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 Attributes for Main/Branch/Sub powers

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PostSubject: Attributes for Main/Branch/Sub powers   Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:36 am

If you have a main power lets say Super Conditioning. Because that could include, speed, strength, endurance, etc, it is considered a Branching power, and all of their abilities MUST be lower than someone whose power is only Super Speed, Super Strength, etc.


C rank strength main can lift 2,000lbs.
C rank branching main could lift 1,200 lbs.

Stacking: Stacking an ability is, simply put, having 2 or more of the same attribute boosting ability, so that you can add onto it. With this, there is theoretically no limit on how fast or strong, etc your character can get. However, to purchase another ability, your previous ability of the same attribute boost must be fully ranked up. What this means is that before you buy another Strength boost, for example, your previous Strength boosting ability MUST be S ranked.

Speed: Main/Sub/Branch

C - 70mph/60mph/50mph
B - 250mph/200mph/180mph
A - 500mph/400mph/380mph
S - 700mph/550mph/550mph

Flight: Main/Sub/Branch(If you are flying low you must remain at 3/4 the mph a speedster has at your rank)

C - 300mph/200mph/150mph
B - 600mph/400mph/300mph
A - 1,200mph/800mph/600mph
S - 2,400mph/1,600mph/1,200mph

Strength: Main/Sub/Branch

C - 2,000lbs/1,200lbs/1,000lbs
B - 3,500lbs/2,250lbs/2,000lbs
A - 6,000lbs/4,000lbs/3,000lbs
S - 8,000lbs/5,500lbs/4,000lbs

Regen: Main/Sub&Branch

C - Single Limb/Light Wounds
B - Two Limbs/Single Limb
A - Whole body/Double Limb
S - Even lethal wounds/Anything but lethal wounds

Shielding: Main/Branch&Sub

C-S - Your rank and below/Rank below

Teleportation: Main/Sub/Branch(not touching)*weight of objects other than self

C - 500lbs(5lbs)/200lbs(-)/100lbs(-)
B - 1,250lbs(15lbs)/500lbs(2lbs)/200lbs(-)
A - 2,000lbs(50lbs)/1,000lbs(10lbs)/500lbs(2lbs)
S - 6,000lbs(300lbs)/2,000lbs(50lbs)/1,000lbs(10lbs)

Element Manipulation/Telekinesis: Main/Sub/Branch*sources of the element manipulated at one time(how many ice bridges Iceman can make at once)

C - 2/1/1
B - 4/2/2
A - 10/6/4
S - 30/15/10

Invulnerability/Durability: Main/Branching-Sub* As it ranks up, you keep the previous rank durability before it aswell

C - Withstand moderate bludgeoning and melee + small arms fire / Withstand moderate bludgeoning and melee
B - Withstand larger caliber rounds and heavy bludgeoning damage / Withstand Small arms fire
A - Withstand energy blasts taking half damage / Withstand larger caliber rounds and heavy bludgeoning damage
S - Withstand extreme damage for a prolonged time / Withstand energy blasts taking half damage

A branching ability are abilities that can fall under one Super Power;
(please pm me any super power you think will be replicated and I will make a list for it below)

If you have a main power of, lets say Super Conditioning.
That may branch into speed, strength, endurance, etc

It MUST be lower than someone whos power is only Super Speed, Super Strength, etc.


C rank strength main can lift 2,000lbs.
C rank branching main could lift 1,000 lbs.

*New Addition - Branching powers do not give you the added benefits for maining a power. You get the basic applications for it and nothing advanced. For example - For branching Super Strength you get the boost in strength but you do not get applications such as Sonic Claps, etc. For branching super speed you get the enhanced body movement but you don't get the advance applications such as vibrating your molecules, increased perception, super charged brain etc.  Use your common sense please. This was strictly put here so people did not loophole the system and get all the benefits of something they did not strictly main. Sub users can do natural abilities with the power they chose, but nothing too advanced like vibrating their molecules with super speed to become intangible, or using teleportation to telefrag, etc. It will be drastically watered down when compared to a main user.

When it comes to boosting your stats for a short period of time it varies if you main, sub, or branch a move. When you're doing these boosts, they should only last for a short period of time [IE - 3 posts], and as the phase ends you should temporarily lose the same amount of strength/ speed/ etc you had previously gained. An example of a move using this is here below. This is an example of a super with super strength as their main power. This, of course, will change with the power chosen and if the user main, sub, or is branching an ability. These are the only moves that do not stack.

Hulk wrote:

    Name: HULK RAGE!Rank: C+Power: Super StrengthDescription:This move allows Hulk to tap into a force within and boost his current level of strength with pure rage and adrenaline. At C rank, he is capable of boosting his strength 2x its current max. At B rank he is capable of boosting his strength by 5x. At A rank 7x and at S rank 10x. This ability is taxing, however; which causes him to lose strength once the phase ends to recuperate from the stress. The phase only lasts 3 posts and once done, he will lose the amount of strength he had previously gained. Meaning instead of being 2x his max strength, he will be -2x his max strength for 3 posts cool down time.

Main - If you main a move such as super strength, you can create a move that boosts your strength by C +2x/B +5x/A +7x/S +10x
Sub - If you sub main a move such as super strength, you can create a move that boosts your strength by C +50%/B +x2/A +5x/S +7x
Branch - If you branch a move such as super strength, you can create a move that boosts your strength by C +30%/B +60%/A +2x/S +5x

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Attributes for Main/Branch/Sub powers
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