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 African Safari [TRAINING]

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PostSubject: African Safari [TRAINING]   Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:29 pm

In theory, what was composed from the brain matter would entitle the one cursed to eternal unlife is to formulate such deductive and most smart capacity to in fact feel unto others his wrath from a more contained inferno suffice to say. Where he dwelled onward to was from after his escapades in Egypt, land of the barren sands going from as far West to East with not an end in sight. To the South lies Nubia, but for the oddest of reasons is called Sudan in this particular age, whatever that is. As he has learnt, the Greeks were domesticated by the Macedonians from the South, whom were like Scythians with their horses, but instead opted to use it for an honest straight on combat than to fight it out like cowards from what many today would for an odd reason, call Parthian shooting.

Much has changed as he has last heard, Hellenism being known all the way to lands he never knew even existed from before, that from beyond Persia laid another whole stretch of land before one could even see the Okeanos from the East. Where strange men and women wear rich garments to even the peasants, where fighting for them is more akin to dancing than the actual and practical martial prowess of in fact beating someone up in a straight on combat, a thrust or a slash and nothing beyond that. But to them, martial prowess is an art, an art to hone into something greater. A very alien concept to think that one known as Alexander the Great whom came way after Pyrrhus's time, would conquer the known world and finally defeat their Persian foes never thought possible. Xerxes must be rolling in his grave over that one.

Despite such thoughts, he went into an unfamiliar land filled with forests and strange trees to the brim, with animals alien in appearance with men whom were much more respectable because they were like the Greeks. Stuck in the olden times, although primitive and barbaric as they may be. With him he had the spear he had reaped from Alethia herself, reaping much of the sharp qualities as he found it a very familiar grip to his tough. Like the olden phalanx but without a shield. To let such a weapon loose without a care would be a waste. As nice looking as it may be. But so on and so forth were there ways made manifest to most of the living world, even felt to the later offspring of the strangest people called the Romans, whom were nothing more than rebels to the Etruscans, some cousins of the Greeks, and even as the Macedonian Empire fractured into three with Greece finally conquered and even the mighty Sparta itself, this idea that manifested into his head was to contain the row power of his flames into an inert form. The wildest Hell-Fire flames around that men cannot tame or so the lore goes. A very hot array. What he started as trying to go into the jungles away from the eyes of man, Pyrrhus encloses the fire many times but to no salvation and avail. It was not as useful as he hoped given the long time he had spent sleeping and not mastering his abilities as he'd hoped to.

His fists enclose and try to form the flames into an inert marble form again and again, he is the master of the flames he must remember, and not the other way around. He causes it from his body, Prometheus's gift made his own ability as not to deprive him of such a thing. His eyes were mystically capable of deciphering what to do, and he did it so, finally making the ball into a red orb. Harmless to the touch, without temperature... and yet what roused inside was an insidious power capable of mimicking Kolasi's very own power itself. With such a thing in mind, he would fling the orb into the group of trees, and using his eyes which saw through all probabilities, knew what to do as to make it explode. And he did, combusting the entire forest as the flames start devouring and charring the place. He smiled with satisfaction, keeping distance from the trees and leaving the place.
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African Safari [TRAINING]
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