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 Powers and Abilities Guide

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PostSubject: Powers and Abilities Guide   Fri May 25, 2012 12:47 am

Powers and Abilities

Powers refer to a variety of super-human abilities possessed by many characters in the Marvel Unlimited universe. Powers gained by genetic modification, cybernetic implants, or by other abnormal means. Occasionally, it could mean an otherwise "normal" human with unusual abilities, such as psychic abilities, flying abilities, unimaginable strength or exceptional proficiency at something, far beyond the normal. It can also be gained through something that is not human, but considered to be "superior" to humans in some ways or all and these abilities are the norm from where they are from. This guide shall guide you on how powers and abilities work on Marvel unlimited and is a must read to function on the game.

What is the difference between Powers and abilities?
Powers are the foundation in which abilities are spawned from. For example a power would be telepathy. Telepathy having a wide variety of abilities such as Mental communication and even reading minds. Thus your power would be Telepathy and your Ability would be "Mind Reading". As you train and gain more prestige your powers will grow producing more abilities. Your abilities should never stray from your powers. For instance Intangibility would not grant a strength bonus in any way no matter how you word it. So please only list abilities you are capable of. With every power gained the user is granted one free standard ability.

What are the differences between abilities and skills?
Abilities are essentially what supers can do with powers while skills are more or less talents and trained disciplines such as computer hacking or Martial arts. Abilities are more potent than skills when granting upgrades. However most skills are passive and thus always active. Furthermore they do not have a cool down like abilities from powers do.

What are the differences between Primary/Main and sub/Secondary powers?
Primary and sub powers must not be two completely different powers, they should compliment one another and make sense together. Though they do not have to be the same they should in some way be synonymous. The secondary power is to be weaker than their primary power, meaning it is more limited in what it can do. There are only a few exceptions to the main and sub power being relative rule...flight and teleportation are the only exceptions to this rule as they are considered universal.

How Do abilities and skills Work
Abilities are extensions of a said power and skills work the same way stemming from specialties. They are singular attacks and benefits spawning from a rather large category such as a power or specialty. Powers and specialties cannot do anything without the creation of abilities and skills.

Whens it's time for you to gain another power is it free or do I have to pay for it?
You have a number of free and discounted powers according your class. Additional powers can be purchased assuming they do not exceed the limit your class has. There are three ways to gain powers exceeding the forecast your class gives. The first way are gaining powers through tournaments and Major site plots. The second way is to purchase a power slot which can get super expensive considering you still have to purchase the power. The third way is through flaws though this can only be done once.

Is there a limit to how many times I can use my powers?
No and do not run out of power but you can exhaust yourself. To simulate the feeling of exhaustion there is a 6/4 use 2 post cooldown rule. For every 6 uses of a main power there is a 2 post cooldown. For every 4 uses of a sub power there is a 2 post cooldown. However you can purchase upgrades, Projection skills, technology and cooldown suppression purchases to amplify your stamina.

What are Unlimited Abilities?
Unlimited abilities are trump cards of sorts. They are powers that can be used a very limited amount of times before it can cause exhaustion of even death. An unlimited ability is considered S+ and are extremely expensive.They can easily annihilate cities and at their peak even planets. These are very dangerous to the user as well as they are worth 6 uses of every power the super has and can exhaust them completely.Unlimited abilities are more destructive than S-ranks by far and the price reflects it.

What is the natural effect law?
The natural effect law on this site is that you are only allowed to create effects for your abilities that are within its description and limitations. For instance Black Fire manipulation. These flames have the ability to burn everything to nothingness and even devour normal flames. Thus these two options are viable effects for abilities associated with this power. To have black flames freeze something or stun something would be out of it's capabilities and thus will not be allowed.

Restricted Powers
The following abilities may be permitted with certain limits imposed. Admin approval needed.
Advanced Telepathy
Anomalistic Randomization
Atomic Transmution
Aura Absorption (Life Absorption on Steroids)
Dark or Darktforce Manipulation - Can not be taken as a main power with a main of Light Manipulation as well
Electro-Magnetic Manipulation
Empathic Mimicry
Genetic (DNA) Absorption
Intuitive Aptitude
Literary Animation
Light or Lightforce Manipulation - Can not be taken as a main power with a main of Dark Manipulation as well
Power Absorption/Theft
Puppetry/Mind Control
Reactive Evolution
Spontaneous Regeneration

Rare Ultimate Powers
Powers that can only be gained through major plots or Tournaments.
Power Cosmic
Uni/Enigma Force
Odin Force
Phoenix Force
Absolute ????
Partial time Manipulation

Banned Powers
Don't even ask to use these. They are considered too powerful currently for the rp. Maybe some will be nerfed and used as plot rewards but non are currently open to the public.
Quintessential Force
Reality Warping
Personal Proximity Amplification
Phoenix Mimicry
Complete Time Manipulation
This is not an absolute list others may be subject to banning.

Last edited by Amen on Sun Jul 06, 2014 6:50 pm; edited 14 times in total (Reason for editing : clarification on Dark & Light as main powers not possible)
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PostSubject: Re: Powers and Abilities Guide   Tue Jun 05, 2012 6:26 pm

Ok, new rule! From now on ALL sorcery has to cover a school of magic or have admin permission. You cannot just say sorcery, magic, Dark Arts to cover a wide spectrum of things. Pick a school of magic that can be verified. Also even coming from a school magic is still broader than most categories so it will now need either a verbal and or physical component to cast.
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PostSubject: Re: Powers and Abilities Guide   Sun Jul 06, 2014 6:52 pm

Updated as of 7/6/2014


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PostSubject: Re: Powers and Abilities Guide   

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Powers and Abilities Guide
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