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The Daily Bugle

Senator Hines has revealed how mutants will be handled: Sentinels.

A rumor traveled the circles of the supernatural. Mutants heard a safe, underground railroad was being started, inquire at the Summit. The beyond sought the strange power said to rest at the Summit of New York City. The gossip flitted amongst the rest: valuable information was to come to light when dawn broke over the Summit.
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 Operation: Sentinel (PLOT TOPIC)

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Operation: Sentinel (PLOT TOPIC) Empty
PostSubject: Operation: Sentinel (PLOT TOPIC)   Operation: Sentinel (PLOT TOPIC) EmptyWed Jan 16, 2013 10:39 pm

Operation: Sentinel (PLOT TOPIC) Suits__harvey_specter___is_perfect__4_by_im_da_moon-d5been6

It was finally time!. This was getting hectic. There was a giant building. Probably 100+ floors in it. On the 54th floor there was a few rooms. One room was where a bunch of people sat. All dressed properly for this occasion. What was this occasionyou ask? Today was the day Senator Hines of New York City made his grand announcement about the Countries reform. See he use to be a military man for some time. He was in his own personal room for the moment where a few people with special passes around their necks were chatting it up. One woman with her hair in a bun was adjusting the tie of Senator Hines. She wore glasses and dressed like everyone else. Well she dressed like a female. She had her suit on and she was holding a clipboard under her lift armpit as she adjusted the tie "There you go sir. Looking ready for work."

Smiling as he placed a tic tac on his tongue "Thank you Ms.Atkins, I don't know what I would do If I didn't have you around." said Senator Hines as he walked over to the mirror with the smile of a demon. He'd turn back around facing his team looking at each and every one of them while walkingg over to the short table on his left picking up a glass then reaching into a tub of ice grabbing a bottle of Aces champagne. He'd pour himself a cup while speaking "You know what today is right team? Today is the day.. We are finally heard by the millions, No BILLIONS!. Watching at home today. See I got this broadcast viewed worldwide as every world leader approved of my idea. The United Nations is raving right now over the acclaimed idea I presented.. Now its time for those at home to here it. The aftermath of what i have planned will poise America as the epicenter of the worlds power." Raising his glass Senator Hines would continue to smile "Death to the mutants"

Ms.Atkins would press her earpiece closer to here ear "Talk to me". She'd nod a few times before looking over to Senator Hines and Co. "They're ready for you in the conference room." Senator Hines would take the smile off his face slowly turning it into a blank expression walking towards the front door before turning to his party once more. He'd nod towards them as he gave them the signal of The Brotherhood. The fist. The iconic fist used to signafy a group for so long. Walking out of the room behind Senator Hines was his personal assistant Julissa Atkins. She'd follow him down the hallway before they made a right then turned to their left and continued down that direction until Julissa opened a door revealing a frenzy of cameras and reporters sitting down in chairs that looked comfortable. Under their feet was a blue like stage with a podium and the New York flag on it. Walking towards the podium Senator Hines would wave at everyone awaiting the moment they've heard about for some time now. His speech.

"Hello, To all those watching. Normally I'd say my fellow Americans but no. Today our reach is far greater then that. Our reach expands passed America. Our reach expands passed the 12 continents. Our reach touches each and every home who has a television on this planet. Today I Senator Hines stands before you all today to address an issue that has garnished the attention of each and every world leader in the world. That issue being that of Mutants. These vile creatures. A sub-species of humans as you may call them. Reeking havoc across the nation doing nothing but causing destruction. Hell. Did we all forget about the New Jersey incident? That cost us billions of dollars to rebuild New Jersey. Then we have an incident.. We HAD an incident in New Jersey. Where more of these mutants did their thing. Or so we think. Mutants are a global problem and if they keep doing what they're doing. There won't be any economy to look for within the next 10 years. Some are born with the ability to turn into fire. Some can telepathically kill their friends. Hell! Some can create explosions. Let it be it be artificially made or genetics. These creatures are killing our planet. We must rid you of these creatures."

Moving from infront of the podium Senator Hines would watch as the lights dimmed and a video started. The voice sounded rather ominous as a man spoke "New York City. Home of rich history and one of the most historic places in our great Country. But this place.. It is house to some of the most dangerous of these mutants. This man, He has no name. He can turn into fire! He breaks through walls burns down anything in his path. He has no place being outside "saving" children. That man belongs locked down under the ground. Where his fire cannot hurt anyone anymore." Saying that as a few pictures and clips of the "Hero" known as Hot Shot graced the overhead projector monitor. Soon after his finished another clip began "This man? Superboy as he likes to call himself. His reckless actions killed a group of innocent humans in a California Heist gone bad. All because he thought he could do more then he could. Hell. That man is no alien. That man is of human blood. That man is a CRIMINAL." Saying that as video footage of Superboy played. After that video footage began to roll of well nothing. "This woman. She calls herself Ms.Flash. That woman is the worst of them all. She calls herself a hero. Where is she when Earth needs saving? I've never seen anything to deserve this base she has in California!. That museum should be ripped from the ground and molted. Fastest woman in the world couldn't help anyone when they needed it. If you're going to help at least make it a full time job." The voice would say that as the video clips stopped rolling. After saying that The voice would roll one more clip. "Lets not forget about something more recent. New York City. Lets take you back two weeks. Mutants. One Building. Multiple deaths. Hell if they can't even protect their own kind why do we need them around? What kind of animals attack their own kinds? Mutants!. That's who." Angrily as the videos were over and Senator Hines would get some claps from the audience.

Senator Hines would speak "Thank you for all those who clapped at this. And for all those who do not understand my frustration with this situation. Bare with me. You'll soon be believers. As for now. I want you all to be apart of what comes next. I know you're all sitting there thinking "Oh he talks a big game. But how does he propose to fight these "Mutants". Well everyone watching. I plan on fighting the mutants the only way I know how. The old American way. Or the way all of us have been doing it since our ancestors laid down the foundation. War! No no no. None of you shall be forced to enroll in a formulated militia of 30-somethings who never held a knife before. This is a special task forced. Train throughout the course of the last year to aid us in our fight against Mutants. We also have some who aren't human helping us with this one. Ladies and Gentlemen I'd like you to witness the creation of Takiyora Mishito and I Senator Hines. They are what we call The Sentinels. Special robots created to seek out and capture not kill all those effected with what we call the "X-Gene". Once captured these mutants will offered the chance to join the Military of their respective countries or. Spend the rest of their life in jail." With that Senator Hines would watch as a giant monitor on the side of the room opened up revealing a base. Everyone watching at home would see a row of giant purple and violet robots sitting there lined up obviously dwarfing humans in height judging by the reporters in the room. "This is Operation: Sentinel" said Senator Hines as he walked away from the podium leaving the room before any questions could be asked receiving a standing ovation as he walked towards the same door he walked in from. Pictures were being snapped of him as he smiled and waved to the reporters.

Operation: Sentinel (PLOT TOPIC) Sentinels

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Operation: Sentinel (PLOT TOPIC)
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