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 SHIELD meeting(All of SHIELD)

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PostSubject: SHIELD meeting(All of SHIELD)   Wed Sep 12, 2012 8:53 pm

Magnetic would be sitting in a chair rocking back and forth as he waited on the SHIELD members to arrive. Thanks to a certain meeting he had everything he needed. Looks, memories, and even powers...or at least somewhat in the powers aspect. It was time for SHIELD to get this party on the road. Their little toy had to be completed today and with flawless attention to detail. They had 24hrs and he had tested himself enough to know that the phoenix's powers were about 10x's greater than those of the hosts. That by itself was unimaginable to even him. Though he had no time to bathe in the awe of such things. It was a threat and he had to take care of it one way or the other no matter how powerful it was. He had read all the files on SHIELD agents and with a little push. He now waited for the team to assemble in the meeting room aside from Mach who he had monitoring the progress of the bird. Whether the real Magnetic was missing or dead didn't matter it allowed Nameless to take the reigns and stop the Phoenix. He might also have some fun along the way.

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SHIELD meeting(All of SHIELD)
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