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 Trolling Something Hard

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Ford Perfect


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PostSubject: Trolling Something Hard   Mon Aug 27, 2012 8:35 am

    Name: One-Eyed Joker V.1
    Rank: C
    Power: Teleportation
    Description: For those who command the greatest degree of skill over their vaunted abilities, teleportation can become a most useful tool. In this case, the user bends their perception of space to the the point that they are there, but not. Freezing a teleporation halfway through, they visually appear to still be there. This is an anchor to the current reality they inhabit.
    Their actual body lies within the void, the null zone between time, space, and location.
    As such, the majority of attacks pass harmlessly through them, regardless of rank. This does happen to include physical obstructions and the like. The majority being physical based strikes, perhaps if a blow was overwhelming powerful enough to reach them through the dimensional boundary, they could be hurt, but it is effects that do not require physical presence, but mental that truly work. Telepathy can reach the user, but all effects take up to three turns to reach the user, depending on the rank difference between this technique and any other, as the distance being required to cover is still great. Magic, also can be used to effect them. Lightning is the only element that has any real effect. Any damage that might ordinarily be suffered is increased by up to two ranks, again depending on the difference in rank between the two.
    Weapons that have been blessed by deities and the like are similarly unaffected, the force of the divinity easily breaching the barriers. However, magic is the true killer to this technique, all abilities used on the user of this technique while it is active pay a heavy fine indeed, as the effectiveness of the technique is doubled, and any damage taken is stacked with another rank. i.e one B-Ranked magical bolt would deal two(2) C Ranks of damage should it strike. Balanced yet? Maybe not, so there is one further stipulation involved, as the longest time the technique can be used for is two turns if in a battle situation. 1 minute when not. Through retraining these can be stacked up to 10 turns and 10 minutes respectively. As one may, or may not have guessed, the user cannot physically assault others while using this ability. Teleportation effects are free game if they come within touching range.
    Unfortunately for the user, at the lowest trained rank of this ability (C) they cannot move around while it is active.
    Which of course opens up a whole new avenue of discussion, as there a variety of things that are required to be acknowledged. People themselves cannot be transported without their consent and knowledge of the location they are going to be transported to, unless the rank of the ability itself is three ranks higher then the person in question, in which case they can be removed forcibly. Due to this, it also takes longer to whisk them away. Objects suffer no such penalties, and can be removed up to the maximum weight of the Shufflin' ability.

    Name: Double Decking V.1
    Rank: C
    Power: Teleportation
    Description: The sneaky thing with teleporation is, that depending on the user, it can happen incredibly fast. One second the user is there, the next you're looking at an after-image, or some other effect that accompanies their passage. This attack is blindly fast, requiring someone to have trained their reactions to the point that they can react to attacks that seemingly chain together into one long deadly array. How long this barrage lasts for depends on the users skill with the attack, and starts off with three chained blows. With one more added reach time retrained. The effect is achieved by gilding in and out of teleporation in such rapid succession that it becomes impossible for most to follow their actions, simply because half of the time there isn't one to follow. Whatever method one attacks with or even HOW they attack is completely up to the user. Like most things there are still limitations to this attack, as it cannot be spammed out without consequence, and requires a three post cool down before it can be accessed again.

    Name: Full House V.1
    Rank: C
    Power: Teleporation
    Description: Having become so fine-tuned to the ebbs and swirls of the space-time continuum (they violate it each time they bounce around, they're going to be familiar with it) that they have come to sense the motion of things around them. This ability is unfortunately, only used while teleporting, within that small moment of reprieve, when the world has been reduced to dust around them, and they see things as they really are, and can impose their location anywhere they wish within mortal limits, they feel the flow of motion around their place of disappearance, a small window of violation. This plane allows them to momentarily look through a small window before they reappear, allowing them to position themselves to be prepared for any eventualities that might arrise. Only really useful in combat situations and used to avoid things like blows that might catch them unawareness when they reappear. Of course, it does make all counter-attacks a bitch to defend against.
    There are a few limits to the degree of sensation. First and foremost, it is impossible to detect noises, sounds, scents, tastes or anything of that nature. Only sight remains. A single snapshot image of transpiring events. The range of this snapshot depends on the level of aptness with the ability, but it starts off at three meters(3) and increases by one each time retrained.
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The Superior Spider


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PostSubject: Re: Trolling Something Hard   Mon Aug 27, 2012 8:48 pm

Approved for Training or Purchase
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Ford Perfect


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PostSubject: Re: Trolling Something Hard   Mon Oct 08, 2012 7:42 pm

1,854 Words or so. Lamo, anyway, trained One Eyed Joker and Double Decking.

1K and a bit more there, so I'm left with roughly 700 spare words. The math being 1854 + 1160 = 3014 - (700 x 3) = 2100. So 900 words left. Exactly. Ah presto.
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PostSubject: Re: Trolling Something Hard   Tue Oct 09, 2012 1:48 pm

One-Eyed Joker V.1, Double Decking V.1, and Full House V.1 trained.

924 words leftover.

Sonny Drake

Desert Fox
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PostSubject: Re: Trolling Something Hard   

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Trolling Something Hard
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