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 Before it All [Training]

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PostSubject: Before it All [Training]   Wed Oct 24, 2012 5:12 pm

Before she was known as Miss Flash. Before the speedster had even met the Macreedys. She was a seventeen year old still looking for her rightful place in the world. Her powers were rapidly developing, but she still had a long way to go before mastering her abilities. Atleast that's what she believed. Running across a barren desert more than three hundred miles away from civilization, the young blonde would be focused forward. Running about two hundred miles per hour, the speedster would lift her arm and look at her watch. "At this rate I'll get there in about thirty minutes. Maybe I should pick up the speed. These are one of those moments I wish had a partner. But no use complaining, right? The faster I'm done with this the faster I can get back to the den and get some foodage. Ice cream french fries with a side of chocolate syrup! Oh that's the best!" The young blonde would lick her lips, as she'd suddenly pick up the speed and breach into the four hundreds. She continued to run, leaving a dust trail behind her, and not noticing the looming shadow growing beneath her. Suddenly mother nature seemed to stand still, as the sounds of the night came to a silence and alerted the female speedster that something was certainly wrong. Finally looking up towards the sky, the shadow was directly above her and came down in full force. Being slammed into the ground hurt like hell. This wasn't the only thing. The beast grasped the back of her head and slammed her face first into the ground a few more times before she finally began to lose consciousness. Tara had never been touched before, but the monster had the element of surprise. That was certainly it. The element of surprise was surely on its side. And as she looked up at the large shadow, and her eyes slowly began to close, she cursed under her breath. "Is that all..ya got? I didn't know.." CRACK! Another hit to her head. Lucky for her, her durability helped her survive such an ordeal, and allow little to no bruising. "It was.. mosquito season.." And with those final words, the female passed out from being exhausted.

When she finally opened her eyes, she found herself in some kind of pod. Her injuries seemed to be completely healed. Little did she know it was probably because of her accelerated healing at this point. Narrowing her eyes, she attempted to look through the stained glass that held her in her pod. The wires and straps keeping her still were a bit of a hindrance, but when she attempted to vibrate through the fabric, she found herself unable to. Her abilities were somehow being cancelled. This meant one thing. She was a regular human trapped in this weird..alien pod..against her will. The girl attempted to scream for help, but a shadowy figure looked through the glass towards her as a green liquid began to fill the pod. It quickly began to fill up from the bottom up, even with her attempting to escape it. And soon, she was completely encased in this green liquid and put in what seemed to be some sort of stasis. Outside the pod, the shadowy figure would place a hand against the pod and watch the young female drift into her stasis sleep. This figure would walk back and into the light, revealing what appeared to be a green skinned reptilian replica of blonde speedster. Slowly this replica would become the real thing, taking her body shape and color. Walking infront of what appeared to be a large hologram monitor, "Tara Strong" would kneel down and place a hand on the ground. "Form taken, my queen." A figure would appear as a hologram and begin to speak to the doppelganger. This copy didn't dare speak a word, as she simply nodded her head. Walking over to what appeared to be some kind of control panel, the fake Tara Strong would press a series of buttons. The green liquid that encased the real Tara Strong would begin to glow before all her memories and thoughts began to be downloaded upon the screen. Whoever these things were, they had their shit together. And this doppelganger would take a seat, and begin to study the information. They had alot to do if they planned on taking over her life.

Days turned to weeks...

Weeks turned to months...

Months turned to years...

Six years later, the invader was finally ready to play the role of the captive. It had had time to enhance Tara's body in her stasis mode and cause her abilities to finally mature to where they'd be much easier to implant and copy over to themselves. Finally this incomplete copy was complete. Walking towards the boom tube, the fake Tara Strong would press a few buttons and disappear in a bright flash. The real girl, still trapped and looking the same way when she was first captured, could do nothing. Though her body was frozen, her connection to the speed force grew in her state. Her mind could wander through the ship like it was not being hindered. Hopefully this would help her one day. However for now, she was trapped in this hidden base that was located virtually in the middle of a desert.

The fake Tara Strong would go on to live her life. She'd make friends, find a new family, get a love interest. The real Tara, though in stasis, could feel and see it all. She felt as though she had a deeper connection to this impostor than she should have. Perhaps because both of them were connected to the same speed force, since the copy had simply stolen her cells. So throughout this impostor's life, the real Tara Strong saw another living out her life. At some points it even brought a tear to her eye. No one had even noticed. It showed her just how alone she really was in this world. When she saw the death of the woman she never met, but apparently fell in love with, named Kira Sankuchi, she couldn't help but feel hurt. It was like she truly lost someone she loved, even if she only knew her from the impostor's eye view. Tara began to wonder if this impostor was starting to truly believe they were her. It was starting to seem that way..

Like right on cue, the impostor made their way back within the hidden base by vibrating through the wall. Walking infront of the pod, they began to stretch out their fingers and look at the palms of their hands. "You're getting more in-touch with the speed force. That means I am too. The stronger you get, the more my powers leech and copy yours. I never want to give this body up. I've never lived life until I took yours as my own!" The fake spoke to the trapped female that was still stuck in her stasis. If she could, she would have tried to curse out the wannabe. You know what? She would with thoughts, and she knew with their connection the impostor would feel the hate stemming from the original. The fact this fake would come back to fill in the original Tara on everything it had experienced in life was just irritating. It most likely knew she was completely aware of this, making the young heroine even more angry than before. The green liquid almost came to a bubble from the sheer amount of contempt the young female held for this being attempting to steal her life. The impostor would place a hand on the stained glass and give a few chuckles. "Well then, little sister. Gotta dash. My FAMILY is holding a big dinner for me, because of my pretty awesome accomplishments. Ciao!" The woman dashed out the room and left the young girl still trapped in stasis. Six years was a long time away from the world. No one could imagine what she was going through being leeched for this long by someone else. As weeks passed, she would end up having a visitor. Apparently a woman that was ice cold. She would be placed in a pod adjacent to Tara's, and she'd be frozen in stasis in the exact same way. Tara witnessed this, thanks to her enhanced perception, but she was still frozen in the pod. She hadn't aged a day in appearance, even though she had been in there for more than six years.

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Before it All [Training]
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