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 The Hidden story of K-9 (solo/training)

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PostSubject: The Hidden story of K-9 (solo/training)   Fri Sep 21, 2012 6:08 pm

An old man { one he has never met} appears in an otherwise wise pitch black room he shouted at Jeff “you’re weak; you’re not ready to take on this world!” The man faded away and Jeff’s parents appeared the said with lowered eyes and said faces, “I’m sorry son… we can’t keep doing this to ourselves, we can no longer visit you… be strong,” The faded away as well Jeff was alone now in complete darkness He reached for the spot where his parents once stood with tears in his eyes, Then screamed a primal scream that slowly turned into a mournful howl. The howl echoed off the wall and shattered the black walls like leaving a bright red light in its place. Jeff looked at the light as rage filled his eyes it replaced all sadness, all of the doubt, all of the love. The hatred covered him like a blanket warming him protecting him re-creating him into something strong… something new. He looked in the distance and saw a giant black dog with red eyes it charged at him right, and right before it made contact the two melded together becoming one.
Jeff awoke in his cell with new determination he would survive he wouldn’t be beaten he would win, despite all of the tribulation in front of him. Jeffery Michaels was dead he died a happy young man with hopes and dreams… with love, happiness, and family. What stood in his place was something new what stood in his place was hell hound… dog-man/boy? Hell, he’d figure it out eventually.
He began to train first he used his claws he started by scratching the walls lightly with his nails this made made no impact, but he knew his nails were strong from experience so he began to test them in several ways . He could push them into concrete and before his nails would give weak parts of the cement would. He could shred sheets with absolutely no difficulty. His nails cut through flesh almost just as easily. He was sent to solitary (for the last experiment). While there he decided to use his full strength then launch a straight shot at the wall with his fingers and nails extended to see how much penetration he would get. Bad idea, his nails may not have given but his hands did his fingers went into several different unnatural directions, for the first time in during his time in prison he screamed.
He looked at his literally destroyed hand with new understanding,” this is going to be harder than I Thought he said to himself.” Suddenly his bones began to crack themselves back into place in the most painfully grotesque was possible. As his hand regenerated it broke itself back into place leaving him gingerly touching his hand and writhing in pain as it pulled itself together. After this misstep he realized that he was only scratching the surface of his new abilities. He was finally beginning to realize that maybe this was a blessing not a curse.
He began to think about fate was he fated to have these abilities, or was he cursed to have these abilities. He only needed to look around him to find out he saw metal bars no love, no friends, no family, no blessings, only hateful people who hated what had happened to their lives, people who had accepted their fate to people who had given up hope… pathetic. However, he didn’t pity these people he loathed them he hated the fact that they breathed the same air as people who refused to give up. As trivial as that sounds he needed to maintain his hope to survive why they couldn’t hold on to theirs. Instead they lived in a self-inflicted misery that they forced others to share.
He got out of solitary confinement and continued to train his abilities. Began with weights pushing his strength to the limits he would lift until completely exhausted. This left him severely weakened daily, but it was worth the trade of by the end he could lift 700 pounds with ease and had the stamina of a… I don’t know what he just had a lot of stamina.
He then began to train speed; speed was difficult behind bars there are no tracks and definitely no fields so he was forced to improvise. He started by exercising his legs he pushed against chairs walls anything with weight and/or resistance. This was not easy considering he was being watch by guards and other prisoners. He would then job in place until he could barely walk. All of his exercises were extremely taxing on the body but he never let on that he was tired instead he would act as if he could keep going. Despite his fatigue he was fighting through and his regenerative healing was helping quite a bit, but he pushed himself to the limit every day until the day of the riot.
830/5600 words

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PostSubject: Re: The Hidden story of K-9 (solo/training)   Sun Sep 23, 2012 3:39 pm


Everyday Jeff (still has not chosen his new name) trained becoming stronger and more determined. He would get out of here ad when he did he would make a new path for himself Jeff was dead and the Dog needed a path to follow. He had heard the rumor of a riot in the prison this would be his best chance for escape. The riot was held during lunch the first blow was thrown and as soon as the chaos started Jeff left the room. At first he ran into no opposition, but that was short lived Jeff expect that the riot would be shut down quickly but he was wrong the riot had blown up to epic proportions. As he made his way to the outer fence he was attacked by several prisoners. This was the perfect situation to test his abilities at anyother time but right now it was a serious waste of time. He needed to end this quickly.

He stares at the men and says quickly, “I don’t want to kill you.” The men laugh loudly and say with all the confidence in the world, “We’re not the ones who need to be worried.” Jeff chuckles then says quickly, “1, 2, 3, 4… not nearly enough people.” He chuckles then charges forward with no hesitation. He is able to kick the first man back rather easily but as he kicks him, one of them stab him with a sharpened tooth brush. “Sonofabitch!!!!!” he exclaims in pain, spinning around and back handing the man in the face. He then takes the makeshift blade out of his back. With his speed he stabbed the tooth brush into the third man’s eye. Then he finishes the man off by kicking him in the face lodging it in further. The next man jumps onto Jeff back also wielding a sharp makeshift blade he stabbed him twice in the back. Jeff was ale t flip him over his shoulder then stomp his forehead hard.

He then collapsed onto his knees realizing that he was not as badass as he had thought he still needed a lot of practice. His wounds started to regenerate but didn’t have time to wait for his wounds to finish. He began to run to the fence again he smells a ton of cops headed his way forcing him to change directions he walks down a hallway literally smelling his way to freedom. He begins to find an alternate route, but as he reaches the door he realizes it’s going to be more difficult than he thought, he could smell a large group of cops that were preparing to enter the building to pacify the situation. There was nowhere to go, if he ran he was trapped if he charged he was dead. So, he had to make a choice imprisonment or death. Well I’m screwed he said with determination as the cops blew the door Jeff charged and although unskilled he had the surprise advantage and the power advantage.

Jeff is standing in the middle of the scattered bodies of at least 30 cops covered in a mixture of the cop’s blood and his own. He pants hard and looks at the dead bodies that surrounding him he collapses to one knee and says, “It wasn’t pretty but it worked.” With that he passed out from blood loss and exhaustion.

Jeff woke up in a small room he was still groggy and couldn’t make out much else, before he fell into unconsciousness again. He woke up completely and looked around the room was small with white walls and no furniture but the bed he was laying on and a chair that had clothes on it. He started to get up and realized that he had bandages on his body He chuckled, and ripped them off with ease. He approached the clothes they were obviously meant for him, he threw them on quickly, but before he threw on the shirt he noted on the fact that his body had no scars he had healed completely. He threw the shirt on and walked out of the room bare footed. He found himself in a kitchen with the old man from his odd dream. The old man was sipping tea and said gesturing at the seat across from him, “Sit… we have much to talk about. Jeff sat down and said with a frown, “who are you?” The man chucled and said, “Kintaro.”
This made Jeff chuckle as well the man was… not Asian. The man looked at Jeff puzzled then said, “I know a lot about you Jeff I’ve been watching for a while… you have great power. Power that you are just scratching the surface of, now I can’t help you unleash you power, but I can help you use it effectively with my skill and your ability you will be unstoppable.” Jeff sighs and says, “what’s in it for you?”
“You think you’re the only one who got away when you killed those cops… I owe you.” Jeff scratched his chin, “alright,” he said with a small smile, “let’s do this,”
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The Hidden story of K-9 (solo/training)
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