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 The First Book

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PostSubject: The First Book   Tue Sep 11, 2012 12:30 pm

Time was running out for the earth, and rather than have no earth Hiim decided to call upon an ancient myth that would be a great chance. How else would one fight a cosmic entity? Regardless if he remembered correctly he would first need to gather the three books of chaos, such work was there in waking a slumbering ancient god. Of course for great work came great rewards, and the reward would be one the earth would all reep...for a time. Sure he was switching one great beast for another if this plan worked, but then he knew how this being worked and thought. The phoenix on the other hand was simply too foreign to him, and well this one could always be put back to sleep by the one whom awoken it. Little did Hiim know that bringing two great and evil beings together so close would no doubt raise the suspicions of the Living Tribunal, had he known he would have pursued the course earlier and with lighter a heart.

As it was now however it was quite simple and as he winked into existence above a deserted Texan desert he released a little sigh, the symbiote a little chuckle. Unbeknownst to Ray, the symbiote had already conversed with gods and the like even bonded with a few(the source of it's remnant but growing powers). Funny how that relationship worked with Ray thinking him the one in charge, and the symbiote knowing it was the one in charge. Well perhaps it was wrong to think of them as separate, perhaps not. I am not here to debate the beings that were mingled together to form Hiim.

Stepping through the shifting sands, some partially formed into glass from an intense heart that even the desert could not have created, eventually Hiim with the symbiote covering him would happen upon his destination. It looked like an old shack but with so many other things in the world, looks were deceiving. Opening the rotted wooden door a hinge would fall off, causing the rest of it's swing to list terribly. Inside the building was in no better shape with most of the glass panned windows busted out, no flooring to speak of, holes in the roof, and rotting walls. A scorpion scuttled past Hiims feet as he entered, as if eager to get away from the dark presence of the one object within the single roomed building. There it stood on a pedestal of obsidian, the first book, the introduction to the destroyer, the map piece that would lead him to the other two and to his main goal. With trembling hands, now that was odd they had never shook so violently before, Hiim scooped the book and winked out of existence as if fearing the wrath of some unknown guardian. Only when he was back in his office in chicago did he realize he hadn't drawn in breath. Breathing a sigh of relief he cracked open his book and the journey began.

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The First Book
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