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 Aftermath [Training]

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PostSubject: Aftermath [Training]   Tue Sep 11, 2012 7:36 am

It had been two days sense the attack on her home. Miss Flash, otherwise known as Tara, was sitting on the bed in her new room. Her family had moved after the destruction of the last home, and the young heroine couldn't help but feel responsible for it. When she put on the Miss Flash costume, she wanted to protect people. She wanted to help them. She never asked for this madness. The downside of helping people. There was a chance that not only Kira, but her family could have been killed that night if she didn't arrive. Or if he didn't arrive, either. She was grateful of the Nameless one, but why had he been there? And why did he teleport her away? Did he not trust her? All these questions ran through her brain at accelerated speeds. As she sat on her bed, holding her Miss Flash costume in hand, she let out a sigh. Would it be safer if she just gave it all up and lived a normal life? Did she even have that choice now? The world needed heroes, and if one act could sway her whole resolve, then what would that make her? Nothing but a coward. She was given this power to help people, not cower in fear when the people she fought against, fought back. Not sure if you've ever given it your all and plain up got your ass kicked, or failed, but those were the moments that defined what kind of person you were. The Phoenix Force was just a crutch. An excuse Tara was using to say she didn't have enough power to change people. She did. She just needed to stick at it, and not lose hope so easily. That sounded easier said than actually done. Rubbing the fabric of her new costume, the blonde would narrow her eyes. The fight was just getting started..If they thought attacking her loved ones would stop her from doing her job, they were mistaken. It would only make her resolve that much easier to come to in the end. She stood up from her bed, ready to dawn her new costume, but before this the door to her room would open. Her younger sister, through adoption, stood at the doorway with a frown. The relationship between them both had been strained after the attack on the home.

"Hey, May." "Hi." An awkward exchange of words between the two siblings. Tara's eyes shifted to their corners, as she lowered her costume back onto her bed. "May I'm sorry about what happened. I should have been here to stop them, but I was so caught up on my own problems. It wasn't responsible of me. I'll tr-" - "I want you to train me." May's gaze was strictly focused on Tara, as the young speedster's eyes would widen from the request. "Train you? But May, are you sure? I'm not sure how I could train you..Without my abilities, I'd be useless. I could try and get mom and dad to send you to a martial arts class. Or something like that.." The younger redhead would slam her fist against a wall and narrow her eyes towards her sister. "That's not enough! If you won't train me, then help me. Help me get strong enough to keep them safe when you can't!" This was the first time May had ever raised her voice to her, and it caught Tara by surprise. The green eye'd heroine would simply listen, as her little sister continued. "Look, I've been doing research ever since the attack. Ever since I felt so useless when mom and dad stayed behind to help Kira. I don't want to feel so vulnerable. I don't want to run away like a child! So, I'm going to do whatever it takes to get strong, with or without you, Tara. I just hope you don't get in my way if you don't want to help me." May grabbed a bag under her bed and started heading towards the door. In a gust of wind, Tara shot pass her little sister and stood at the door with costume on. Placing her mask onto her face, Tara gave her sister a stern look. "Atleast I know you're doing this for the right reasons, May. I'll help you anyway I can." May would look up towards her older sister and give a subtle nod. She was only thirteen but she wanted to be so much more. She would even sell her soul to get the results she wanted. Taking Miss Flash's hand, the two would disappear in the blink of an eye, heading wherever May wished.

Who would have thought the two of them would be headed to Korea. Apparently the research May had done spoke of a crimson gem of legend. One that could grant its owner the power of an Old God through magic. It came with a price. One's soul was bound from them, making them an inhuman work of mass. Would May really want to sell her soul for power? Was Tara in any place to tell her not too? She wished to protect those she loved. Tara had no place of saying she shouldn't. Infact, she could use the assistance. California was a big place, and fighting crime alone was becoming a hindrance. There was one thing she knew couldn't happen. She couldn't be swallowed into the life of Miss Flash. She was Tara Strong too. She had a life without the mask. Tara struggled with this everyday, but with someone to now talk to, if this really worked for May, it'd probably be easier. Having a mystical crimson gem that granted amazing abilities would probably attract the bad type of company aswell. If she would have let May go alone, she could have gotten herself mixed into the wrong crowd. There was alot to go on. When they finally arrived outside the temple, Miss Flash would make a pouting expression at the overall appearance. "I know I should be happy since I get to play as indiana jones, but I really wish I brought a change of clothes. Nameless made this for me, and I don't want to damage anymore than I have too." May gave her older sister an narrowed eye expression before pressing forward into the temple with the blonde following close behind.

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Aftermath [Training]
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