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 Gene Castle

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PostSubject: Gene Castle   Wed Sep 11, 2013 1:00 am

Gene Castle
War has changed.

The Biography

Birth Name: Gene Castle
Aliases: Naked Snake
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Birth Date: 08/11
Class:  Human

Appearance: Gene stands about 6'1 weights roughly 230 lbs, somewhat muscular.  He has a light skin tone, a lot lighter than when he was in the military. He keeps his body chiseled and in tip-top shape. Old habits die hard, and working out everyday is hard to break from. He has shaggy brown hair that he has grown out over the years. Clothing nowadays, he tries to blend in with the crowd. He doesn't wear anything too flashy, ever since got out he never really dressed flashy unless a special occasion. In most cases he just wears a white dress shirt, black dress jacket, jeans and brown boots. The coat is usually to keep people from seeing the hand cannon he keeps on person at all times. He keeps his knife on his right ankle in a strap.

Personality: A solider since the day he was born. He was one of those people who were bred for war. Over the years he has become a hardened individual. The line of work he did was not something you could smile about after wards. A strong believer in “There can be no peace without war.” However he holds a grudge against the military and anyone associated with it. He has seen the dark underbelly that the public never experiences. He has frequent nightmares of his past missions. Very intelligent, has a lot of wisdom to offer. He is always planning something, and always has a lot of inner monologues. He is not above killing, but he only does it when it is necessary. He doesn't care much for this era of heroes and villains,  he just does what he wants. He is a bit of a robin hood, stealing from the rich and gives to the poor. He doesn't mind taking money from the government if it hurts them. So as a human he is on the hit list for some people.

The Capability

Rank: C


    Main Specialty: Weapon's Expert
    Sub Specialty: Physical Prowess
    Sub Specialty: Tech Savy


    Name: CQC (Close Quarters Combat)
    Specialty: Weapons Expert/Physical Prowess
    Rank: C
    Description: CQC a mixed martial art that is meant to fight with or without weapons. Its the ability to safely disarm, attack, defend, kill or capture the intended target. Very quick and precise, hitting pressure points and applying choke holds on foes

    Name: Quick Draw
    Specialty: Weapons Expert
    Rank: C
    Description: Like the old west, he is the ability to quick draw any weapon including melee weapons with alarming speed. At flick of a wrist he can pull out a weapon in the matter of a second.

    Name: Marksman
    Specialty: Weapons Expert
    Rank: C
    Description: As long as Gene can see it he can hit it. If he has the right weapon he has the ability to take the target down with ease. He can judge the distance, wind direction, and speed that the target is moving.  With any form of projectile he can take it down with ease. Of course that becomes a problem if the target is behind some physical obstruction. Otherwise he can pick a body part, and hit it with deadly accuracy.

    Name: Sharpened Reflexes
    Rank: C
    Description: Gene's reflexes are sharpened because he is a Ex-Military man. Hiseflexes are so intune that almost at a drop of a dime, he moves with precision. If someone were to accidentally drop something, he will catch it way before it hits the ground. Whatever the human eye can see, she can respond to instantly. Now, he can even react to things that appear like a blur to the human eye. An example of this is being able to shoot the wings off a fly. His reflexes are 10% higher than others his rank.

    Name: Minor Hacker
    Rank: D-S
    Description: He has knowledge about most programs and can hack into it if he has access to a computer. Being Ex-Military he has a bit of skill with a comupter.

    Name: Trainer
    Rank: D
    Description: He can access someone's strengths, weaknesses and ability just by fighting them one time. Afterward he can help them push their skills to a even higher level.

Weapons/Devices: (2 C-levels with weaponry Spec, 2 D-levels without it)

    Item Name: Dirty Harry (Cougar Magnum)
    Item Rank: C
    Item Description: The legendary pistol that has gotten Gene out of more jams than he can count. A relic compared to some of the new weapons, how ever it still gets the job done. It has a six shot capacity. With the elongated barrel it has a bit more reach than its predecessor the Desert Eagle. A silver finish with iron sights and a black handle. It sits in the shoulder holster. Gene never leaves the house without it.
    Patent: N/A
    Item Image:
    Item Power: It's a gun, it kills people. Pop pop watchin nigga's drop. Six shots, has six speed loaders that he keeps on person. Each with 6 bullets ready to go. Fires .50 caliber rounds that can pierce iron and puncture steel.

    Item Name: Stun Knife
    Item Rank: C
    Item Description: A normal sized combat knife with a full back finish. It is a bit thicker than most knifes because of a stun gun being fused with it. On the non bladed side of the knife its a thick metal bar that carries a current powerful enough to put someone down in a instant. The bladed side on the other hand is very sharp and meant to kill.
    Patent: N/A
    Item Image:
    Item Power: Knife/Stun gun, holds 5 charges per thread. Current strong enough to stun someone for a post.

The Background


Taken from his family at a young age he has little to no memory of them. All he could remember was the other children, kids who were taken from their families. They were inducted into a special organization for the military. The Spartan program, a program that was meant to build the soldiers of tomorrow. He was the first of his kind, given the code name Naked Snake. Over the years he was pushed to his limits, given drugs, put under the highest levels of stress to create the perfect solider. Graduating at the top of his class they created a new kind of solider. He would become a prime example for future projects. Placed into a Black Ops group known as FOXHOUND, he led a group of super soldiers into several countries.  

Unlike them he didn't have any powers, yet he was the most feared of them all. Smarts, leadership, speed, strength, cunning and deadly. For the government, namely the president he did a lot of dirty jobs that no one else would take. Taking out military regimes, securing weapons of mass destruction. This was all fine and dandy until that day. The day they were sent to a African village to exterminate terrorists. Which in return turned into a blood bath, they were given the order to exterminate everyone. Afterward his group betrayed him and left him for dead. He getting too good at what he did, so the order was given to take him out. Suspecting something Naked Snake went on to kill his entire squad with his own two hands. On that day he became a target for the government. This is where the grudge was created. He got a hold of a new name, new identity to live his life under the radar for a while. Until he could find the squad to strike back at the government he hides out in Jersey.

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PostSubject: Re: Gene Castle   Wed Sep 11, 2013 10:34 am

Quote :
—Main Power: Toon Force (Cartoon Physics): The user gains the ability to re-write the strict laws of physics in their universe to their convenience and is allowed to overwrite the laws with more lenient and much more absurd physics. Users are limited to defying the laws of physics, cannot rewrite or manipulate universes themselves. (Gravity still pulls down, even if it takes a really long time to do so.) Through abilities/skills the user will be able to do things no normal person is capable of.
The manipulation of physics is easily abused so for this Im going to simply ask that you edit in that your toon force can directly effect you and NPC fodder. When I say directly effect I mean you can still smash people with your toon mallets and what not but you cannot effect the physics of an actual PC.

Quote :
Flaw Name: Am I a psycho?
Flaw Type: Prolonged Use
Flaw Description: 5/7/10/15 If Trent exceeds his limitations on the toon force he begins to lose his mind. He begins to become a deranged psycho that loses control of himself and his powers. If he were to ever break his limitations, he would become what goes bump in the night. He would become the scarier side of cartoons. The deranged shit that is made of nightmares.
For this there needs to be a more tangible drawback. Being psycho is cool but it has to be something that actually hinders you in combat.


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Big Boss


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PostSubject: Re: Gene Castle   Thu Sep 12, 2013 8:16 pm

New character completion bump
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PostSubject: Re: Gene Castle   Thu Sep 12, 2013 8:54 pm

Approved, happy hunting.
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PostSubject: Re: Gene Castle   

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Gene Castle
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