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Senator Hines has revealed how mutants will be handled: Sentinels.

A rumor traveled the circles of the supernatural. Mutants heard a safe, underground railroad was being started, inquire at the Summit. The beyond sought the strange power said to rest at the Summit of New York City. The gossip flitted amongst the rest: valuable information was to come to light when dawn broke over the Summit.
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PostSubject: Nol, The Mythic One    Nol, The Mythic One  EmptyFri Aug 17, 2012 5:16 pm

I look forward to breaking you.

The Biography

Birth Name: Nol
Aliases: The Mythic One
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birth Date: Unknown
Class: Otherworldly


Nol appears as a young man, perhaps in his late teens or early twenties, with a lean, muscular build, as well as standing at five feet, eleven inches tall. He has a slightly tanned complexion, making him look sort of like cream, instead of purely white. Starting from the top, his hair is cut short, with the sides combed backwards, while the top of the hiar is simply messy. The bangs of the white hair simply lay on his forehead in unruly tufts. His eyes are grey, and although most would assume greay is the color of boring or dread, they seem to be full of life. His eyes overall have a calm look of determination and confidence in them. His eyebrows are slightly thin, and stick to his eye socket quite neatly outlining the top of his eyes. He wears small bandages, one on his right cheek, and another above his left eye brow. He has a bit of chin stubble, not enough to show color, other than black. His chin is rather squared, showing manliness. His arms and shoulders are very toned, with his arms being slightly buffer than his bosy type would let on, and there are scars on them. One scar is on each bicep, and another one is on the shoulders. His hands and knuckles are calloused, much like you would find on a person who fought all their life.

His chest is wide, and very toned, as you can see the outline of most of the muscles that you don't actually see on most others. He has a large set of scars on his chest, that appears to be from a large set of claws, from some sort of giant monster. His abdomen is equally toned, and although not as prominent as his other muscles, they are slill slightly visible. He has powerful legs, them being slightly larger than his body type would suggest, even though they are toned. Nol wears a hooded cape, which appears to be a dark red sweaat shirt, with the arms and one side cut off, as the jacket strings are still hanging out. He wears mma style gloves, with square looking knuckles, and the cuffs going to the start of the forearm, covering the wrist completely. He almost never wears a shirt, but if he has to to get into somewhere, he will throw on a random white shirt. He wears a set of brown pants, that seems fairly normal, although they usually have some cuts and such. He wears combat bandages on his shins as well. He wears large bright red combat boots that has his pants tucked in.

Personality: Nol is the calm, confident type, and although he usually refrains from yelling, there are times when he simply shouts things. He has great confidence in himself, and this shows in his own way, as no matter how he is feeling, he will have an arrogant looking smirk on his face most times. This is of course if he isn't shocked, or expressing some other brief emotion, before coming back to the smirk. He got in the habit of doing this to annoy opponents more than anything. He has almost no memories where he wasn't fighting, so when he has down time or is trying to "hang out" with people, he is usually very awkward about it, simply because he doesn't know how to act around those that don't want to beat the hell out of him. He is also sometimes rather snarky, hitting little quips or jokes about those around him, simply taking jabs at them. This is usually not conveyed in a harsh way, but he simply likes to see how people react. He is also obsessed with competition and fighting, whether it is in actual battle, or something such as finishing a meal first and beating others around him. He is also fairly smart, and analyzes situations before heading into them. He is usually the one that is reactive, as he won't fight unless the other person starts it, or it is predetermined, such as a tournament or some such.

The Capability

Rank: C


    Main Specialty: Physical Prowess
    Sub Specialty: Weapon Expert



    Name: Combos
    Specialty: Physical Prowess
    Rank: C+
    Description: The user knows how to freely string together a multitude of techniques together, and formulate which ones will connect after another. This allows them to make abilities that have a much higher chance of hitting their mark if preceded by the proper ability. This also gives the user an almost photographic memory of all the abilities and styles they learned, allowing them to pull up the info in their mind instantly when they need it. This memory only deals with combat.

Name: Hakkeshou
Rank: C+
Power: Chi Manipulation/Enhanced Combat
Description: A Mystical Martial Arts style crafted by incorporating the power of chi into the Chi Blocking Martial Style. This style is based on the Ba Gua, a circle with different principles and symbols defining the elements. The style encompasses circular movements, able to "set up" a mystical circle seen only by the practitioner. The circle is 10 meters in diameter, and increases by 10 at each rank. While along the outer edges of the circle, with the opponent in the middle, the user can see the chi flow of the opponent/s, and slightly predict their next movement by reading their chi. The user can set up this circle once every 3 posts, and this gets rid of the previous circle. This style also allows the user deadly offensive capabilities. A simple touch to the opponent is all that's needed, as the user will force their chi into the opponent's body, which can disable body parts, shut off super powers to the affected area, and even cause internal damage. Chi can easily flow through heavy clothing and armor, which is the true strength of the style. The user can shut off powers for 3 posts each rank, from a simple touch, and only to the body part effected. If the user strikes an arm, then the opponent will no longer be able to use powers through that arm(such as strength or speed, energy blasts, etc) for 3 posts each rank. The internal damage caused is very precise, but it causes the rank in damage internally to wherever struck, if that is the intention.

Flaw Name: Path of the Asura
Flaw Type: Lost Something I Needed
Flaw Description: The user has gouged out his eyes in turn for amazing power. This is something that is only applicable to Nol's particular race of beings in his world, and as such removing the eyesight is permanent and can not be counter acted, such as a flaw states. The user is completely blind, and simply can not use their eyes. Using other senses to paint a visual in his head is another matter entirely.

Weapons/Devices:(2 D-Level weapons if you have weaponry spec if not you start with none)

    Name: Bloody Knuckles
    Appearance: Red MMA style fighting gloves on the user's hands.
    Rank: D
    Description: Simple gloves that have had the padding taken out of the knuckles to prevent serious injury to the opponent. These have been replaced with metal studs, giving more power to the punches and hand strikes.

    Name: Combat Knife
    Appearance: A simply combat knife, with a black gripped handle, and a 10 inch long blade.
    Rank: D
    Description: A sharp iron knife that is used for slicing.

The Background

History: To truly appreciate Nol's birth, one must think, of their own definition of pure fear. Some think of spiders, or dying perhaps, but no. Fear is not embodied by something as simple as something you are afraid of, it is embodied in the unknown. Nol was born into fear, as he was born into blood, and darkness. The pitch black room was the only safe haven, as outside were demons, and the only light that one could see, were made by the fires of hell, and the lava within the void. Nol was one of the incredibly special children, that were born into the depths of a place that was worse than the underworld. A place where the citizens would love to truly die and go to Hell itself. A plane of existence known only as Naraka. A mystical plane, where only your nightmares exist, and you are forced to fight them, to no avail, before succumbing to them and dying, only to wake up in the same place, next to your own corpse, and you must do it again, perhaps the nightmare has changed, as you grow accustomed to the same old ones. Nol was one of the rarest breeds, as children usually didn't survive, the plane literally attempting to suck their souls away before it fully anchors to the body.

Instead, it seemed that the soul anchored, however, the mother didn't survive. From a very young age, all Nol knew was fighting and death. From fighting his father, to being killed and reborn, to fighting the demons that plagued the lands, to fighting off the encroaching void that threatened to revert his state of being into nothingness, Nol knew only fighting. This would easily drive people mad, but it didn't drive him into anything, as he was basically born insane. As he grew, so did his lust for battle, and eventually, he learned something. He had an entirely different mindset in a world of nightmares, and eventually withstood the nightmares themselves, being able to transcend. He was no longer plagued, and soon, the plane would expel him. His soul was strong enough to change the plane itself, and upset the balance, so he was simply cast off into the void, and eventually landed in dimension that housed Earth. The light burned, as it was 100 times brighter than the light he was born and raised in, but soon he got used to it. He took around a year to get in tuned with this world, becoming more of a raider and theif, as he lost a lot of his power that he had from the other plane. It seemed he would need to start over, and he was fine with that.

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With Carbon manip you could practically isolate any known element. I need that aspect of the ability thrown out against PC's or at least drastically nerfed.
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