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 Mayday's Kick Ass Adventure! [WIP]

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PostSubject: Mayday's Kick Ass Adventure! [WIP]   Thu Nov 01, 2012 12:25 am

The costumed girl sat at the steps in some broken down neighborhood. Her mask and wig was on, and she was under her SUPAH SEKRET alias called Mayday. Well, it wasn't so secret considering her real name was May, and mostly all her school friends knew she went out at night and broke legs. Tonight she was on a more specific mission. Her loser brother was missing, and hadn't been seen in more than three days. Something was obviously wrong, and it was her job to find out what was up. However, she knew she wasn't stacked enough to do this alone! So who do you think she called? "Who the hell do you think I would call? Avengers fucking Assemble!" Mayday cursed into the sky, as a small boy who looked about her age, would be climbing out a second floor window. "May, keep it down. If my mom knows I'm sneaking out this late, she's going to break my nose. Oh hamburgers, just thinking about it made me almost shit my pants. Literally." This was the brains of the group. His alias? Main Brain! Mayday's alias for him? Limp Dick! "Oh shut the hell up, limp dick. We're the fucking avengers, your mom can understand that!" The masked girl would kick the gutter pipe the boy was climbing down, which would cause him to fall down and onto his back. "Oh hamburgers.." Grabbing the boy by his collar and dragging him across the sidewalk, Mayday would be on her way towards the next target. "Ya know last night when I was stabbing a piece of broken glass into the throat of this pedophile, I was thinking up a cool theme song for us. You know, something to play when we finish a mission and walk into the sunset. Guess how it goes." The young boy, dressed in a costume containing a tinfoil hat, and a green blanket as his cowl, would look up towards the young Mayday. "How am I sup-" "Guess or I'll make you blow yourself again!" Main Brain jumped and began to make humming noises. "Dun dunn..Dun dun duuunnn..Dun dun dun dunnnn! Dun. DUN DUN DUN! Do dodo do do DUNNNNNN! DUN NANANA DUN!" As the boy continued making the noises, Mayday would suddenly stop and look at him with narrowed eyes. This would make Main Brain stop aswell. "..Please don't hurt me, May." Pulling him up to his feet by his collar, she'd point towards the staircase across the street. That was where their next member lived. The brawn of the ground named Brawny. Did I mention he was a middle schooler by the age of nineteen? Let's just say he was held back a few years! "It's your job to go get Brawny!" The boy seemed to shiver just at the name. "Oh hamburgers. I don't think Brawny likes me ever so much. Just today he gave me a Cleveland Steamer supreme in the bathroom! It was just horrible!" Mayday looked at the boy while crossing her arms. "What in the actual fuck is a Cleveland Steamer supreme?" "It's when someone holds you down then takes a dump on your chest. T-then after that, they try to flush you down the toilet. Oh hamburgers, it was horrible!" The boy shivered, and Mayday stared at him with a complete poker face for a number of seconds. "So that's what that's called? I always wondered! Now move it, cunt knuckle! Before the sun comes up!"
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Mayday's Kick Ass Adventure! [WIP]
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