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 Days are Over [Training]

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The Superior Spider


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PostSubject: Days are Over [Training]    Mon Sep 10, 2012 1:30 pm

-Pant-"Did we lose her?"-Pant-"I don't know, turn around and see!"-Pant- -Hoof- "Hell no, just keep running!" -Pant-. These two figures, one a man and one a woman, would be dressed in rags as they turned a corner into an ally. Behind them, something swung through the air on what appeared to be some kind of organic webbing. As they turned the corner, it kicked off the wall and swung into the alley as well. The shadowy silhouette would spin in the air, before landing on the ground infront of the two. Extending its arms, the silhouette would shoot a number of webs into the two, wrapping their feet and arms back into a brick wall, and spinning them there so they couldn't move. Walking out the shadows, they'd be face to face with a young female wearing all black, with over-sized goggles covering her eyes. "I'm usually a fan of people running from me, but you two were truly annoying." Before they could respond, she'd shoot a web onto their mouths to keep them silent. Sirens could be heard coming from the entrance to the ally, and the girl would point her hand up towards the fire escape of a building. Shooting a web, she'd yank herself up, and over the ledge. Spiraling in the air, she'd land onto the rooftop with finesse. Landing on all fours, she'd remain on the edge of the building and watch the cops run into the alley to get the two she had webbed up for them. These vigilante nights were going to always be fruitless. It was the same story each time. Someone did something bad, she was there to stop them. Cops showed up and if she didn't get out of dodge fast enough, they would try to lock her up aswell. You'd think people would be abit more grateful that she was doing their job for them, but no, they thought she was trying to be above the law. Which could have been right, but she would never admit that.
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PostSubject: Re: Days are Over [Training]    Mon Sep 10, 2012 2:15 pm

Magnetic ran down the street his boots thudding on the ground as he chased three men who had robbed a bank. They wove through traffic trying to escape but Magnetic stayed hot on their heels. His hand reached out ripping off a taxi door smashing it into the robber on the left sending him into the wall. As Adrian ran by he drove his knee into the mans face knocking him cold. As the other two turned to look what happened Magnetic yanked his arm back grabbing the second robber by the metal belt buckel. He swung his arm sideways sending the man ten feet off the ground and head first into the wall which resounded in a audible crack. Magnetic left the body not caring if it as alive or dead he had one more man to catch. The man turned lifting a semi-automatic uzzi and fired. The bullets stopped inches from him and stayed there. Magnetic looked up at the robber his eyes burning and sent three bullets back at high speed into the mans leg. The man screamed clutching his leg as hot blood ran down it. Magnetic walked forward and drove a kick into the mans face like he was punting a ball knocking him back. The gun lifted and crumbled into a ball. His hand came down pulling the man upwards and stared at him with seething hazel eyes. He wanted to kill this man, crush him into a metal ball. His hatred for humans was starting to grow and he was having more and more trouble controlling his anger. The man groaned which earned him a punch from the Magnetic mutant. Sighing he stood up and using the light pole above him wrapped the man in it closing it around him and lifted him off the ground.

Magnetic walked around under the human his hands twitching as he imagined the light post crushing the man. It would take one thought a single urger and the man would die. Magnetic sighed as he heard cop sirens and looking at the man growled. "If I ever see you or your people again jail will be a blessing." He turned running down the road and slid down a alley way and sat down on a dumpster. His eyes stared out watching the humans walking around without direction or true purpose. He didn't understand how such a weak race conqoured so much in the world. There was a click and Magnetic turned seeing a man holding a gun his hand shaken. The next words came out send Magnetic into a furious rush of blinding hatred. The man stepped forward glaring. "Give me your wallet." Magnetic stared at him for a long moment his eyes hardening. This filthy excuse for a living specimen was ordering him and attempting to steal from him. With a movement the gun swung around and fired right into the mans foot. He screamed dropping the gun clutching his foot. Magnetic stood up and with a swing of his hand sent the dumpster into the man pinning him against the wall. He turned not saying a word and walked out of the alley way blending into the crowd since he was wearing a simple t-shirt and pants with combat boots. His hand stuffed into his pockets he put his head down and pushed his way through,
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Days are Over [Training]
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