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 Pyrrhus of Pontus

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PostSubject: Pyrrhus of Pontus   Sun Sep 09, 2012 7:21 pm

"He who becomes a sheep is eaten by the wolf."

The Biography

Birth Name: Pyrrhus of Pontus.
Aliases: Perry Pontiac, Trógon Sárka.
Gender: Male.
Age: Unknown, looks 30 years old.
Birth Date: April 5th.
Class: Deity Touched - Damned.

Appearance: A man that has his Greek heritage shown most clearly in his olive skin, black hair, and Greek grin which is common in a typical Greek given they have large teeth in the same manner British people have crooked dental hygiene. Of course, Pyrrhus is an ancient man, who despite being very old, maintains his youthful appearance. Snide aside and humor, Pyrrhus's physical make up happens to be that of darker complexion typical of inhabitants of Anatolia.

Head: His hair is a wavy black bunch of strands that moor down all the way to his neck, often parted aside and arching upwards and going downwards as to give him a distinctive hair appearance, as per the wavy hair he has. His eyes are brown, and his nose is thick but not large, cheeks gaunt, lips nothing to fawn over, and his eyes are slanted outwards instead of inwards. He has the characteristics of someone from the Mediterranean, with a shade that denotes a stubble on his face, but is camouflaged by his olive complexion. His eyes are subject towards occasional predatory crimson glows in the dark that comes from a mysterious light source.

Upper Body: Twelve packs of Greek muscles are present on his olive torso, with well developed muscles meant to entangle on all aspects of physical work, not merely to become a muscle wrought brute of sheer strength alone, lacking the finer graces of finesse, agility or the like. It is a very well defined mass with arms that aren't too thick, but rather well toned with muscles evidently there but not obnoxiously full of it, just as his chest is ripped. He has the occasional tafts of hair on his chest, and some fair number of scars that are mostly lined, henceforth cuts from an age where swords were the norm in the past.

Lower Body: In the same philosophy which delves not in excess but in practicality just as his upper muscles espouse, Pyrrhus's lower body has an athletic build to it, which shows the dedication he has to... stretching his legs? There is not much to say aside from the Olympian standards he holds himself to as to regulate cardio from the amount of toning that goes such in the lower body.

Clothing: In the long distant past, Pyrrhus used to be a person that wore the Greek version of a kilt called a toga and some leather armor. Certainly they aren't even the same, but the point is, he didn't wear any underpants. Alas, modern times has forced Pyrrhus to in fact don some raiment that happen to be as if he was a Galatian Gaul. Such a thing was called "pants", and he needed to wear boxers as well. He grew used to those things, and tends to have plain old T-shirts on, whereas his shoes are in fact jackboots that overlap his pants up to his ankles.

Personality: When one has lived their life having their fate decided by another, or circumstances often screwing over plans time and time again, one gets someone like Pyrrhus. In a way, Pyrrhus is a man out there having some kind of a crisis over his identity as a person, and what the Hell he'll do that's gonna be spiffy and hip. Cool like in the younger generations. In a way, he is way out of touch with the young generation, and is more in touch with his generation.

That's what Pyrrhus is, an out of touch man, with not much to dwell upon as he has been always been around, seen it all, and stuff. As far as it goes. His life has been one Hell of a fun in his younger years, that he wishes to recapture that moment so that he gets to feel badass about it. In a way, it makes him rather nostalgic for the good old days of kicking Republican ass, stalking people, and slicing them up. A war that made him whom he is today, that, and the fates which probably took out most of his soul metaphorically per se. Figuratively.

Having become rather an absurd man with some tinges of the flair that he wishes, and the ridiculous that he indulges in habitually to which he prefers. Ludicrous and rather with a sarcastic, sardonic and jaded view of life as it is. Not stoic, just a know-it-all person filled with a sense of Hubris over his own knowledge, being a hypocrite he is, and a double-standard douchebag as the lore goes about Pyrrhus.

He is self-centered in a way definitely, thinking more about himself, than others, and asserting himself in one way or form upon others, as he does by habit. Preferring the fun and exciting at times over the boring and dull. If it means to destroy someone's car, to be a general all round douchebag, then damn sure! Just let it become that under their expense. Making him something of an inconsiderate unreliable persona in general, if he is asked to get groceries or the like.

Then there is the matter of the hunt. A very honest relationship he tends to enjoy between him and his prey or predators. A second aspect of how he views relationships, there is the "not hunt" then the "hunt" itself. The hunt is something that makes distinguishing whom is such and such very easily, there is no lies or tricks, just him and a shotgun. This of course can include carnal affairs which shows whom is the dominant one as well. Not all is meant for killing.

That which is not the hunt on the other hand is a myriad, a puzzle for Pyrrhus, a sharp man of high wits, to solve and go through. Something he has a distaste for as there is many deception, many illusions, many things that do not set his path straight. It is why he would be most likely to shoot a spiritually aware stranger first than to ask questions, if they matched his tastes for the hunt to beckon forth.

Otherwise, he is a predatory man that enjoys the thrill of things that would actually mean getting trophies and a measure of his own prowess and accomplishment. Making him happy because of how much accomplishments he had made throughout his younger years, that he wishes to repeat in his older days.

Killing to him is like an art, a clumsy and really thrilling art. To perform when the whims strike him, or probably not. It is a subject to his mood. It occurs that he is not one to be subject by such things as ethics, though it exists within him. He isn't as much amoral as much as he is in fact just plain immoral. He knows such things are wrong, yet does it for the Hell of it. He has too much figurative blood on his hand that would make him irredeemable. To his victims, to his lovers, whichever. He hasn't been exactly a nice chap on the spot.

But thus far, he isn't a walking caricature without any fluidity. Rather just a few slanted traits exemplified a couple of times as he is one not to be constrained to a single medium, but many as to convey himself. A lover of hedonism, and depravity in his own rights. A profligate of sorts. Pyrrhus of Pontus. A man nostalgic and irking for a good time, something he lacked in the major cluster screw up now hoping to get in his new life of an age mysterious to him.

The Capability

Rank: C


    Main Specialty: Physical Prowess.
    Sub Specialty: Projection.


    Main Power: Accelerated Probability - The power to see what choice one should make when confronted with a situation, to predict the outcomes of certain situations, and then to accelerate oneself along that path of causality immediately.
    Main Power: Hell-Fire Manipulation - The ability to generate and manipulate the mystical fires of Hell which embody the destructive aspect of fire. A more powerful variation of Fire Manipulation and Spiritual Flame Manipulation, and the polar opposite of Holy Fire Manipulation.
    - Sub Power (Flaw): Demonic Mimicry: User with this ability either is or can transform into an demon. Most commonly user retains their general form but with some additions; horns, claws, fangs and tail are common, as are wings, more fit (muscular and/or larger) body and color change (red, blue or black dominate) but there are several kinds of demons who are far less humanoid, varying from strange, surreal or even absolutely horrific. Physical Demons aren't necessarily solid matter, but they are material/energy beings with relatively defined/stable form and often at least somewhat human-like mind. Most users that aren't originally of demonic stock have this variation. Note that demons of this group aren't necessarily any weaker than those of the other groups, they are simply more "solid" in mind and body.
    Sub Power:(Leave Blank Until B-Level)
    Sub Power:(Leave Blank Until A-Level)

Abilities:(1 Free C-Level ability at Creation per power)

    Name: Reality Manifestation - Eyes of Pyrrhus
    Rank: C
    Power: Accelerated Probability
    Description: Whatever is in front of Pyrrhus, can be predicted completely at what action is to occur and what is the outcome that is to happen. Giving leeway to Pyrrhus at the appropriate action to take in lieu to such an action performed against him, or in fact what actions are happening in general, as to achieve the best results as he can delve into all probabilities that are before his eyes and realize which is the best one of his own judgement as to partake that one, as he can perceive the paths given on what actions he takes. Which is to say it would give the impression Pyrrhus has uncanny luck. But the one weakness of such an ability is that he is limited by what is in front of his vision and eyesight. All else cannot be predicted, especially what he cannot see.

    Name: Kolasi X2
    Rank: C
    Power: Hell-Fire Manipulation
    Description: Inches in front of his skin, Pyrrhus suffers not the flames of his own making of any damage. Capable of spewing it out in a manner of a flamethrower with the range of a typical one as well, his fire eats away and melts even stones quite easily and fast as it would butter. Just expressing such raw power the flames have, given they were divinely given only to be corrupted by Pyrrhus's nature. Although he is limited by his own weakness of not developing it given a lack of time to practice it, and the languor that comes from his centuries old rest. The flames can express itself at any points of Pyrrhus's natural body, but often to avoid burning his clothing away, he does it from his exposed skin. He can maintain flames for as long as 6 posts in a continuous burst, but it would take 3 post cooldown just to restore 1 post slot as to use the flames again, which is to say his usage of it is segmented rather than a total continuous affair. It has a range of 80 meters.

    Name: Flight.
    Rank: C
    Power: Hell-Fire Manipulation.
    Description: Bursting out flames inches apart from his feet or palms, Pyrrhus can fly at the speed of 30 meters per second at maximum velocity dependent on how much flame intensity he bursts out. It is not harmless flames, in fact, the flames are still just as volatile as Kolasi, but with a lot more force to it to actually force the user to fly on the opposite direction of where the flame is spewing out, hence the capacity to flight. The flames cannot be used in air-deprived environments though despite its supernatural nature, as a result of the fact it isn't considered at a higher grade yet.


    Name: Promethean Dabble.
    Specialty: Projection.
    Rank: D
    Description: Pyrrhus can hold a flaming lighter on his hand for a time with little to no trouble, and can even attempt at flaming sticks down his throat to impress the masses at "fire-eating".

    Name: Reflexes.
    Specialty: Physical Prowess
    Rank: D
    Description: Pyrrhus can coordinate himself quite well concerning what he would actually play at, giving him the capacity to say juggle without even trouble given his reflexes are pretty good as to allow him to do what he intended his body to do pretty well.

    Name:(Leave Blank Until A-Level)

Weapons/Devices:(2 D-Level weapons if you have weaponry spec if not you start with none)




Flaw Name: Silverbane.
Flaw Type: Bane Flaw
Flaw Description: The problem that comes from being the mythical flesh eater of the long past, whom are cursed to roam the world to hunger for human flesh, their own kin, is their questionable weakness to silver. Injuries with silver weaken Pyrrhus down to half his strength in the area hit and cause grievous wounds, typically twice the damage/effect. He is also nauseated while in mere contact with silver and for two more posts after contact. Wounds inflicted by silver require excess devouring of flesh and some time to cope with the wounds given the afflicted weakness that comes with it.

The Background

History: In the times where spears lap forth aside round shields of bronze, where the world was more chaotic that but a mere commoner can make himself King on nothing more than merits, where politicians thrive upon the suffering of the people and outcast those they deem unfit for their lifestyle, where injustice reigned most, was the domain of Pyrrhus. Records long lost to the annals of time, destroyed or are too scarred to read would've stated that in the long past, flesh eaters dwelled the land of the Scythians alike those that nourish themselves with the blood of their victims. They rampaged across all stretches Hellenism made swath forth at, consuming with excess, that no man may slay them for their fleet foot and strength made of many men. Lesser men that caught them in their tracks lived not to tell a tale, only what carcass that remained so served a cautionary abode to the foolish.

Pyrrhus's calling to this vigil was spurred by his lover being killed, her death angered him given she bore him many children, and was considered the best in his hedonistic harem of delights. She also was someone he lorded over without a regard for her sense of self, sapping away what that remained as her own self-respect for his own whims made manifest. His was not the love of her soul but the lust for her body, carnally desiring to spend her down to the last inch of her life, yet such was stopped short by the worse evil than his wicked delights. Vengeance of his property laid destroyed, his slave made no more, had consumed his thoughts as he fought to track them down, his eyes truest of all saw past the veils of fear and hate they had for the living, slaying the flesh eaters each with ease as his skills grew further most.

Henceforth out of man was born the Bane of Cannibals, hero vicious and aim thorough in regards to others. The fields of Elysium promised so in the sweet promises given such in his head, but to whom does one deign to send him there for ridding Scythia of many swathes of flesh eaters and blood suckers alike? His prowess grew strong and faithful, Prometheus smiled and gave him a gift from mankind to but a man, as he spent righteous man's fires ridding the blights from the world. Undeterred by the enemies he used till Scythia was left cleaned of all wicked man-eaters. Boastful and joyous he returned in victory to his sweet abode in Scythia. His peace shattered in his hasty and livid disposition towards that made need of his service again, a beggar made his eyes hateful of what pleas for help called him such and so when plenty could take the vigil in his stead instead.

In mad haste, he struck the beggar girl-child down, and left in hate of his duties molesting him constant. Answering her pleas, he departs to the domain of Xerxes, aspiring conqueror of Greece turned aside in his military defeats. A land of sand and grass alike, of climate hateful of his skin closer to his home in Pontus. Cursed so by the Persians for the day he was born, many hardships suffered by Pyrrhus's hands in the past long war, unlike his Ionian brothers, opted opposition versus the Imperialist children of Medes. Tasked the duty of fighting an arch-blood sucker only to find what awaited his arrival not his quarry but a vengeful sire. In many ways the sire explained, Pyrrhus was of the same folds as the flesh eaters, in his swift hubris, Pyrrhus bane of cannibals declared nay.

Like the crescent of a furious mad Styx guard, much was reaped, leaving widows and architects alike weeping, death full and destruction within bay. The sire and the bane fought to a stand still, only by treachery's respite did the Pontic Greek held victory once more, but not all was sweet as honey, he fell to an affliction, his hubris blinded his sight, and a rage consumed him henceforth of what presence stood forth declaring this a lesson to learn. The beggar-girl made disparaging remarks of spite on him, taking off the veil to let loose her true and terrible form; witch sorceress mothering many of those evil spawns. She curses him, she curses him to an oblivion of forever life that he may so grow displeased with his wicked ways, that he became one as his enemies most hated; the children she bore into this world with love, killed and vanquished from the fields of Scythia.

Rage for the woman the daughter of Poseidon burned, only succumbing to his affliction in much haste does he close his weary eyes and rested eternal length. Preserved by his hate, he napped through the tides of time's waves. Only to awaken what was but a feeling of seconds, were millennias and centuries mingled together so. A world he did not recognize, his form evil, his prowess nasty, and his gifts diminished by the stagnation of time. He hungered truly... but could not find true nourishment in human food, only for humans as foods. The language changed in the time he spent learning most of, adapting to such a cultural shock over the tides as he realized his destiny as a vagrant. Fame could not become him, his harem dead, yet descendants were many yet lost of their true great ancestor, becoming much like lesser men of today, stagnant and static, mundane with no hopes but to continue their illusion of a world that bear semblance of normal yet so alien to his eyes.

He wept an angry cry of scorn, swearing woes upon his descendants, for his legacy robbed of him, that he so may never feel the sweet embrace of Elysium, but to be destined for the bottom pits of Hades's pits itself, lamenting his fate, he sought the witch out to find she took his place in a peaceful demise. Truly, her vengeance complete, that he promised curses to her generation, to rob her of the legacy she robbed him of, as he made way to become as the men of today had departed from the men of the past. Lingering around for a time, a child in ways made adult by becoming one with the present henceforth evermore.

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PostSubject: Re: Pyrrhus of Pontus   Mon Sep 10, 2012 5:55 pm

Deity Touched members start with two D ranked skills, so encompass that for me.

Put a range for your flames. Like how far can you shoot them out from yourself with full control, etc

Everything else looks fine.

For Bane Flaw, it'd have to be much more of a weakness, but since you're not using it to get a new sub power that's fine. Looks like it adds abit of finesse to the character.
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PostSubject: Re: Pyrrhus of Pontus   Mon Sep 10, 2012 6:15 pm

Done and done.
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PostSubject: Re: Pyrrhus of Pontus   Mon Sep 10, 2012 6:34 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Pyrrhus of Pontus   

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Pyrrhus of Pontus
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