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 Origins, of the Nameless One [Comic Contest]

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PostSubject: Origins, of the Nameless One [Comic Contest]   Wed Aug 29, 2012 12:52 pm

"Ahh!" A sudden cry would escape my mouth, as my eyes shot open, and suddenly I was staring into a leaky cieling. The small cup that was placed onto the floor to catch the droplets by the door, and to also notify me of intruders remained perfectly still. As the strange lights that I saw every other night or so after my strange night terrors, faded away out of my vision, and the rush of reality hit me, I realized that the dreams I was having were getting far too realistic. The pain in the dream felt almost real, as if the strange darkness was truly clawing at my soul. A quick survey around the room would show an old pizza box, along with the previous day's clothing strewn about the floor. Looking past the small cups and a pot that was used to catch the rain from a leaky roof, I would see that the alarm clock once again was reading four am, an ungodly hour that I had gotten to know quite a bit since the accident. My heart was still beating out of my chest, and I didn't know why. I had awoken back to reality, and the visions of lights subsided, but an odd feeling in my gut told me I wasn't alone. The nine millimeter pistol that was always stashed behind my pillow was slowly and quietly taken out, and the weight of it feeling all too familiar in my hands. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, a bit faster than usual, the gun would outline the room, looking for anything that shouldn't be there. Suddenly, something darted across the floor, and I would simply keep my gun pointing at it, while it ran frantically into the corners, trying to find a way out. Flipping on a light switch, it would seem that it was only a cat that had broken in from the opened window. The feline would hiss and claw, and I finally just opened the window wider before making my way into my small kitchesn. The crappy little apartment that I had wasn't even worth mentioning, as it was only a temporary place, or at least that's what I kept telling myself. It seemed that I was stuck there, working the same old delivery routes for the same old crime bosses, and that nothing exciting would happen until I was dead or in jail. That day... well that day was really something different, but that's going to be later in the story. Entering the kitchen, I would make my way over to the coffee machine and start it up, using the cheap wall mart stuff that came in huge quantity. It tasted like ass, but it was still caffiene. Walking over to the sink, and few splashes of water did my sanity a favor, before looking out into the streets that never seemed to stop moving. The streets of New York were still quite busy, although people at this hour weren't doing proper business.

At that time I had a bit of extra time to think, and think hard about what exactly my dreams meant. There must have been a reason that the recurring night terrors were happening soon after my accident, which happened almost three months previously. That was a hell of a gig. I was on a usual route, simply delivering a case of laundered money for my boss, to one of his branches down in Queens. They were doing some sort of weapon running, biological weapons. Something new the government was working on or something, I didn't question it at the time, I was just there to deliver the money. Of course some stupid shit thinks I'm trying to screw his boss out of something, and bullets start flying, and one just so happens to hit this container of green has shit that gets all over me. Lady luck seemed to frown upon me that day, as I fell unconscious, but woke up a few hours later. The other people were gone, and I still had the money. It was sort of weird, but didn't think too much of it, and went home. The next day, I went to see a doctor, just in case something I inhaled was messing up my insides, and he said I was fine, and couldn't find any traces of anything in my lungs, so of course I thought it was nothing. The dreams it induced though, weren't something I'd come up with for my worst enemy. Made me really rethink my position in the world. Doctors believe that dreams always mean something really deep, but I didn't really believe any of that stuff at the time, so I blew it off, thinking it would just go away, but of course it didn't. It seemed that I was tormented during my sleep, only to wake up to a life that wasn't much better. The night terrors weren't anything gorey, and it wasn't something like dying, but it attempted to harm me on a deeply psychological and emotional level. In the dream, I would have the sensation of waking up, but seeing nothing. The sounds I would hear were strange, small children giggling, in a creepy tone, before telling me how I was going to die, and how they would make sure to cut my eye lids off so that I could see everything they were doing to me. Small children saying this, and nothing but complete darkness. Small slivers of things happened in the darkness, which made me uneasy, such as eyes off in the distance, before quickly vanishing, or figures near me, getting closer before leaving. Always waking up with a bloodcurdling scream and images of blood, the night terrors were nothing to laught at. As the coffee maker buzzed, snapping me back into reality, it allowed me to focus on what I had to do that day. It was a very special delivery, and an even more special job. I was going to deliver something valuable, and then immediately kill them. They wouldn't even know what was going to hit them, or at least I thought that's how it would be.

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Posts : 135
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PostSubject: Re: Origins, of the Nameless One [Comic Contest]   Wed Aug 29, 2012 1:19 pm

Walking down the street, with my trusty barretta nine milometers in their holsters, as usual, cleared my head of the last night, and I was back in my usual stride. The neighborhood that I was walking through had the usual people on them, a group playing with dice and gambling away their hourly wages, and then the old man that seemed to simply sit on a stoop and stare off into the world. As I walked by, there was the alleyway, that would eventually lead into the parking garage, where I would meet up with the people I would eventually kill. As I walked through the hallway of buildings, it opened up into the streets, where I would cross to get into the parking structure. I started to run through my plan as I climbed the floors, as the meeting would take place at the top. I had a suitcase in my right hand, and my plan was simple. I would toss him the suitcase, and then put a few bullets into each of his two guards that he had brought with him. Then, it would be pretty simple to walk up and execute him, taking the suitcase back to my boss, easy money for someone with my skills. Of course, nothing ever went exactly as planned. As stairs opened up to the top floor, there he was, a fellow crime lord, Antonio Velendez. He has a cheap looking grey suit on, along with a fedora, and he had his mustache trimmed so that he looked sort of like an italian, even though anyone could easily tell that he was hispanic. He wanted to be a mafia member, but he was just some hispanic guy that got lucky, and it sickened me. I was about to initiate my plan, but as we spoke to each other, my vision suddenly blurred, and I fell to the floor, unconscious...

As I woke up, I was in some building, that smelled of dead skin and cleaning solutions, and it looked like the quarantine ward of a hospital. I was in an operating room of some kind, and could see the people up in the balcony of glass, looking down on him. One of them was Antonio, and the others were simply men in glasses and white coats. I started to try and break free, but stopped once I learned that my bindings were made of steel, and not simply leather like usual. I thought they were crazy, as I was simply a normal guy, and they were using industrial strength bindings on me, I wasn't some sort of super, yet. Soon, the anesthetic would start to kick in, as a main doctor came and shined an extremely bright light on me. As I was blinded, I could barely make out his face as it blocked out a tiny bit of the over head light. I made sure to remember that face. As I went out again, my mind started in a spiral down towards my night terrors, this time, it felt completely real. Although, this time it seemed to be something different. The darkness, instead of attempting to claw at me and destroy me, instead enveloped me, went inside me, and became one with me. It was as if the darkness was trying to become me, at first I believed it was trying to possess me, take over my body and mind, but now I see that it needed help. I woke up in my bed, although I knew it was still a dream, as my apartment looked too clean. A shadowy figure that looked like me was standing in the mirror when I walked up to it. "They are trying to take me, and kill you. We won't let that happen, as we are Legion." That was all that would escape the shadow's mouth, before it vanished, and the entire world started warping and cracking, before it was completely destroyed...

As I slowly awoke, I kept my eyes shut, as the blinding light was still there. There was aching pain throughout my body, as I could feel the stitches and bandages. They had tried to cut something out of me when I was sleeping, and I could hear them talking.

"Is it complete? Did we get it?"

One voice said, I recognized this as Antonio, and wondered what he was up to. It seemed that they were trying to take my organs, but if that was true, then how did they not find it? I started to believe that the darkness inside my head was something a little more tangible.

"No, it is well rooted in his system already. We have it loosened quite a bit, and we can continue in a few hours from now sir. However, because it is rooted in his very dna, he will most likely not survive the operation."

I guessed that this was the old man, and the senior surgeon, although to real surgeon would simply be uncaring about his patient's life, willing to throw it away because someone told him to.

"So, will he be waking up soon?"

Antonio once again, that slimy bastard. He should have been in a hole by now, but I was caught off guard by whatever they used on me, they seemed to hit me with a taser.

"No, he is going to be unconscious for the next twelve hours with the drugs we gave him."

Now this didn't make sense to me, because I could still hear them perfectly, but this was when I realized that I could move around, and as I opened my eyes, it seemed that I wasn't even in my own body. I looked down on my body and could see the room, however I wasn't controlling it. This is when I noticed a small black thread or tendril come out of my body's ear. As I looked in a slight shock, the thread started sizzling under the light, but managed to grab a scalpel. I thought and hoped it would send it into Antonio's skull, but it did something that sent a shock of dread into my very soul. The scalpel moved, and then slit my body's throat....
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PostSubject: Re: Origins, of the Nameless One [Comic Contest]   Wed Aug 29, 2012 1:46 pm

The commotion in the operating room didn't stop, as the doctors tried desperately to fix up the large gash in my neck, but the blood loss was far too much it seemed, and the machine tthat kept tabs on my heart made that blood curdling solid beep, indicating I was dead. Yep, you heard that right, I died right there on that operating table, my body was buried, and the worms are probably having their way with it as we speak. How am I telling you this story if I'm dead, you ask? Well, that's just it, I was reborn. Let me continue with my story, hmm?

I awoke in a place that was of nightmares, there was fire, demons, and it was much like the stories of what Hell was like, right out of one of my favorite books, Dante's Inferno. This seemed to be the place where murderers were, but instead of being tortured for all eternity, it seemed that I was fine. There were a few other people running about, wondering what was going on, and they were swiftly rounded up by the keepers of Hell, and murdered, which then caused them to appear on the various machines and places for torture. It didn't take a genius to learn that the afterlife gave you a chance to fight, and soon my inner self talked to me again.

"So, are you going to give up here? Or are you going to embrace me, and allow me to enter your very being?" It seemed that the darkness was trying to get inside me again, but this time I let it. It seemed like the best option at the time, as one of the Hell Keepers spotted me. As it got closer, I got a nice clean look at it. It seemed like it was a Minotaur, but instead of a bull, it was a goat. The curved back horns and large body gave that away. It seemed almost like a real graceful animal, but it had a large spear, and was barreling down on me.

"Fine then, darkness, what do we do?"

I asked this thing inside of me, but it seemed I was talking to myself, and soon it would become apparent that I, became We.

"We must simply do what we do best. Kill."

We quickly realized that we were one being now, even though we had slightly separated minds, and we quickly learned that the darkness would allow us super powers. controlling darkness was amazing, and we quickly pulled out one of our spare guns, while controlling the shadows around us. As the Hell Keeper jumped towards us, we put a bullet in it's head, before the darkness threads sewed themselves into it, and ripped it apart with the same resistance as paper. The other Keepers of this level quickly looked towards us, and we looked back with a grin and yellow glowing eyes. The true fight would begin, and we would start ripping through the Keepers as if we were a force of Hell itself. Soon, we would reach a large door, carved with the souls of the dead, and it would be guarded by a large centaur like beast. A smile came onto our face, and there was soon centaur blood and gore everywhere around us. We were on the fourth level of Hell, and would need to fight our way back up. Simple enough, with our new found power.

The other levels of hell went by very quickly, and soon we, the Nameless One, would find ourselves in Purgatory, where people would simply wait for eternity. We had no intention of following the plan, and kept climbing the darkness, over and over, until we were high into the cave like system of purgatory. Creatures made of darkness came to try and stop us, but they seemed to simply be devoured by our darkness, assimilated into us. We were learning with each other, that we were Legion, and we were everything, and we were darkness. As we jumped into the light, at the very top of the cave like system, we escaped Purgatory. We entered somewhere that could be attributed to Heaven, and we simply stated.

"We don't want to be here, put us back on Earth."

A sudden realization, and a blinding light would wake us up. We seemed to actually be back at our apartment, the dirty one with the pizza box molded and the apartment in disarray. A quick check of the calendar on our clock would reveal that we had been dead for about 5 months. It seemed that the owner of the apartment building was too lazy to find another renter, or even check that we were dead, which was fine by us, as this meant that we had a place to plan things for now. The people that put us into Hell would pay, but first we needed to thank them for giving us the opportunity and powers, and they would know what real monsters were. We woke up without any weapons, or clothes for that matter, so we needed to update our appearance. A higher being such as ourselves needed to look the part. We were no longer a grungy thug that didn't know how to keep up our appearance, no, we were on a whole other level. As we went to our closet, we found a simply shirt and pants, and headed to a fine clothing store. We also needed to visit our usual weapons dealer, as he was probably wondering what happened, however, he would need to deal with them being one person now, or two, we weren't sure how to describe ourselves. We left the apartment at about seven thirty in the afternoon, and would walk down the streets, that seemed to change drastically since he was there last. As we walked by the same street towards the alleyway that this all started, the people that were usually there were replaced. They were men in crappy suits, and it seemed that they were organized. It hit us fairly quickly, and it seemed that Antonio took over this neighborhood, maybe so that he could try and find more of the gas that caused our power manifestation. He was in for a rude awakening, as we made our way towards the suited thugs.
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PostSubject: Re: Origins, of the Nameless One [Comic Contest]   Wed Aug 29, 2012 2:16 pm

We, the Nameless One, would make our way over to the suited thugs, there were three of them, each of them not even smart enough to hid the large bulge that a pistol holster would make when laying over the side of their belt. They looked over to us, with smirks, as if they ran the place, and their smirks quickly turned to terror, as we summoned the darkness. The darkness quickly found the men's hearts, and ripped them from their fleshy bodies. We didn't even know if we were made out of flesh anymore, or if we were made completely from the Darkness. As we made our way towards the fine clothing store, we had quite a bit of money off of those thugs, and we even got something to eat. We had a very nice relationship from then on, we provided protection and sustenance to ourselves, simply by ridding the world of Antonio and his underlings. It was going to be a very good day.

As we approached the store, the man would simply look at us, wondering why such a homely looking man would enter his high end shop, but it seeemd he didn't care very much, when we showed him how much money we had.

"Excuse me sir, we are looking for some clothing to make ourselves look better. Clean ourselves up a bit, so to speak."

We would tell the man in hopes that he would suggest something to match our rather dark demeanor, and the man would look around the store for a bit, before coming back to us.

"I've got something that will make you look very nice, it's called a power suit."

The man would bring us a nice white collared shirt, a black over jacket that seemed really expensive, as it was something that you could where to any high end occasion, and then some nice black dress pants, as well as a tie and some polished shoes. When we were done dressing in them, we looked very good, almost like a professional assassin, or a savvy business man. We still were very unkempt in terms of our face, and we needed a haircut and a shave it seemed. We walked through town, and found a local barber, who was happy to take our service and money. We asked for a simply hair trim and style, as well as a clean shave. The man did very nice work, and we walked out of there looking like a million dollars.

It was time that we payed Antonio a visit, and went quickly to his estate, after asking around about him and prying some minds with the darkness. At the gate, we quickly took out the guard, and entered without a hitch. It seemed he was simply planning something big, and he was covered in guards. As we walked up to the main entrance, we dispatched the guards, and although it took quite a bit, as there were around ten of them that responded to the attack on the building, they were easy to kill and did nothing to us. We kicked open the door, and we walked into around 10 more people who then opened fired on us, and we used the darkness to topple the stairs and balcony they were on, before they were cut to pieces by the tendrils of the darkness.

Walking slowly up the stairs, we had both of our pistols out, looking around to see if we could find that bastard Antonio. We started sweeping the rooms, until eventually we came to his room, and smashed the door in, pointing the guns at the chair that we thought contained him. We thought he might try something dishonorable like his did at the parking garage months ago, so of course we were ready for it when he lunged towards us from behind with a high powered cattle prod like device, and our arm simply turned back, and put a bullet into his arms. We then put two more into his legs, and then he started crawling. We got some nice intimate time with him, as me made sure to relish in it.

"You were trying to steal us, we didn't like that very much."

The pathetic crawling man would respond, with a terror in his eyes.

"What the f*** man, you're supposed to be dead! I saw you die man!"

We would walk forward, as our darkness would form a snake like being, and would slowly go for his heart.

"I'll tell you anything man, you want money? I'll give you that too! I can tell you where the scientist who did that to you is, anything!"

The man was begging for his life, but it wasn't worth anything he was offering us. As the snake attached itself to his chest, we would utter the words.

"Thank you, Antonio, but I'll get all I need from this."

His heart would be ripped out, and we would show it to him as his life faded away. We knew that he wasn't strong enough to come back to the world of the living, so the revenge and redemption was partially complete. We would then pick through his heart and mind to make sure where the scientist was. They would make sure to exit the building out of the back, as the police arrived on the scene. Most the the men's hearts were ripped out, which would provide a gristly scene for them to try and figure out. They waltzed in, murdered everyone, and then ripped out their hearts, so of course no ordinary person could do this. for then, we hid in the shadows, making sure that they didn't get caught by the police. They didn't want to be in the spotlight for something like this, at least not yet.


The Nameless One suddenly disappeared, and I never knew why I was singled out to hear his story, and no one believed me. But, I will continue to act as a bard to his tale, so hopefully when he shows himself, people will understand him a bit more, perhaps. If nothing else, hopefully I can keep you guys away from him, as he is a monster. Remember, spread this, make sure you stay away from the Man in the Darkness, Nameless.
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PostSubject: Re: Origins, of the Nameless One [Comic Contest]   

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Origins, of the Nameless One [Comic Contest]
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