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 Venaru Vs Anti-Venaru (Training post)

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PostSubject: Venaru Vs Anti-Venaru (Training post)   Tue Oct 09, 2012 1:45 pm

"Anti-Venaru!" He roared as the Venaru took complete control over the host's young body and forced the transformation into his demonic form."Today," Anti-Venaru said. "One of us will die and the other will eat the defeated." He then loose a mighty roar and charged at his counterpart.Venaru released his own terrifiying roar and charged as well. The two ran across the length of the clearing and met in a massive head butt.Anti-Venaru shook back from the pain as purple blood dripped from the point of impact. Venaru in turn completely ignored the pain of both the head butt and the pain caused by touching his poisoness twin. He swung his right arm and smashed the back of his fist against the side of Anti-Venaru's bottom jaw with bone shattering force, sending the white symbiote sailing.Anti-Venaru shot out several tentacles out of his back and used those to both slow down his flight and to catapolt his self feet first at Venaru. His human-like feet slammed into Venaru's black chest forcing the beast to lean back. One leg was used to deliver a painful kick to Venaru's bottom jaw while the other was used to push the white warrior off the muscled area. The force used drove Venaru into the ground. Venaru gave a loud pain filled roar and gripped at his chest as twin trails of smoke emitted off the very spots that Anti-Venaru's feet had been pressed against. Anti-Venaru took the chance and lept at his target, head first with his jaws wide open and prepared to chomp down on Venaru's neck. Before he could reach his target, however, Venaru swung his arm and grabbed Anti-Venaru's head in mid-flight and precedded to flip his self over and slam the white symbiote's head into the hard ground. A few fangs shattered and fell from Anti-Venaru's inhuman mouth and he caughed up a little blood. He rolled out of the way of Venaru's incoming fist and swung a clawed hand at the attacking arm, causing three large gashes to appear on the limb along with a smoking trail. Venaru roared and pulled his arm back in pain. Anti-Venaru jumped to his feet and shot several tentacles out of his hands and pierced Venaru's shoulders before lifting the beast high into the air and slamming him hard onto the ground. Venaru dug his claws into the ground, thus preventing Anti-Venaru from attempting the attack again and yanked hard on the white tentacles. This caused Anti-Venaru to loose balance and allowed Venaru to tear the offending tentacles out of his shoulders, leaving two smoking holes."Hunger!" Venaru roared before sniffing the air. He growled at Anti-Venaru and jumped backwards before turning around and jumbing into the surrounding woods."You shall not excape!" Anti-Venaru yelled before giving chaice.Venaru ran through the woods untill meeting a small campsite that had two men sitting around a camp fire. Before they could even react, Venaru scooped up one of them in his powerful grip and tore him in half with his mighty jaws and swallowed the man's head. The other camper tried to make a run for it but didn't even make it off the log he was sitting on before his head dissapeared in Venaru's jaws."Die evil monstrosity!" Anti-Venaru roared as he lept out from the woods only to have a thrown corpse knock him out of the air. He hit the ground and rolled out of the way of a log slamming down right were he had fallen. Before he could get up, Venaru grabed his right ankle and hurlded the white symbiote at the deceased campers' tent.Anti-Venaru roared in agony as several of the tent's poles pierced his stomach. He lept to his feet and renched out the poles before roaring in rage at Venaru, who returned the symbiotic insult. He shot out several tentacles in an attempt to wrap them around the black symbiote. However, Venaru simply jumped over the attack and attempted to land on Anti-Venaru.Anti-Venaru dodged backwards just before Venaru landed and shoulder slammed the black symbiote the instant his feet hit the Earth. This caused Venaru to stumble back and nearly land into the camp fire. Venaru shoved off the aggreser and delivered a powerful right hook to the side of Anti-Venaru's head. This sent Anti-Venaru sailing into a tree.Venaru roared before charging at the temporaraly stunned white symbiote. Before Venaru could reach his target, however, Anti-Venaru tore off a large tree branch from the tree he had hit and smacked it across Venaru's elongated face. Instead of sending Venaru flying, Anti-Venaru just used the make-shift weapon to repeatedly beat Venaru's skull.After several wacks with the tree branch, the weapon snapped and Venaru took the chance to attack. He swung his left arm and connected the back of his fist with Anti-Venaru's face and slammed a fist down on his other's back as Anti-Venaru's body was knocked to the side from the first fist. Venaru picked up the downed Anti-Venaru and slammed him into the Earth head first. He slammed him several times before tossing him hard through the forest. Anti-Venaru's body tumbled through the forest as Venaru lept after him. Just as Anti-Venaru's body slowed down in it's tumbling, Venaru landed near it and smashed a powerful fist against it to force it to continue to tumble across the ground. Unknown to the two combatents, they were quickly approaching the quite little city.Venaru again, lept into the air and landed just near his other. But instead of punching the still moving form; Venaru grabbed one of Anti-Venaru's legs and hurled the symbiote into the air and directly at the city.Anti-Venaru shot a few tentacles out of his right wrist and wrapped them around a street lamp. He tried to use the same tactic from earyler, catapulting himself directly at his target. Instead, a black fist smashed into his chest and sent him to the ground with enough force to cause his form to bounce off the dirt road. The same black fist bashed Anti-Venaru's fanged face while he was still in the air from the bounce.Venaru grabbed his enemy's arm and swung him into the nearby household, basically destroying the entrance to the building. Once again, Anti-Venaru sailed through the air; past the living room and kitchen of the small abode, untill slamming into the kitchen sink.The family of four, that had been eating their dinner in peace, was surprised by the monster crashing through their house. The mother quickly grabbed her two little kids while the father stood between them and Anti-Venaru.Anti-Venaru glared at Venaru from across the house and dug his claws into the countertop before tearing out a rather large chunck and hurling it at the black symbiote. Venaru knocked it aside before leaping head first at Anti-Venaru; mouth agape. He sailed past the terrified family and nearly reached his target untill said target smashed his fist against the side of Venaru's head.This attack knocked Venaru off track and caused him to smash his head into the refrigerator. Venaru's powerful jaws crunched the metal door and he tore it clean of the fridge before tossing it aside and roaring in anger.Seeing that the two monsters were focused on each other; the family of four quietly made their way out of the house and ran to try and get help. The two charged at each other and met in a clash of fangs and claws. The two clawed at each other while fangs dug into flesh. The beasts continued to wrestle and crash through the house for the better part of an hour untill the sounds of a crowd could be heard from outside the abode. The two crashed through the second floor of the building and fell away from each other upon impacting the ruble covered floor. The instantly got to their feet and faced each other once agian and roaring challanges."Oh man! Kick-ass!" A teenage boy's voice could be heard coming from the front of the crowd."What the Hell are those things?" Another boy asked."Who cares? I'm betting my money on the black one. Just look at those arms! I bet he could tear a bear apart without even trying!","I think the white one will win," A girl's voice spoke out. "He doesn't look as scary as the black one. Plus, he's much leaner then the black one, so he must be faster. Speed always beats brute force." She ended smuggly.Anti-Venaru produced two rather large blades from his palms and dove straight for Venaru with the weapons prepared to impale his muscular form. Venaru caught the arial symbiote by the blades and slammed him onto the floor hard. He violently broke one of the blades nearly in half, causing blood to flow from the destroyed weapon.Venaru gave a loud roar before driving the white blade directly into Anti-Venaru's right eye and raised the screaming symbiote into the air by the empailing weapon. Anti-Venaru gripped Venaru's arm and tried to wreanch his self free. He only succeded in driving the blade further into his cranium and into his symbiotic brain.His body slowly became limb as his still living brain shut down all other bodily functions to allow the energy needed to repair the damaged brain.Venaru's jaws opened into a hidious laugh before unhinjing and opening wider then should be possible."Oh, no way." One of the teenage boy's laughed. "He's going to eat him, man. That black thing is going to eat the white guy. Sweet!"Venaru violently shoved Anti-Venaru's head into his mouth and used his hands to shove his upper body down his gullet. The crowd out front gave a collection of gasps, shouts of fear and several other emotions as Venaru tillted his head back and allowed his sharp tongue to wrap around Anti-Venaru's remaining body hanging out of his mouth.Venaru tilted his head back and slowly pulled the rest of Anti-Venaru's body into his stomach untill all of the white symbiote had dissapeared from view. Venaru let loose an ear splitting roar of victory before grabbing his stomach in agony and falling to his knees.Before his large, white eyes; countless memories flashed and returned to him. He could feel it; the feeling of completion that he had been lacking for so long. He could remember everything. His first host, his coming to Earth, the birth of Rage; everything.His stomach suddenly gave an incredibly painful convultion that brought the mentally returned Venaru back to reality. He raised a closed fist and smashed it into his gut and tore his hand through his stomach. He grabbed at a small arm inside of him and violently pulled the unconscious body of a small child out of his own. (Host of Anti-Venaru)The child's form was thrown and landed near the crowd, where a concerned woman quickly picked up the kid and scurried away.Venaru looked down as his body changed slightly. His muscular form shifted and changed into a more human-like form. He was still more muscular then any human, but in a way that just appeared to go right with the rest of his body. The still slightly smoking wounds he got from Anti-Venaru healed as a white blotch formed on his chest and upper stomach.The blotch changed into the shape of a rather large spider with eight extended legs. The top two legs wrapped over Venaru's shoulders while the second and third pair went underneath his arms and around his midsection, respectively. The final pair of legs went over his hips. The same exact pattern formed on his back and each leg meet with it's frontal counter part. Like his large eyes, the spider symbol looked torn and frayed on the outside areas."Heheh," Venaru chuckled while looking down at his hands. This caused the frightned crowd to back away a few feet. Venaru looked directly at the croud and shouted out in joy. "Venaru's back baby, and we're better then ever!" He then gave a rather loud, hearty laugh before leaping backwards and smashing through the back of the house and dissappearing from sight withen the woods.One of the teenagers looked to the other one. "Dude, you owe me Dinner for a week."

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Venaru Vs Anti-Venaru (Training post)
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