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 Laying Low [Prestige]

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PostSubject: Laying Low [Prestige]   Thu Sep 06, 2012 5:25 pm

Topic Name: Laying Low
Topic Participants:

Mischief [Mockingbird] - [Suicide Corps]
Venus [Fruity] - [NA]

Topic Description: The Mischievous one and his soul mate make certain plans for the future.
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Riflin' Ryan

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PostSubject: Re: Laying Low [Prestige]   Sat Sep 08, 2012 9:44 pm

Mischief [Mockingbird] - [Suicide Corps] 
Venus [Fruity] - [NA]

Length: 3
English: 5

Quality of Story: 5 (Meh, average)

Quality of Writing: Mischief [Mockingbird] - [Suicide Corps] -8
Venus [Fruity] - [NA] - 7

Faction: Suicide Corps - 2


Mischief [Mockingbird] - [Suicide Corps] - 21

Venus [Fruity] - [NA] -20
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The Superior Spider


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PostSubject: Re: Laying Low [Prestige]   Sat Sep 08, 2012 10:00 pm

Alrighty, Flashy here to help you out now that you're getting started.

Length: This is how long your Rp was. How long was Captain Hygeine battling the sinister Mr. Bald in that last encounter? this will determine up to 10 of his Prestige.
English: This is how good the secret identity of Captain Hygiene wrote the behind the scenes stuff. It's always worth 5 unless the hero/villains secret identity fails dismally and like, writes it half in spanish, at which we will award...3/5 for trying.
Quality of Story: How interesting was the tale of the epic fight between Captain Hygiene and Mr. Bald? Is the tale one the civilian newspapers will be running for weeks, and pleases /amuses the staff diety type people who had to witness it all? Well, this is what determines up to 15 prestige.
Quality of Writing: This was the quality of writing. Our angry villain, Mr. Bald put up a sad show, his alter ego/secret identity only wrote a small paragraph each go around, so Mr. Bald only gained 7/20 Writing prestige. meanwhile, Captain Hygienes secret identity type person, wrote 5 or 6 detailed paragraphs on average, and made a nice hefty 17 out of 20 Max.
Faction: For each group member in the topic who RPs with a character in a Faction, they gain Prestige for their faction. Add all the Faction participants total scores, then put a decimal in front of the last number, then round up. (35+29+41=105 = 10.5 Prestige = 11 Prestige for that faction.) Do this for all Factions involved in the topic.

Length you were spot on. I usually give three if it's on the brink of breaking the page but doesn't give it. If the posts are long, and really good, I may give it a four just because some effort was put in it. Quality not Quantity.

English- for this one you want to do separate names, and the max for it is 5.

Meaning it'd be like.

Mischief [Mockingbird] - [Suicide Corps] - 5
Venus [Fruity] - [NA] - 5

Meaning each person got five for their overall grammar and spelling. If you can understand their posts, this is pretty much an auto five.

Quality of Story is usual personal preference. Topics that show some plot and not needless violence I usually give higher than the random spar topic

Quality of writing you did write. On this read the guide to get a good idea on the numbers. Like 7 on Fruity is very harsh seeing how her posts were pretty long, but I can see a deduction in there because she quoted what Mischief said that added length to her own. Mischief getting an 8 - 9 is acceptable. That's your choice.

Everything else is commonsense off total
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The Killing Joke


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PostSubject: Re: Laying Low [Prestige]   Fri Sep 14, 2012 12:16 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Laying Low [Prestige]   

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Laying Low [Prestige]
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