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Senator Hines has revealed how mutants will be handled: Sentinels.

A rumor traveled the circles of the supernatural. Mutants heard a safe, underground railroad was being started, inquire at the Summit. The beyond sought the strange power said to rest at the Summit of New York City. The gossip flitted amongst the rest: valuable information was to come to light when dawn broke over the Summit.
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 May "Mayday" Macreedy

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PostSubject: May "Mayday" Macreedy   Sat Sep 29, 2012 12:21 am

I came here to kick ass and chew gum; and I'm all out of gum!

The Biography

Birth Name: May Macreedy
Aliases: Mayday
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Birth Date: May, 17
Class: Mutant


May has a head of red hair, seemingly coming from her mother. Though in the past she has been very shy, she's much more open to express herself now. She is rather short, standing at the height of 4'11 and weighs around 90 pounds. She wears black frame glasses, which can be exchanged with her contacts at anytime. Unless around family, she is very closed off when it comes to the general public. Perhaps attempting to stay more of a background character to avoid detection. She wears average clothes, and looks like an average teenager when compared to the next girl. This is used to her advantage when she wants to get information without giving herself away. No one suspects the children, right? Even her facial expressions are bland and mostly those of indifference, in an attempt at diverting attention away from her.

Her appearance, however, is bound to change if she makes physical contact with another. From simple hair strands being replaced by the color of someone she recently touched, or her whole body changing shape and color, anything is possible thanks to her unique ability. Sometimes this can be a major hindrance when it comes to trying to keep a low profile, as she may not have a choice because of the sudden transformation.

When dressed in her Mayday persona, she dawns a purple wig (or dyes her hair purple) wears a purple mask, and wears an all purple outfit that comes down to a plaid skirt with leggings. On her feet she wears rubber boots. She does have a cape, connected by a safety lock. Around her waist is a belt for weaponry she may need to carry, and on her arms she wears light purple colored gloves that can be removed easily. In costume she is much more responsive with emotion, and does rude gestures such as flicking someone off, or saying "Fuck You" in sign language.


Like her older sister Tara, May has a strong sense of humor. Whether this is from the brief absorption that occurred between the two is unknown, however this doesn't stop her from making smart remarks and jokes when dealing with others. May also has a habit of using fowl language aswell, which is also speculated from coming from someone else she had accidently made physical contact with, named Trigger. Other than these two main points of personality from May, she is really a kind hearted girl who goes through extra steps to get the results she may want. Before she had unlocked her powers, she felt useless as her older sister fought crime while she was stuck at home. She even got desperate enough to want to try and find a mystical item to grant her power, even if she had to sell her soul to it. When answering what side she is on in the fight against crime, she labels herself as an Anti-Hero, even though she hasn't even been allowed to fight crime as of yet. Infact, her parents, being scared of her abilities becoming more out of hand, reached for the help of a certain Professor to help her gain control of it. May, being a hard head believes her ability is completely under control, when it is not.

Unlike her sister that follows the moral "You don't need a reason to help someone." line, May isn't so goody. After watching her previous roommate, Kira Sankuchi beat and killed to death on her front lawn helplessly, she believes villains don't deserve a first or second chance. Unlike her sister, she doesn't hesitate to take a life, or go through extraordinary measures to get who she's looking for. After all, she made a promise to herself to avenge Kira's death, and murder those involved in it. All of them even if her sister will not help. This makes Mayday a loner when it comes to others, yet more mature than alot of children her age. She does respect her family members, and wishes to protect them, but she also believes justice plays a big role in today's society. In other words, she thinks there needs to be a major message to those who have wronged, no matter the crime. She only hopes after her time at Professor Kagan's Institute of Progressive Learning is finally over, no one will try to stop her from seeking vengeance on those who wronged her family.

The Capability

Rank: C


    Main Specialty: Projection
    Sub Specialty: Physical Prowess


    Main Power: Life Force Absorption - Can absorb the powers, energies, memories, knowledge, talents, personality and physical abilities (whether superhuman or not) of another human being (or members of some sentient alien races) through physical contact of her skin with the skin of the other person. She is not limited to absorbing superhuman abilities: for example, she can absorb the strength, agility, and sharp reflexes of an enhanced human. She can also absorb psionic abilities. In absorbing another person's memories May also gains the emotional responses connected to them. For the transfer of abilities to be accomplished, May’s skin must contact the skin of her victim. She can only absorb abilities and memories from living organic beings. She can possess the powers of several superhuman persons at once however, with each power comes the memories and personalities of their previous owner, which can overload the young girl's mind. May can even absorb gross physical characteristics from a victim. Her physical appearance does not change when she absorbs abilities and memories from a normal looking human being drastically, but she may get a few strands of hair color that matches their own, or different eye color. Those touched are feel an intense pain, as if they are being stabbed through with countless needles, the moment she makes contact with them. Ot can even cause some to scream out in pain if they are not tolerable to pain.

    When it comes to absorbing another's energy, May would only need to touch them once the post. The moment this happens, the connection is made. Her power works on percents, as in what percentage of power she takes with each touch. When she uses up the percentage of power she has taken, she loses it. The powers she takes can not be carried over to new topics.
    Sub Power:(Leave Blank Until A-Level)


    Name: Little Leech
    Rank: C
    Power: Life Force Absorption
    Description: When making skin contact with another, May forcefully rips their essence from them. The victim will feel as though something is stabbing into them, and draining them slowly. On the initial contact, May will receive 10% of their life essence. With this, comes with many things. A section of their personality is copied over to the user. Memories are copied over to the user. And finally, any genetic traits, skills or abilities are copied over to the user. The opponent will feel slightly dazed for a few seconds after contact has been made, but nothing hindering will occur. With this ten percent gained, May can use it for a variety of things. Mostly related to skills and abilities. To use a victim's ability, at C rank, it will take 5% of the total percentage she has gained from them. To use a skill, it will take 3% of the total percentage she has gained from them. This meaning, if she only has ten percent, at the max she could only use two abilities at the victim's disposal before losing the power. Each post she has contact, or each time she touches someone, another ten percent will be taken from them. She can only use abilities/skills her current rank or below, from another. These powers do not transfer over to new topics, and are lost the moment the topic is over. If a victim's life essence goes below 50%, their strength and speed will follow being split by half. And if they lose 100% of their life essence, they will essentially die. Every post after absorption, the person will regain 3% of their lost life force if they do not die. May can only store up to 100% of life force, and no more. She can only absorb from people who are alive, not dead.


    Name: Skill Copy
    Specialty: Projection
    Rank: C
    After making contact with another, and absorbing a portion of their power, this skill will be temporarily replaced with one of their own until the power is used up.

    Name: Skill Copy
    Specialty: Projection
    Rank: C
    After making contact with another, and absorbing a portion of their power, this skill will be temporarily replaced with one of their own until the power is used up.

    Name: Teenage Agility
    Specialty: Physical Prowess
    Rank: D
    Description: May's agility is no where near olympic levels but it doesn't mean it shouldn't go without saying. She can scurry, scamper, flip, and traverse much better than a teen her own age. Though she's not perfect on a catwalk, she can climb fences and escape the average chaser quite easily.

    Name: Improvise
    Specialty: Physical Prowess
    Rank: D
    Though not an actual martial art, May uses it as such. She is especially resourceful when it comes to fighting an opponent in a wide open space. She can use the terrain and environment to her advantage within reason, and bases her combat around this mostly, instead of brute strength. This can be from throwing dirt into someone's eyes, or knocking over a pile of logs in order to crush someone. Whatever the terrain offers.


    These flaws are literally for plot only. Will not be taking any extra benefits because of them

    Flaw Name: Don't Touch
    Flaw Type: Deformed Ability
    Flaw Description: May has no control over her ability. Thus, if anyone attempts to touch her skin, her ability automatically kicks in, this being on either friend or foe. She's forced to wear alot of clothing because of this, though even contact with her face could have the same results as a touch of the hand.

    Flaw Name: Transformation
    Flaw Type: Deformed Ability
    Flaw Description: If a person May makes physical contact with has any abnormal features, such as being colored green, May will also take these features onto herself, and will be green aswell, as long as she holds the power.

    Flaw Name: Flaw Transfer
    Flaw Type: Deformed Ability
    Flaw Description: If a person May makes physical contact with has a flaw, the flaw will also be carried over to her until their power is used up or gone.

    Flaw Name: Lack of Personality
    Flaw Type: Deformed Ability
    Flaw Description:
    When absorbing someone's power, their memories and personality are also transferred over into the user. The user, being May, could actually believe she is that person if she absorbs more than fifty percent of the person's power into herself. Successfully brainwashing herself into thinking she is someone else. If multiple people are absorbed into her, or someone with multiple personalities, she will have a hard time making complex plans as there will be too many voices running through her head. [ C -More than 3 people abilities absorbed at once B - 6 People. A - 9 People. S - N/A]


    Item Name:
    Item Rank:
    Item Description: (What it looks like)
    Patent: (If you or someone else has this item patented)
    Item Image: (Not necessary)
    Item Power: (What the Item does)

    Item Name:
    Item Rank:
    Item Description: (What it looks like)
    Patent: (If you or someone else has this item patented)
    Item Image: (Not necessary)
    Item Power: (What the Item does)

The Background


Motel Blues

May Macreedy was born on May 17, and is the daughter of Gareth and Judy Macreedy. Her parents, not being the richest, worked at a motel where they would be living for some time. May was originally a blonde haired little girl (which would change in the future) and mostly resembled her father for most of her childhood. Like every other girl, she was playful and anxious to see what the world had to offer.

May meets Tara

Like a bullet shooting across an open field, a certain speedster was currently booking it towards her next destination while taking the back roads. She didn't want to risk running into traffic on the main streets, as she was currently making her way around the world at a steady 308mph. Much faster than what she used to run as a child, showing that her abilities were blossoming. She was getting faster day by day, most likely because she was constantly running across the world from city to city. Controlling her power was become a problem from her..Especially when she became angry. Without serenity in her inner chaos, Tara feared she'd become a reckless mutant like the ones she already despised. The anger she felt for them was outstanding. What they did to her..To her family..What they took from her..She hated it! And she hated how the people her father worked for was doing nothing about it! Tara knew she would need to take matters into her own hands one day. That's why she was perfecting her abilities. So in the future, she'd be ready to kill the man that ruined her life..Kill the freak! That was her life goal at the moment! That was what she stood for! There was one thing her father always said to her when she was a child, and she kept it to heart. If you don't stand for something, you'd fall for anything. And she didn't want to fall and feel as helpless as she did before. She was her mother's daughter, after all. And the stories she had heard about her mother were inspirational in her troubled life. It kept her going when she was stuck in that wheel chair and gave her a purpose to keep living.

Snapping out of her thoughts and back to reality, the speedster would notice the fork in the road coming up ahead. She didn't exactly know which way to new york without looking at her map and had been running for roughly fifteen minutes without a break. Surely she was on the outskirts of the city by now. How did she know this? It was simple mathematics. She was traveling from DC to new york city at more than three hundred miles per hour and took the empty back roads that were slightly longer, but empty. If she knew where she was going exactly, she would have most likely made it there alot earlier..But sadly, she got lost along the way. Tara wasn't too smart taking the roads. After all, she had just recently gotten her ability to walk and run. Before that, she was stuck in a chair at home for the majority of her life. Traveling was only a dream to her, but now it was an reality. She needed to regroup herself, and the best way to do that was to take a small pit stop. To play it safe, she'd take a sudden turn from the current road to head off on an exit. The signs showed a motel was just ahead. That was perfect..An easy place that didn't allow those to track you down easily.

As she ran up to the entrance of the motel, she'd skid to a stop and cause dirt to fly up and around her. Waiting for the dust to settle, Tara would look at her clothes and notice she was covered in the dust and dirt, thanks to her unsubtle stop. With a sigh, she'd think to herself on how to get rid of the dirt without picking up more. Then it suddenly snapped. Holding her breath, she would begin to vibrate her body super fast to shake the dirt of and into the air. It was safe to say this wasn't as easy as it sounded, and it certainly wasn't easy. Sometimes her arm would only vibrate, or a leg. Sometimes her whole body would begin to spasm around, as though she was having a heart attack. As she did this, she'd finally exhale and shake her head to knock the hood off. Her blonde hair would blow in the wind, as her hand reached up to grab her sunglasses and remove them aswell. "I'm going to need to work more on that later." There would be a huge gasping noise coming from behind her, and like a blur, Tara would turn to look to see a little girl playing on a tricycle on the road. The girl couldn't be more than four years old, and how her mouth was stretched open was almost inhuman. She seemed stun to see Tara's abilities..Wait, she saw her abilities?! Oh great! Well, it wasn't like anyone would listen to a little girl, right? Yeah, no way they would listen to her. The speedster would cross her arms over her chest and give a series of nods to herself. "No one would believe a little girl. I mean, she'll probably forget anyway..Right?" Tara continued to nod while reassuring herself. Meanwhile the little girl remained in the middle of the street, still amazed that the heroes she had seen on tv could possibly be one standing infront of her. If she wasn't so amazed, she would have seen the massive eighteen wheeler coming towards her at full speed.

Lucky for the little girl, Tara saw it coming, and would dash off at high speeds towards her. From the speedster's point of view, it looked like everything was moving in slow motion. With her current momentum, she'd shoot into the girl to grab her and pull her out the way of the truck with plenty of time to spare. Hell, she had enough time to turn around and knock her tricycle out the way aswell. To the naked eye, she appeared like a blur blazing through the hot sun. By the end of it all, she was standing on the side of the road, holding the girl in her arms while watching the truck drive by. Her green eyes would be narrowed, as she sighed and looked towards the girl staring up with her with a wide grin. "Great..Just great. Well..atleast you're okay." The green eyed woman would smile towards the little girl before replacing it with a frown. "I don't believe you made me smile..I'm never that vulnerable. Now let's get you back to your parents." The little girl would pull on Tara's hair, causing the woman to flinch, while she walked across the road and back towards the motel. As she got closed the distance from the motel, the girl's parents would run out from one of the various rooms to meet her. Taking their daughter in their arms, Tara would cross her own and look to the side. Could this have been her life if her mother didn't pass away and her father wasn't constantly in a laboratory. Tara couldn't help but wonder this as the parents thanked her and made their way back to their room. The speedster was left embracing herself..lost in this thought.

"I saw what you did there. You're new to these parts, huh?" A voice came from an older man that had a strong accent. It was obvious he wasn't from these parts. She'd raise a brow while turning away and looking towards the motel itself. "I'm only stopping through. I'll be gone before you can even blink." Tara's eyes would shift towards the dirt as she prepared to take off towards the next location. The older man would put a finger to the dust covered hat hanging on his head before letting a wide grin make its way across his face. "I'm not here to pester. Spend the night. The room's on me. Your little thingy there is safe with me. Saving a little girl makes you welcome here any time. You mind me askin what chur name is?" The green eyed woman would slowly turn to look towards the male before quickly looking away again. "..Jane Smith." An obvious lie, and the man knew it. But he wouldn't question her. Instead, he let out a laugh and toss her a key. "Make yourself at home, 'Jane Smith'."

Time passed and Tara found herself alone, sitting on the cheap bed in the motel. The paint on the walls were chipping and the tv only had two channels. Not like she watched it anyway. She was more interested on the vibration she had done before..Lifting a hand, she'd stare at it hard with her green eyes before concentrating. Slowly but surely her arm would begin to vibrate, getting faster..then faster..then even faster. The vibration would stem up your arm to her body, and soon the entire bed would begin to vibrate with her..Until there was a feint knock on the door, causing her to lose her concentration and suddenly stop. Pushing herself up, she'd walk to the door to look through the eye hole..There was no one there. Tara would turn to walk away before hearing another knock on the door and causing her to look through the peek hole again..Once again no one. Was someone playing a prank? Scrunching her face in annoyance, she'd pull open the door. "CUT IT OUT!" She screamed out to no one..until she heard slight whimpering below her, which revealed the little girl with tear filled eyes. Apparently Tara had scared her..

Kneeling down, the green eyed woman would place a hand on the girls head. Though she was reluctant, she forced a smile on her face. "Come on, don't cry. I'll show you something cool. A..Magic trick..Let's go around back." Tara would take the girl's hand before walking around to the back of the motel where there was an empty lot. Letting the girl scamper to the side, Tara would lift a single arm and extend it away from the motel. "I've always seen my favorite hero do this in the comics..Let's see if I can do it myself." The girl would squint her eyes before rotating her arm faster..and faster..and faster..creating a vortex that pushed out winds and caused the dirt infront of her to shoot into the air as though an explosion had occurred. Tara was surprised before happy, as she lifted her other arm to do the same thing..Not too smart, as the combined winds caused her to push herself back and slam into the wall of the motel. The impact wasn't too hard to cause damage, but she had a right mind to smack herself. Luckily the little girl ran up with a wide smile, expressing her amazement. This was the first time Tara had been praised..She was so used to being looked down upon in her life.

"So you liked that, huh? I have a few more tricks, but I'll have to save those for next time." Tara would smile at the girl before pushing herself to her feet. "It's getting late. Head inside..Okay?" The little girl would nod and run away making whoosh noises, almost like she was trying to impersonate Tara. The speedster would watch with a smile before the girl disappeared from view, and would soon turn the smile into a frown. "I need to get out of here. I'm getting too close to these people.." She spoke with doubtful words as she looked on to watch the sun slowly falling from the sky. The reason she avoided relationships was so she wasn't trapped somewhere. So she didn't forget her mission..her goal. Avenging her father was the first priority..It was what she was running after, not from. Making her way back to her room, she would begin to gather her things, preparing to continue her journey. She wouldn't even say goodbye..No, doing that would be like spitting in the girl's face. Instead, Tara would give a nonchalant salute towards the motel before dashing off at high speeds, leaving nothing but a blur behind.

Dashing between cars..Taking short cuts off the road and through the now overcoming urban jungle. Tara had made it to her destination. New York City. They said the city was always moving..This would be a perfect place for a person like herself. Always moving..Never stopping. It was like her life as a city. All the lights she saw when she shot into the city limits were almost hypnotizing! Her small town didn't have anything like this..The red and orange blur would shoot through the streets heading for the center of the city. Unlike her home town, the streets were completely full. She found herself being forced to run through the sidewalk to get anywhere, and there were a series of people blocking the way just like the high amount of cars. Being forced to cut into an alley, Tara would see a wooden fence down the far end. On instinct she began to gain speed before shooting forward and bursting through it, using the Infinite Mass Punch to manipulate momentum to her liking. This was the first time she had actually used it on an object, so once successfully making impact, she tumbled forward before rolling violently then crashing into a pile of trash cans in a comical fashion.

Sprawled with her feet in the air and her head on the ground, Tara would give an exhausted huff while staring towards the cloudy skies. It looked like it was going to rain soon, and she didn't exactly have any money at the moment to get a place. This meant she was going to have to steal. Though she was against it, her survival came first before everything else..Her mission was far too important to simply lay down and risk getting raped her even killed in the busy streets of New York. When she slept, she was just as fast as everyone else..That was when she felt the most vulnerable. In determination, she'd pick herself up and dust herself off; knocking any trash that may have fallen on her clothes off. Not being familiar with the area, she already knew she would need to find a map or ask people of places she could stay..Though asking didn't work to well in DC, when she did, she was sure it would be the same, if not worst, in New York City. Sucking it up, she decided she would pose as a regular civilian and walk the streets, since running seemed to have many complications unless she planned on causing damage along the way.

Running into a light jog, and reluctantly holding back her potential to burst off faster than the human eye, she'd turn onto the side walk with the various people. It was amazing how fluent they walked..almost as though it was a hive mind. However, she made sure to keep her distance and bubble room, not touching them. Who knew who was an average man and who was a person looking to catch her with her guard down to rob her, after all. Though, she didn't really have money..She didn't really have anything to her name. Her parents weren't rich enough to leave her with a fortune. Her father wasn't brilliant enough to pass his knowledge down to her for her to make a living as an honest woman. No, she was forced into thievery. Forced to fend for herself..for the time being..Once getting money and finding a place to lay her head, she'd do some recon around town to see if anyone had seen signs of the freak of DC. She never got to question the masked weirdo about why he was attacking innocent people..and if he knew her father, or what might have happened to him. After all, he was the only one she could work with at the moment..Her information contact hadn't been in touch with her for days..

The Night Kira Sankuchi Died

Years passed and Tara had helped her family move from the broken down hotel and to the big city. This was like a new experience for her. May was a grateful, and life seemed to be looking up for her. Tara had even brought someone new home to live with them, and she felt like she was living in a dream with so many cool people under one roof. Well all dreams came to an end, and this one came to a bloody one. In the dead of night, the house was attacked while Tara was out. The female, Kira, attempted to protect the family, but May was sent off to run like a useless child. Though reluctant, she ran as fast as she could to go get help. It was too late though. By the time she arrived with the cops, Kira was dead, and Tara was sitting over her corpse. Her parents were fine, but they still lost a family member. May, at this precise moment, blamed herself for being so useless. If Tara was there, she could have helped Kira. But instead, May was the one home. May was the one forced to run and watch her friend die. Even through the funeral, she couldn't help but blame herself for what had happened. Infact, she wanted revenge on all that were involved. By any means necessary.

Reality is a Bitch and a Half

It had been two days since the attack on her home. Miss Flash, otherwise known as Tara, was sitting on the bed in her new room. Her family had moved after the destruction of the last home, and the young heroine couldn't help but feel responsible for it. When she put on the Miss Flash costume, she wanted to protect people. She wanted to help them. She never asked for this madness. The downside of helping people. There was a chance that not only Kira, but her family could have been killed that night if she didn't arrive. Or if he didn't arrive, either. She was grateful of the Nameless one, but why had he been there? And why did he teleport her away? Did he not trust her? All these questions ran through her brain at accelerated speeds. As she sat on her bed, holding her Miss Flash costume in hand, she let out a sigh. Would it be safer if she just gave it all up and lived a normal life? Did she even have that choice now? The world needed heroes, and if one act could sway her whole resolve, then what would that make her? Nothing but a coward. She was given this power to help people, not cower in fear when the people she fought against, fought back. Not sure if you've ever given it your all and plain up got your ass kicked, or failed, but those were the moments that defined what kind of person you were. The Phoenix Force was just a crutch. An excuse Tara was using to say she didn't have enough power to change people. She did. She just needed to stick at it, and not lose hope so easily. That sounded easier said than actually done. Rubbing the fabric of her new costume, the blonde would narrow her eyes. The fight was just getting started..If they thought attacking her loved ones would stop her from doing her job, they were mistaken. It would only make her resolve that much easier to come to in the end. She stood up from her bed, ready to dawn her new costume, but before this the door to her room would open. Her younger sister, through adoption, stood at the doorway with a frown. The relationship between them both had been strained after the attack on the home.

"Hey, May." "Hi." An awkward exchange of words between the two siblings. Tara's eyes shifted to their corners, as she lowered her costume back onto her bed. "May I'm sorry about what happened. I should have been here to stop them, but I was so caught up on my own problems. It wasn't responsible of me. I'll tr-" - "I want you to train me." May's gaze was strictly focused on Tara, as the young speedster's eyes would widen from the request. "Train you? But May, are you sure? I'm not sure how I could train you..Without my abilities, I'd be useless. I could try and get mom and dad to send you to a martial arts class. Or something like that.." The younger redhead would slam her fist against a wall and narrow her eyes towards her sister. "That's not enough! If you won't train me, then help me. Help me get strong enough to keep them safe when you can't!" This was the first time May had ever raised her voice to her, and it caught Tara by surprise. The green eye'd heroine would simply listen, as her little sister continued. "Look, I've been doing research ever since the attack. Ever since I felt so useless when mom and dad stayed behind to help Kira. I don't want to feel so vulnerable. I don't want to run away like a child! So, I'm going to do whatever it takes to get strong, with or without you, Tara. I just hope you don't get in my way if you don't want to help me." May grabbed a bag under her bed and started heading towards the door. In a gust of wind, Tara shot pass her little sister and stood at the door with costume on. Placing her mask onto her face, Tara gave her sister a stern look. "Atleast I know you're doing this for the right reasons, May. I'll help you anyway I can." May would look up towards her older sister and give a subtle nod. She was only thirteen but she wanted to be so much more. She would even sell her soul to get the results she wanted. Taking Miss Flash's hand, the two would disappear in the blink of an eye, heading wherever May wished.

Who would have thought the two of them would be headed to Korea. Apparently the research May had done spoke of a crimson gem of legend. One that could grant its owner the power of an Old God through magic. It came with a price. One's soul was bound from them, making them an inhuman work of mass. Would May really want to sell her soul for power? Was Tara in any place to tell her not too? She wished to protect those she loved. Tara had no place of saying she shouldn't. Infact, she could use the assistance. California was a big place, and fighting crime alone was becoming a hindrance. There was one thing she knew couldn't happen. She couldn't be swallowed into the life of Miss Flash. She was Tara Strong too. She had a life without the mask. Tara struggled with this everyday, but with someone to now talk to, if this really worked for May, it'd probably be easier. Having a mystical crimson gem that granted amazing abilities would probably attract the bad type of company aswell. If she would have let May go alone, she could have gotten herself mixed into the wrong crowd. There was alot to go on. When they finally arrived outside the temple, Miss Flash would make a pouting expression at the overall appearance. "I know I should be happy since I get to play as indiana jones, but I really wish I brought a change of clothes. Nameless made this for me, and I don't want to damage anymore than I have too." May gave her older sister an narrowed eye expression before pressing forward into the temple with the blonde following close behind.

The Night She Became More

It had been some few weeks after the attack on the Macreedy residence, and only a few days since Tara Strong and May Macreedy went on their journey to Korea together. The two siblings had searched for a crystal that would grant the user almost imaginable power. Though the two searched hard, this crystal was no where to be found in the temple. Perhaps someone had already claimed it. Though Tara attempted to convince May to give up her search for the Cryotakk ruby and to not put herself in danger, the young red head would not listen. She felt too useless when her family was attacked on Tara's behalf. All she could do was run when her parents were going to be killed. The feeling of helplessness sticks to you. Maybe you've never gotten your ass kicked, or just straight up failed, but those were the moments that defined who you were. On this cold night in San Francisco, a shadowy figure travelled by the rooftops. On its back was a black bag, though it was covered by some type of cape. Rolling to a stop, the shadowy figure would place a hand on their knee was looking down in an alley. On their face was a mask made of cloth. Very cheap and very poor. Her silhouette appeared to be washed onto the full moon, as she slid down the fire escape and landed in the alley. Sitting in the shadows was a taller figure that seemed to be waiting on the shadowy silhouette. They sat on a green dumpster with a sword in one hand, and a hand full of hair in the other. Looking towards the shadowy figure, this mystery figure would hop down from the dumpster and into the light. It would be no other than the spiky haired female merc who went by the name of "Trigger." Why she was here was unknown, but the expression on her face was between a snarl and a snicker. "Bout time you showed your face. You know how boring it is out here, when you have to wait for someone so slow?" The woman stabbed her blade into the earth below her, and the shadowy figure would walk out of the shadows with a hand holding their bag. "Well I had to sneak out. My parents wouldn't like to know their daughter is going out on late night excursions with a mercenary. And my older sister wouldn't understand if I told her, but luckily she's always out at night..-doing the same thing-..So calm your tits and let's get started, Knuckle Fucker." The older female's eyes would twitch. "Got a mouth on you, huh? I like that. Let's get started." The Masked Little girl would give a cruel smirk before walking towards the woman.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, California, Tara [Strong] Macreedy, also known as Miss Flash, was currently doing her normal patrol. Her mind couldn't help but replay the night Kira had died, and what Nameless had done to her aswell. She couldn't trust anyone completely these days. And she couldn't bring anyone into her life either, as her enemies would target them to get to her. As long as Miss Flash was around, Tara Strong would not be able to live a normal life. That was a sacrifice that would need to be made. Her father, not biological but adopted, put her on the right path to helping others. To be selfless was to help others without reason. Same with the way he helped her when she was lost. He didn't have to, he just wanted too. When you did something like this to such an extent, one wouldn't expect their life to stay the same. Tara almost believed it would until her girlfriend was killed because of her. She wanted to hang up the Flash suit for good after that. She endangered her family and friends because of who she was. She almost did..Even at Kira's funeral. But the reassurance of her adoptive father kept her strong. To keep pushing on not only for the family, but for Kira's memory. The only way Tara could keep it together through this was her sense of humor, but if she were to ever come across who killed her, the speedster would most likely attempt to beat them to the brink of death. A side she never believed she had, but when something you cared about was ripped from you, what was there to expect? Taking a moment of silence for herself, Miss Flash would make a U-turn and head back home. Tonight she just wasn't in the mood for games or the usual mocking of villains.

Thwap! Crack! The purple haired girl would be sent back onto her backside. Her nose was bleeding, yet she wiped herself and stood back up to face her trainer, known as Trigger. The older female looked towards the younger woman with arms crossed over her chest. "Pull yourself together, kid. I'm pulling my punches. If they hurt you, you need to learn how to take a punch. Those little villains you watch on Saturday cartoons aren't real. The villains of the real world will kill you at a moment's notice." The younger girl would wipe the blood from her lips, and narrow her eyes. "Whatever. I understand. It won't happen again. Now let's continue!" The purple haired girl would shoot forward towards the Trigger finger, sending out a number of punches towards the taller woman. They were easily blocked and knocked aside. Trigger would pull her right leg back, and then release it to send a kick into the little girl's stomach. The young trainee would catch the foot with a grunt, letting out a slight 'ARRGH' before looking back up towards her trainer. The older woman would bend her leg at the knee, pulling the girl forward while sending an opposite knee into her nose to knock her right back on her ass. "You're relying on brute strength. Something you don't have. Use your small size to your advantage and improvise on what's occurring around you. The environment should be your weapon." As the bloody nosed girl lifted herself from the ground, her purple wig fell off to reveal a red head of hair. Though Trigger didn't know it, this little one was none other than Miss Flash's younger sister. The drive to get strong enough to protect her loved ones had brought her out there. WHACK! Another blow to the head. "Argh..What is this sticky stuff?" CRACK! "Oh..Blood..Yea, that's totally my blood.." ARRGH! "Every bone in my body is telling me to stay down..But I know I can't..I won't!" HUURGH! "..I can't stop..I WON'T! The bloodied girl would lift a hand to catch the next fist. "THAT IS ENOUGH!" Trigger was surprised from this, as the girl dived up to deliver a headbutt to the woman's head. On contact, however, something would happen. It felt like a sharp sting of pain to the spiky haired woman, as she fell to her back while the red headed May fell ontop of her. May felt herself getting a second wind, and little did she know, Trigger was being drained of her own life force. Mayday was estatic, as she leaned back and pumped her fist up and down. She had a slight head ache, as memories and experiences she hadn't ever experienced in her own life, were running through her head. Visions of brutal killing, and training under a man with a golden mask, shot through her mind at a rapid pace that caused the little girl to grasp her head. "My name is Trigger! I never miss my prey! A target is a target, no matter what! ARRGG!" It was like someone elses thoughts were running through her head. Like a mesh of personalities coming into one. Trigger was laid out on the ground, as May staggered towards the side of the building. Holding her head, she'd fall off and down towards the ground. Hitting a dumpster with a thud, she'd pop up and down, before landing face first on the hard earth below. Slowly she reached into her pack to remove her phone..She dialed the numbers to Tara's cell before finally passing out on the ground.

"Wh-what happened.." The girl could finally speak, and hear her own thoughts. Before, it was shrouded by another's. But when she opened her eyes, she'd be laying on her bed at home with Tara sitting on her own bed across the way. Her parents stood by the door with stern expressions and arms crossed. "Shit.." Tara shook her head, keeping her arms crossed. She was wearing her Miss Flash get up still, meaning it was most likely recently they had returned. Right off the back, Gareth took a step forward and pointed a finger towards his daughter. "May, what is this? Why would you put yourself in harms way. You could have gotten yourself killed tonight!" The red head would reach in her drawer and remove her glasses. Puckering a lip, she'd look away from her father. "Tara gets to go out and do the same thing. I can take care of myself! I'm tired of being put off like useless!" Tara raised a brow as she cupped the back of her neck. "May, there's a big difference between you and me. For one, you're thirteen. I'm twenty three. That's a ten year difference in experience. Second, I have powers to back me up. You're just a basic little girl, no offense. And if doing this was like selling girl scout cookies, you'd probably be on the top of the list, buttt..-" Tara would be cut off by a glare from Mrs. Macreedy and would shut her mouth. "May, Tara is right on one thing. She has experience and powers to back her. You could seriously be injured out there. It took me weeks to let Tara go out there and fight crime as Miss Flash. I won't let you do it. Especially at your age." May would grind her teeth, as she removed her gloves and threw them to the side of the room. "It's not fair. Since Tara wasn't training me, I had someone else train me instead! And they were really good." The girl, still bloody from the fight but was rather cleaned up now, would spit a blood loogy to the side of her bed. "Tara is nothing but a pencil boob loser, anyway. She's too soft." Tara's eye would twitch before bringing a hand back to slap May on the back of the head. "Watch your mouth you little twe-.." A sharp sensation went through her body, as Tara, also known as Miss Flash for her speed, would crinch and fall face first into the ground after making contact with May. After making contact, May would grip her head in pain as even more thoughts ran through her head at super speeds. "You don't need a reason to help someone! Name's Miss Flash, Fastest Girl Alive! Kira..I'm so sorry.." Her parents watched what happened, and Gareth went to Tara's side, as the girl would be laid out onto the ground as if someone stole the wind from her. "Did anyone get the license plate..-huff-..on that truck that hit me?" Though Tara was recovering, May on the other hand felt herself vibrating at speeds that were not possible. She vibrated fast enough to slip through her bed and through the floor to the downstairs living room. Gareth and Judy watched with wide eyes when her daughter displayed a sort of ability, and Tara rubbed her own head while watching with a confused expression. "Did she just..vibrate through the floor?" That was the case entirely, as May found herself sitting on the living room table and looking towards her vibrating hand. As she looked around, the world seemed much slower than it was previously. It was almost as though time had been slowed down, and she was the only one able to move the usual speed limit. So when she picked herself up, she'd begin to walk towards the steps. For some reason, the landing didn't really hurt her. All she could remember was Tara's voice in her head, and the memories that came with them. When she finally reached her room again, her parents were still dealing with the downed Tara, but they were moving in slow motion. Tara, on the other hand, seemed to be moving in the same speed as the red haired girl. Looking straight at her, Tara' would narrow her eyes. "You're fast now..?" "I guess so?" Gareth and Judy turned back to see their daughter, and May would be standing at the door, looking at her hands. "This wasn't the first time this has happened. Earlier, when I was training with Trigger, I touched her and could see her whole life flash before my eyes. It was like her personality was becoming one with my own. It was shit balls crazy." Tara narrowed her eyes as she picked herself up. "Seems like alittle bit of her personality is still in you kid. But my question..How? How are you doing this?" Everyone in the room thought of the same answer, but everyone was simply scared to say it. Everyone but Mayday, of course. She stabbed her thumb into her chest, and gave a cocky smirk. "You're not the only special one in this house. I'm a mutant too, Tara." Tara placed her hands on her hips. "Technically I'm not a mutant, but I'll let that slide for dramatic effects." "Things just got complicated around here..even more." Gareth looked at his wife, who was covering her mouth with both hands in complete an utter surprise.

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Imma allow this just be careful with it please. Also the percents are non-stackable or this power would be insane. Approved
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