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A rumor traveled the circles of the supernatural. Mutants heard a safe, underground railroad was being started, inquire at the Summit. The beyond sought the strange power said to rest at the Summit of New York City. The gossip flitted amongst the rest: valuable information was to come to light when dawn broke over the Summit.
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 The "Den" Fighting Arena Information

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The "Den" Fighting Arena Information Empty
PostSubject: The "Den" Fighting Arena Information   The "Den" Fighting Arena Information EmptyTue Aug 21, 2012 4:04 pm

The "Den" Fighting Arena Information 25b45f0c

What is the "Den"?

The Den is a fighting arena located in New Orleans housing a number of different fighters from around the world and even off-world. These fighters rank from being just human, to mutants, to even gods, otherworldly, and machines. There is no class of character banned from participating in these arena fights. Fights that occur in the Den are for bragging rights, and can earn someone alittle extra prestige on the side, if they're willing to bet any. Yes that's right, Arena Fights allow betting and gambling of Prestige points on a winner. Not only can the fighters bet on themselves when they're fighting, but spectators may also throw in their prestige aswell to try and win a profit. There are multiple categories these fights can fall under, such as "Anything Goes", "Knuckleduster", "Armed", "Powerless", "Doubles/Tag Team" etc. These categories are what the fights fall under and can be used as a sort of stipulation for each. If the stipulation is broken, the person who offended the said stipulation will automatically lose the match, and any prestige they may have gambled will go to the opponent. Those who win constantly will be put on a ranking ladder, and the character with the most consistent wins will be seen as the "Arena Champion" and get certain pluses with the title.

Placing Bets

Fights occurring in the arena can be gambled on using prestige. Fighters participating in the match can also gamble, but MUST place their bets on themselves. The one issuing the challenge usually chooses the prestige they wish to wager, but if both parties are in agreement, they can mutually choose an amount to wager. Spectators can wager as much as they want on a single fighter that will be added to the total pot. If the person you chose wins, the total amount of prestige put in will be split upon all the winners of the bets, while the losing side gets absolutely nothing. All those chipping in must chip in the same amount of prestige, so spectators you must all choose the same amount to toss into the pot. Fighters can only wager a maximum of forty prestige at a time (This is per person) Note: YOU CAN ONLY WAGER PRESTIGE POINTS YOU ACTUALLY HAVE

This is the template used for spectators. Fighters must use the actual character's prestige they are using to fight with.

Character Prestige Being Used: [Name of character's prestige being used]
Prestige Amount: [The Amount being Wagered]
Who you're betting on: [Character name/Screen Name you're betting on to win]

[b]Character Prestige Being Used:[/b] [Name of character's prestige being used]
[b]Prestige Amount:[/b] [The Amount being Wagered]
[b]Who you're betting on:[/b] [Character name/Screen Name you're betting on to win]

The Fighting Categories

    "Anything Goes" - A fight with no stipulation. Anything goes, as it's named, in this fight. Weapons, Hand to Hand, Abilities, etc. Nothing is held back in these fights.

    "Knuckleduster" - A straight hand to hand fight excluding any sort of weaponry. These can be ability enhanced fist fights, or straight no ability, all technique, Knuckleduster matches. It is up to the two fighters to determine if they want abilities involved or not.

    "Armed" - Weaponry is fair game in this fight. The two fighters can choose exactly what weapons can be used, but they may be used without any handicap. The two fighters can also choose if they want abilities available for use, or excluded from the fight aswell.

    "Powerless" - As the title states, no Super power use WHATSOEVER. The two fighters can choose any other stipulations for this, but the main rule is NO POWERS.

    "Doubles/Tag Team" - The team matches. These matches follow the rules of any other category, but instead of one person fighting against another, it's two vs two. How they wish to set this up is up to the fighters. They can do tag teams, straight doubles, or one at a time brawl.

    "Custom Stipulation" - If you have something extremely specific as the stipulation, it'd be a fight under this category. It'd be something not on the other categories and could even be something extremely odd.

Rankings and "Arena Champion"

There will be arena ladder rankings based on winning streaks and losses. The one sole fighter at the top of the list will be the "Arena Champion". The Arena Champion has the right to deny any challenges not within the top three, on the ladder. However, everyone else can only deny challenges more than ten rankings below their own current ranking on the ladder. Based on win to loss ratios will determine your position on the ladder. However, whoever beats the "Arena Champion" automatically takes their champion title. The Arena Champion gets plus 20% prestige winnings from matches they win. The top second and third fighters get a minimal 10% [2nd] and 5% [3rd] prestige boost to their winnings. This means if the champion were to win 100 prestige off a fight, they'd get 20% of that added to their winnings making it 120 prestige total won. Same goes for second and third. All those starting off one the ladder will zero wins and zero losses automatically start at the bottom and must work their way up.

To challenge someone on the ladder, you would simply need to fill out the template below and post it on the challenge board.

Character Name: [Your character's name]
Ladder Ranking: [What you're ranking. New to the ladder put N/A]
Character Challenged: [Character you're challenging]
Their Ladder Ranking: [What they are ranked]
Amount of Prestige Wagered: [Amount of Prestige Wagered]
Fighting Category: [Choose a category on the list and state any stipulations for the match]

[b]Character Name:[/b] [Your character's name]
[b]Ladder Ranking:[/b] [What you're ranking. New to the ladder put N/A]
[b]Character Challenged:[/b] [Character you're challenging]
[b]Their Ladder Ranking:[/b] [What they are ranked]
[b]Amount of Prestige Wagered:[/b] [Amount of Prestige Wagered]
[b]Fighting Category:[/b] [Choose a category on the list and state any stipulations for the match]
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The "Den" Fighting Arena Information
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