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The Daily Bugle

Senator Hines has revealed how mutants will be handled: Sentinels.

A rumor traveled the circles of the supernatural. Mutants heard a safe, underground railroad was being started, inquire at the Summit. The beyond sought the strange power said to rest at the Summit of New York City. The gossip flitted amongst the rest: valuable information was to come to light when dawn broke over the Summit.
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 Slenderman! Is the saviour of earth!

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Riflin' Ryan

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PostSubject: Slenderman! Is the saviour of earth!   Tue Sep 11, 2012 7:09 pm


Slenderman, Earth's last hope.

The Biography

Birth Name: Slenderman
Aliases: Savior of Eart
Gender: Not Applicable
Birth Date: Recent
Composed Material: Adamantium
Class: Machine

Appearance:  A large black robot that is tall and skinny. It appears to have a suit, and it has five tentacles around it. It was going to have a face, but... Since production needed to be quick they left out that detail. I


Personality: It has no personalilty, rather three different personalities. That are the personalities of the people operating the suit.

The Capability

Rank: C


    Main Specialty: Projection
    Sub Specialty: Weapon specialist 

Power Source:

    Main Power Source: Cosmic Energy
    Sub Power Source: Sun

    Name: Cosmic Energy Siphon Harness
    Rank: S
    Body Part: Left chest 
    Power Source:  Cosmic energy
    Description:   It can absorb cosmic energy into itself and use it to power it self greatly. Can take up to five posts to fully absorb the energy of a great being. At each post it has a certain percentage of the energy it's sucking it from. First post, 20% and goes up by 20% each post. Once, it goes up to 100% it will  explode from the stress of holding all that energy. The source it's absorbing from has to be at least, 300 meters in range.  Or, it can absorb through the tentacles at a higher rate. Of 40 percent each turn.

    Name: Escape pods
    Rank: S
    Body Part: In between legs
    Power Source: Sun
    Description: The pilots get, ejected out in steel escape pods, that can survive nearly anything and move faster than light itself, to travel to earth quickly, upon the robot getting destroyed. 

Name:  Pilot chambers
Rank: S
Body Part: Shoulders, knees and head.
Power Source: Sun
Description:  Each pilot, there is a maximum of three, which each control a certain part of the machine. It has a small motion room, that detects the movements and thoughts of everyone inside of it. It is a control system, it allows the people inside of it to do certain movements that affect what the robot in whole would do. The people inside of the pilot chambers are immune to all outside forms of attacks.

    Name: Phoenix power
    Body Part:  Whole body
    Power Source: Cosmic energy source  
    Description: It allows the whole thing as a whole use ability  that the thing powering it has, with the exception of the sun. It is theorized that it can copy the Phoenix's abilities and use them against it. It can also copy the Abilities of the sphere holders, that may be powering it.

    Name: reality Warping
    Rank: S
    Body part: 
    Power Source: Cosmic Energy
    Description:  This robot is able to warp reality based on the cosmic energy it has. It is extremely draining on it's batteries. Upon, one turn of use, batteries deplete by 20%.This allows the pilots inside to warp reality of the outside world. Can't be used to warp the Reality of the phoenix attacking, for Plot purposes. 

    Name: Launching capabilities
    Body Part:  Soles of feet and hands.
    Power Source: Sun
    Description: It has numerous blasters on its hands and feet areas.  These propel a large amount of energy out of each. Allowing the entire machination to move faster than the speeds of light. It uses a energy conversion system and turns the sun's rays into tachyon particles that blast out the palms and soles of feet, which allows it to move faster than light. They can also be used as blasts, but wouldn't do much on a entity like the Phoenix force.

Name: Cosmic Arc Reactor
Rank: S
Body Part:   Top right chest
Power Source: Arc Reactor
Description: This appears to be a small glowing blue circle on the right chest of the giant Mecha's body.  This acts as a converter of sorts, converting the energy to a different type. But, with the same desired effects. It would transform it into pure energy, with near limitless quantity. It also, acts as a heart combined with the cosmic energy siphon harness. It receives cosmic energy and turns it into pure energy that the robot could store and contain. When it is about to get used, it turns back into cosmic energy. This simply allows the cosmic energy to be contained. This isn't a perfect Retransformation 2 percent of it is still normal pure energy. 

    Name: Disruptor Ray
    Rank: S
    Body Part:  Eyes and fingers
    Power Source:  Cosmic power 
    Description: A large Ray, that travels at the speed of light has numerous effects. This is a ray, capable of disrupting the energy of a great being of cosmic energy. Interrupting the energy of it from the source. Making it no longer able to use it's energy nor produce it. It has a 3% chance of failing and splitting the Phoenix into five and going to the sphere holders... But, would still be better than roasted earth.

    Name:  Anti Cosmic Jacket
    Rank: S
    Body Part: Palms of hands
    Power Source:Cosmic energy 
    Description: The robot opens it's palms to reveal adamantium sheets, that have been made to suck cosmic energy out of a cosmic wielding being. The more cosmic energy it absorbs, the stronger it holds. It can absorb at the same amount per turn as the cosmic energy siphon harness. It would be theorized that this could capture the Phoenix, by simply absorbing enough of its energy that it would be too strong to break through. 

    Name:  Power Augementation
    Rank: S
    Body Part: Center
    Power Source:Cosmic energy 
    Description: It can split and share some of the cosmic energy it has to nearby allies. Bumping their power up to S-rank, they would be allowed 4 S-ranked abilities. That would only be useable temporarily for one thread. On a Human, it would give them a temporary power, that would come with 3 S-ranked abilities.



    Name: Mother of all weapons
    Specialty:  Weapons expert
    Rank: S
    Description: All specs on all weapons on this robot has its Specs increased by 75%. This is truly the 'mother of all weapons'

    Name:  Father of Time
    Specialty: Projection
    Rank: S
    Description: The robot can reverse time, and go back in time. It can also heal itself, by making a certain area go back in time to a original state. It goes back untime by using the Phoenix force and it brings all inside of it back in time as well.

The Background

History: It doesn't have a long history, it was created by SHIELD to take down the incoming Phoenix threat.
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Slenderman! Is the saviour of earth!
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