if not protestant at all. He simply nodded his head and proceeded along the front lawn to make it to the side walk.

He could see the park from his house, but that wasn't the reason he was aching to go outside so badly. He wanted to see how the world looked and sounded with his newly gained ability. It wasn't that different. Everything was still where it should be. The people were on the ground. The clouds were in the sky. Everything was in place. It was the new things added to the picture that were the disturbing ones. There flooding the sky were numerous flocks of the same neon green spheres that he had met in his house. At closer inspection he noticed that some were different colors and sizes entirely; and they were everywhere. Floating above houses, floating in cars, floating all over the place. What were all of these things and how was he the only one who could see them? That was what he wanted to find out, but the answered were not going to be easy to gain. These things didn't seem to be aware that anyone could see them. They just continued on about their own business. He thought back to when he told the green sphere of light from his room to go away and it listened. Maybe they could understand English? He tested his theory in the park. He wandered around until he found a single neon cotton candy blue looking sphere. It was levitating by a tree. Very casually, Lance approached the ball of light. He didn't know what to say or do, so he looked right at it and simply said, "Hi." At first the thing didn't react. It probably thought he was just some crazy kid talking to himself. Wouldn't you if you were invisible and the chances of someone knowing of your existence was about half a point away from zero? It started to float away. "Hey! Wait! Don't leave!" He said. Now that made the sphere stop in it's tracks. It levitated back to Lance and floated there in front of his face, as if it was trying to say something to verify that Lance knew it was there. Lance reached out to touch the sphere, but like before, it was intangible to him. However, him pointing was proof enough. The sphere floated up and down like it was nodding. Like it understood what it meant. "What does this mean? What are you?" He asked.

There sphere floated down to a memorial that Lance had overlooked. It was a dead person's memorial. Complete with a stone that had 'In loving memory of Henry Jameson' inscribed via chisel on it. There were flowers there along with pictures of a business man looking adult with his family. A wedding ring also. Lance processed it for a while. A floating sphere of light that only he could see plus a hint being a memorial of a dead guy. He had his answer. "These things that I'm seeing... these are dead people's spirits aren't they?" He questioned. The sphere went back to floating in front of his face and slowly moved up and down like a nod. "How is this possible?" The sphere gave him a side to side shake. It didn't know. He backed away timely and waved to the spirit. "Thanks."

He just had a conversation with a ghost. It sounded crazy but the reality of it was it really just happened. He sat on a swing in the playground to think. He did that noticeable more often now. Just sit and think. That's how baffling this ability was. Should he just go up to his parents and go hey, I can see dead people? That would only end up with a trip to the psychiatrist. Thinking this hard was starting to give him a headache again. Just like the one he had before when this abilities symptoms just spontaneously started all of a sudden. This one didn't feel as worse and it didn't feel like it would make him pass out either. It did make him bring his hand to his head to massage his forehead in a fruitless attempt at soothing the aching originating from his cranium. The second he let go of that swings support chains, he fell to the ground. Not in the conventional way, no. He fell right though the seat. Literally. He laid there in the small ditch beneath the swing flat on his back, groaning from the unexpected fall jarring his head around some more. It only made the headache worse. He was in too much pain to think clearly, but the least he could do was stand to his feet to get out the way. He got up and looked around at his surroundings. No one was there. No one had seen what just happened. He was sure that being discreet was a must if he didn't want to end up being the victim of an exorcism or whatever else might be victim to if he disclosed this weirdness.

He started to walk home and his headache was clearing up. He looked down at the ground to avoid seeing the light from the ghost flying overhead. The light they irradiated only seemed to make him feel worse. If only he knew what this curse was. Or where it came from. What if it was all in his head? Maybe he was crazy. If only he had that luxury. But alas, this was far to real to be just a delusion. He still hadn't figured out what had happened back there with the swing. It was like he passed right through it. Just like one of those spirits. That couldn't be right! He wasn't dead like them! Wasn't he? He decided to try it again. Instead of going to the front door of his house, he decided to use the back. He had forgotten his keys in his room so there was no other way in unless he knocked or rang the door bell to get his parent's attention. Very slowly, Lance approached the door and placed a testing hand onto it's wooden surface. It didn't pass through. He was solid. "Come on.. work..." He said to himself in self encouragement. He closed his eyes and thought about how he felt when he did it before at the swing. He had a headache. He felt dizzy. Lighter than air. What if he tried to induce one of those headaches on his own? He started concentrating on the moment he fell. Simulating it in his mind over and over until he felt it. His fingers had slipped past and into the wooden door. It was like nothing was even there. Except he was the thing that wasn't really there. He passed through all the way, moving quickly before he lost it again. He hated the idea of seeing what would happen if he stopped using whatever it was that gave him the ability to walk through walls midway. It probably wouldn't be too pretty.

He made his way to his room. Luckily he didn't have to pass the kitchen where he was sure his mother was in washing dishes, or his parent's bedroom where he knew that his father would be, working on his bills and taxes at his work desk there. He sneaked up the stairs and eased his door shut. After an hour of playing with his new found power, he came to the conclusion that somehow, someway, he had attained the power to do what the spirits could. He figured out how to turn it on and off too. The more he used his abilities, the more in touch he felt with the power that they came from. He noticed that he himself had a faint light green aura of energy outlining his body with his specialized vision. It was like the very same light from the air and objects coating all things around him was being fed to his own glow. Like he was sapping energy from it. He could feel it. He was getting stronger by the second. He had to try more! What else could they do? He saw them pass through walls. Possess his TV. And levitate! That's what he wanted to try next. Levitation. If he could fly, then that could be just what he needed. An escape. Something to enable him to make his dream a reality. Just like before he started to concentrate on what he wanted. That feeling of being light as a feather. Formless. His body responded to this. He opened his eyes from the concentration to find waves of the green outline extended outwards from below him. Just like some kind jet, only more controlled. He could feel the energy beneath him. It was like a platform that covered his whole body. All he had to do was move on it, and did he ever. He was flying circles around his room in no time. He couldn't contain himself from laughing aloud when he decoded this ability well enough to use it with ease. It made him forget that his parents were still there in the house. He heard the heavy footsteps of his dad coming down the short hall to his room.

He had to act now or risk revealing his powers. Only his father would wonder how he got back into the house without his keys, since he saw his mother let him out. He was too analytical to fool by just acting natural in the room like he had been there the whole time. He stared at the window in the fleeting moments before that door knob started to turn, but he was too far away and his dad was approaching to fast. He tried to stay still against the ceiling and hope that his dad couldn't see him. He closed his eyes and didn't dare make a noise or movement. Little did Lance realize, he really did render himself unable to be seen. The door swung open and his father entered the room with a puzzled look on his face. "Honey? Did Lance come back home yet?!" His mother called back, "No. He's still at the park!" Lance's father looked around the room a small duration but ended up finding no one. He closed the window that had been left open since last night and then walked out of the room scratching the back of his head in apparent confusion. Lance floated down from the ceiling once his father left. His veil of invisibility came to an end. "He couldn't see me.." Lance whispered to himself. "I really am just like a spirit." Lance said in self discovery. He floated over to the window and without opening it, passed right through, and hovered to the ground. He walked his way around the house to make it to the front and knocked on the door like he had just returned home. His mother met him at the door and smiled. "Did you have fun, sweetie?" Lance hugged her and smiled back. "Yeah Mom. The park was fun. I made a new friend today." She gasped and said, "That's great, Lance. What's his name?" Lance released her from his hug and walked with her inside. "Henry Jameson." He replied, making a reference to the man's spirit that he had come in contact with back at the park. Of course, his mother didn't need to know that.

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Devealoping Powers (Solo Training)
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