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The Daily Bugle

Senator Hines has revealed how mutants will be handled: Sentinels.

A rumor traveled the circles of the supernatural. Mutants heard a safe, underground railroad was being started, inquire at the Summit. The beyond sought the strange power said to rest at the Summit of New York City. The gossip flitted amongst the rest: valuable information was to come to light when dawn broke over the Summit.
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Kaku | Ukak
"Run if you want."

The Biography

Birth Name: Kaku
Aliases: Ukak

Gender: Male
Age: 13
Birth Date: 4th of November
Class: Mutant

Preferring to cultivate the appearance of an ordinary schoolchild, Kaku wears such a uniform, with a plain white top that was taken from one of the more mundane education institutions, a blue tank top is worn beneath that. Using some of that much recommended denim fabric, Kaku adorns a set of jeans- accompanied with the belt to finish off the classical look. He finishes off the set with a pair of white shoes with yellow and black highlights, while wearing a pair of navy socks that match his undershirt.
Where to start off in a rather uninteresting landscape of biomass? The top can always be classified as a wonderful place to start, and so many awkward conversations happen with that particular phrasing to break the ice. The parents have discoverer their offspring has come out to them about getting 'some' while under the influence and there are now repercussions for their under-age transgressions. Yes, this conversation happened with Kaku's parents. However they weren't under age, they simple had a rather large amount of disdain for limiting the number of partners they might choose from. Kaku's catalyst planned, but not seen through properly. And despite what one might think with the title of 'bastard-child' hanging over him, he looks remarkably normal. There is no sign that a union of pleasure outside of marriage vows have scarred him in any way aesthetically obvious.
Getting back on subject, starting from the top as it were:
Kaku has inherited a combination of his originators hair, something he isn't actually aware of. He wears it in his Father's style, but has his Mother's pigmentation.
His skin tone is similarly a gestalt between both parents- his Father had a heavily tanned look about him, while his Mother was far paler. Neither of them were exemplary specimens of their genders and neither is Kaku. Still, he has a certain charm about him, maybe it is because he looks unthreatening and a female enjoys that in a male. Kaku has a few expressions he fits naturally into, the first of which is looking rather bored and staring out some transparent portal to a plane in which more interesting things are happening.
Another is looking serious, or at least moderately contemplative. The amount of brain power Kaku can bring to bear on a single subject when it draws his attention can be rather startling. And his expression changes to reflect that.
The other is going completely berserker fury, which he claims is a therapeutic experience, and likens it to letting his hair down. His mouth twists into a nasty scowl, he screams blue bloody murder generally looks like he's having a fit. Surprisingly enough his face fits well into such a emotional outing.
The other is yet another one hundred and eighty degree turn around, and that is simply smiling and looking content, peaceful and appeased at the way the world is running. His eyes shine and glitter, and sparkle in the way that those perverted old Grandfather's do when they've spotted something amusing. On them it looks rather disgusting or repulsive, on Kaku it is slightly endearing. Slightly.
The same as many in his profession, Kaku's body is defined, not overtly in the traditional muscle bound sense, instead he has his own form of being 'lined' which could be compared to wrapping bands of steel wire around his bones, then layering fat on top. Obvious the steel part is a bit overrated- maybe copper would be a better example. Regardless the metaphor works, and through the slight layer of padding he has available, the corded bands of muscle can be seen. Now, this is nothing compared to some of the others who train their bodies far more seriously, but it does score some bonus points when he has to go around with a little more skin showing then he would usually care to do.
His body is well proportioned, with his arms being slightly longer then normal, reaching mid-thigh unlike others. This may be in part to counteract his rather small shoulder width. As one of the more natural laws does state that typically, the breadth of fingertip on one arm, to the finger tip on the other usually matches up with the height of the person.
His eyes are a cobalt blue, which occasionally shifts to a slate grey colouring in the appropriate lighting.
Being an amalgamation of hardcore warrior(s), a raging green skinned bad-ass and a chick who'll gut you in the same time it takes to get down on one knee: Kaku has little to no blemishes on his body, beyond the odd scar for a stupid accident on his knee. An affair that will hopefully never reach the light of day. It is rather stupid for a true man to deal an injury to himself- with a butter knife no less. The tale is a less then stellar rendition of attempting to carve himself a side of cheese.

Ah, the mind. The psyche. It is said that there is nothing more complex that the human brain, capable of self-reflection, prediction, alteration of behaviours, memory, creative thought, emotions, social interaction. The ability to layer knowledge on top of itself. Update said knowledge. Empathise, and many, many more.
What is even more amazing is that some are born greater then others, no one is equal in every respect. Some are born fleeter of foot, stronger of arm, faster of hand, persuasive of mouth. While not everyone may receive a gift, there are those that do, based around the genetics of their parents.
Then, there are those freaks of nature, whereby some strange roll of the die, they are gifted with one of these gifts despite the lack of any genetic material that should confer this trait.
Some strictly say that the figures of legend aren't made, they are born. For others- it is the drive to succeed that will carry them on. And it is those people who are most likely to succeed in life, because they have been trying since day one. And when they stumble and fall, they get back up again.
For those who were given such a talent, and who have never had to work for their vaunted prowess; stumbling is the bane of their existence. In comparison it is the guide for those who work for their greatness.
Which sort of person is Kaku? Unfortunately he is a a lazy-bum of the highest order. This trait of his can be put down to several things. For one, his imagination turns whatever concepts that children his age envision into monsters that seemingly defy the logical comprehension of the mind. As a result of this, he is also a pussy of the highest order, exceedingly cautions, never charging into situations, preferably running from them at top speed. It was said that he purposefully turned himself around in birth because he was too scared to go head first.
So one might be questioning how such a person even scratched up enough courage or willpower to become a Shinobi in the first place.
Enter stage North, South, East and West.
Well, those are the cardinal directions that they inhabit. Kaku is a Nara, a sect of those who are gifted with such exceptional mental capabilities that they can turn the tide of war with their stratagems. However, naturally Kaku couldn't even be bothered to defeat his pseudo-paranoia to get out of bed, so he does require some assistance. There are four entities within his mind, taken from one of the most widespread table top games in existence.
The Primarch stands at the North position, marking him as being fearless, powerful, noble and loyal to a fault.
Incidentally there were 20 Primarches, this one is the amalgamation of those whom Kaku could sympathise with the most before they turned to Chaos or died. It is from this envisioned piece of being that allows Kaku to give his faith in those around him, to trust in something. Defeat the paranoia that gnaws at his reactions and decisions. It is he who encourages Kaku onwards, to bear his eyes to the pain of the world and mark ever onwards.
The final lesson the Primach has to impart is to fear nothing, and to take every stride with a purpose in mind.

Sitting opposite is the Chaos Prince, a former Primarch who felt the call of the Dark Side and went Anakin Skywalker. He is fury, anger, hatred, lust and pride all rolled into one and given a dose to steroids on top of it.
Incidentally it is the Chaos Prince that manages the power inherent in Kaku's mind, and typically dictates whether or not they should be fought. Fortunately, the Chaos Prince is something of a warmonger, so there will be next to nothing he won't agree to fight.
The Prince preaches the art of immoral acts, and advises on all things that require his gruesome expertise. He is also more often then not in disagreement with the Primarch in moral matters, the two frequently displaying both sides of the argument.
They are far more united in the arts of combat however, each being brutally bloodthirsty in their own way.
The Prince takes on the worship of four Chaos Gods, each one covering a certain aspect that he is devoted to.
Khrone, of bloodlust, war, death, blood, and skulls. Perhaps the closest that the Prince is to, but he remains equally devoted to the other three.
Tzeentch: change, fate, mutation, knowledge.
Nurgle: plague, despair, disease, life, Nurgle is the oldest of the four Gods, disease and decay having existed since the beginning of life.
Slaanesh: lust, pleasure, excess. This is perhaps the second deity the Prince has a close relationship with, and is usually worked in tandem with the Eldar Farseer.

Which brings us to the next inhabitant, the Eldar Farseer is a being of wisdom incarnate, straddling the east cardinal direction.
Perhaps it is slightly indicative of her role in the 'right hand advisor' as it is her wisdom that is usually channelled when the situation requires.
Like the others, the Farseer teaches several other lessons, the ability to Empathise with those around him, to self reflect on his derisions and those of others. She is also to be noted for the gift of hindsight, and the knowledge that history repeats itself.
It is also from her lips that whisper the gift of prediction, to know and identify patterns in the world visible to them.
Interestingly enough, as the other creatures littered through his mindscape are all heterosexual, then one might question if this part of his mind fancies the male gender. The answer is that the Farseer is a lesbian, much to the annoyance of the other members in this strange twisted realm.

The final occupant is the Ork Warboss. While he seemingly resembles the Chaos Prince to a great degree, there is a question of sentience between them. The Warboss perhaps represents the baser instincts, rather then the desire to pause pain for pleasure. Here lies the pure animal portion of the brain, that does not reflect on anything before reacting, constantly flitting from thought to thought.
The huge green skinned machine of destruction does not typically speak proper English with the appropriate Grammar, often utilising a bastardised form of communication.
Strangely enough it is from this piece of the puzzle that generates the feeling of obligation. Duty in other words. Combining this creature with the Primarch's sub-division of loyalty is one of the other factors in his mental processing.

So of course, one might again question how Kaku maintains this façade, four voices in his head, sometimes giving him contradictory information. The truth is that Kaku operates as a middle man between the four, smoothing their relationship as they are each allied with him and acknowledge that their continued survival is better served in working together rather then apart. The Warboss and Farseer and by far the most cordial of the foursome, the former being the survival expert that it is, and the later seeing the wisdom in such a decision. The Primarch and the Chaos Prince have no such rapport, and frequently battle each other, warring their old grievances against each other.
The knowledge behind each persona is real, and is the manifested readings of Kaku in each specific subject. While they do not have the personal memories, they do have history and a frame of reference to base their actions on.

The Capability

Rank: C


    Main Specialty: Weapons Expert [Explosives]
    Sub Specialty: Leadership


    Main Power: Teleportation
    Sub Power: -


    Name: Shufflin'
    Rank: C
    Power: Teleportation
    Possessing the seemingly lack lustre power to move from location to location as one might want to. The basic ability to transport himself and any items of clothing that might be on his body and any person who he has a hold on and any items they too can be pulled along, he can also teleport any object he has contact with. The general appearance of this power varies upon circumstance, but in essence it revolves around the sudden expansion of a dulled blue of colours vacating the space in which the user previously occupied, a sharp spiky light with only a slight indication of travel. Not the most stealthy of methods, but it is most certainly mistakable for something else, and is quickly performed, taking approximately a second to use.
    An important note to make is that the maximum mass that can be taken along for the joy ride, is 500 Ilbs, or in other language, 227 Kilograms, not counting the teleporter's own weight.
    A teleporter can only transport themselves and others to places they can see, or have already seen. For example, a picture can be shown of the Obelisk in the USA, and a teleporter can look at the picture, and without ever being there, move to that location using their powers.
    Another method is for the area of teleportation to be described to the teleporter in such detail so that they can vividly picture the scene within their minds eye, the word count of the description must be no lower then two hundred(200) words.

Name: One-Eyed Joker V.1
Rank: C
Power: Teleportation
Description: For those who command the greatest degree of skill over their vaunted abilities, teleportation can become a most useful tool. In this case, the user bends their perception of space to the the point that they are there, but not. Freezing a teleporation halfway through, they visually appear to still be there. This is an anchor to the current reality they inhabit.
Their actual body lies within the void, the null zone between time, space, and location.
As such, the majority of attacks pass harmlessly through them, regardless of rank. This does happen to include physical obstructions and the like. The majority being physical based strikes, perhaps if a blow was overwhelming powerful enough to reach them through the dimensional boundary, they could be hurt, but it is effects that do not require physical presence, but mental that truly work. Telepathy can reach the user, but all effects take up to three turns to reach the user, depending on the rank difference between this technique and any other, as the distance being required to cover is still great. Magic, also can be used to effect them. Lightning is the only element that has any real effect. Any damage that might ordinarily be suffered is increased by up to two ranks, again depending on the difference in rank between the two.
Weapons that have been blessed by deities and the like are similarly unaffected, the force of the divinity easily breaching the barriers. However, magic is the true killer to this technique, all abilities used on the user of this technique while it is active pay a heavy fine indeed, as the effectiveness of the technique is doubled, and any damage taken is stacked with another rank. i.e one B-Ranked magical bolt would deal two(2) C Ranks of damage should it strike. Balanced yet? Maybe not, so there is one further stipulation involved, as the longest time the technique can be used for is two turns if in a battle situation. 1 minute when not. Through retraining these can be stacked up to 10 turns and 10 minutes respectively. As one may, or may not have guessed, the user cannot physically assault others while using this ability. Teleportation effects are free game if they come within touching range.
Unfortunately for the user, at the lowest trained rank of this ability (C) they cannot move around while it is active.
Which of course opens up a whole new avenue of discussion, as there a variety of things that are required to be acknowledged. People themselves cannot be transported without their consent and knowledge of the location they are going to be transported to, unless the rank of the ability itself is three ranks higher then the person in question, in which case they can be removed forcibly. Due to this, it also takes longer to whisk them away. Objects suffer no such penalties, and can be removed up to the maximum weight of the Shufflin' ability.

Name: Double Decking V.1
Rank: C
Power: Teleportation
Description: The sneaky thing with teleporation is, that depending on the user, it can happen incredibly fast. One second the user is there, the next you're looking at an after-image, or some other effect that accompanies their passage. This attack is blindly fast, requiring someone to have trained their reactions to the point that they can react to attacks that seemingly chain together into one long deadly array. How long this barrage lasts for depends on the users skill with the attack, and starts off with three chained blows. With one more added reach time retrained. The effect is achieved by gilding in and out of teleporation in such rapid succession that it becomes impossible for most to follow their actions, simply because half of the time there isn't one to follow. Whatever method one attacks with or even HOW they attack is completely up to the user. Like most things there are still limitations to this attack, as it cannot be spammed out without consequence, and requires a three post cool down before it can be accessed again.

Name: Full House V.1
Rank: C
Power: Teleporation
Description: Having become so fine-tuned to the ebbs and swirls of the space-time continuum (they violate it each time they bounce around, they're going to be familiar with it) that they have come to sense the motion of things around them. This ability is unfortunately, only used while teleporting, within that small moment of reprieve, when the world has been reduced to dust around them, and they see things as they really are, and can impose their location anywhere they wish within mortal limits, they feel the flow of motion around their place of disappearance, a small window of violation. This plane allows them to momentarily look through a small window before they reappear, allowing them to position themselves to be prepared for any eventualities that might arrise. Only really useful in combat situations and used to avoid things like blows that might catch them unawareness when they reappear. Of course, it does make all counter-attacks a bitch to defend against.
There are a few limits to the degree of sensation. First and foremost, it is impossible to detect noises, sounds, scents, tastes or anything of that nature. Only sight remains. A single snapshot image of transpiring events. The range of this snapshot depends on the level of aptness with the ability, but it starts off at three meters(3) and increases by one each time retrained.


    Name: Child Protection Act V.1
    Specialty: Leadership
    Rank: C
    Description: Children are considered slightly, maybe in heavily sacrosanct in most societies that practise the protection of children. Due to this trait of most civilised cultures around the world, they are all to eager to protect their livelihood. The leaders of tomorrow.
    Shame that it can be capitalised on all to easily. With his international features and generally effeminate/girly/childish features, the user of this speciality can pull the public to assist him, either against a foe, to mobilise the police forces, to influence general opinion, or to serve as a suitable distraction with a few well placed cries of words that are controversial in their own right.
    Of course, this only affects NPC's, and is heavily dependant on location. For example, a room full of paedophiles isn't going to jump onto the user's boat for no reason at all...right?

    Name: Leading With A Carrot V.1
    Specialty: Leadership
    Rank: C
    Description: Despite the youthful age of the possessor of this characteristic, they are naturally attuned to the way the world works, and the imagination and creativity of youth flows through them in vast quantities and at a rapid rate. With this skill under their belt, the user has a natural inclination to create, brilliant, often crazy plans that generally involve, sneakiness, and a lack of adult seriousness for them to work. The statistically effect of this plan is a 10% increase in base effectively of their own skills while following the plan to the letter. The actual field of increase depends on the technique itself. A projectile based skill will have it's range increased by 10%. A more physically based subject will find their base, strength, speed, or whatever skills or abilities that they use will be increased by 10%.
    The general picture has been painted.

Name: Boom In My Step V.1
Specialty: Weaponry Explosives
Rank: D
Description: Having shared that age old fascination with explosives that all humans also take note of at some point in their lives, the user of this speciality has gone one step further, having experimented with several different formula's over the years. This trait allows (s)he to create powerful explosives from remarkably simple materials. No additional effects as of yet.

Name: Nothing Rocks Me V.1
Specialty: Weaponry Explosives
Rank: D
Description: Having become accustomed to explosions and the like, small scale interruptions such as the sound of his own attacks going off have become almost restful to the boy, who can now concentrate on his target without suffering from distractions. The level of explosions he can adapt to is equal to the highest trained rank of this speciality. This does not negate any damage taken from explosions or loud noises, simply that the user of the skill can think through them.

    Name:(Leave blank until A-Level)


    Name: HTC One S
    Rank: D
    Description: The One S is 0.31 inches (7.9 mm) at its thinnest point. The phone uses an aluminium uni body shell, and a light-blue to dark-blue gradient anodised finish. The micro arc oxidised finish makes the body five times stronger than the bare aluminium, thought the finish can be chipped reasonably easily. The phone has a power/lock button and a 3.5 mm headphone jack at the top, a volume rocker on the upper right side, and a MHL/Micro USB port on the upper left. Three capacitive buttons (back, home, and task switcher) are located on the front of the phone, below the display. There are two speakers, one on the front (serving as the earpiece) and one on the back. A two-color (amber and green) notification LED sits under the earpiece grille.
    The main camera has an eight megapixel, backside-illuminated sensor, an f/2.0 autofocus lens, and a single LED flash with five brightness levels. The camera can also record 1080p video at 30 frames per second. The camera uses a special image processing chip, and allows for faster start-up and focus times (0.7 and 0.2 seconds respectively). HTC's custom camera software, ImageSense, includes multiple modes, including HDR, panorama, and burst modes, and also allows still photos to be taken while also recording video.
    The One S uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 MSM8260A SoC (system on chip) which includes a 1.5 GHz dual-core Krait CPU and an Adreno 225 GPU, as well as an integrated HSPA+ modem, GPS/GLONASS module, Wi-Fi b/g/n radio, Bluetooth, and FM radio. The One S also features a standard array of sensors, including an accelerometer, proximity sensor, and ambient light sensor. The phone provides 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of built-in storage.
    The One S is powered by an integrated (non-user-replaceable) 1,650 mAh battery. HTC claims up to 10.5 hours of talk time and 13.2 days of stand-by time.
    There are a few apps placed within the One S, the most prominent being Iris, a personal assistant application for Android. The application uses natural language processing to answer questions based on user voice request. Iris currently supports Call, Text, Contact Lookup, and Web Search actions including playing videos, looking for: lyrics, movies reviews, recipes, news, weather, places and others.
    The second most used being Aldiko, an e-book reader application for the Android operating system. It supports the EPUB format for digital publications and incorporates facilities for browsing online catalogs on thousands of books (including thousands of free public domain work) and downloading them directly into the user's personal library. The application features a bookshelf-like user interface that lets user navigate their collection of eBooks. It also provides a customizable reading experience through configurable font and background color, font size and type, margin size, display brightness, page turn mode, etc. Additionally, the application allows users to import their own books to read them on the go.
    The third is Instagram, a free photo-sharing program and social network.
    The service allows users to take a photo, apply a digital filter to it, and then share it with other Instagram users they are connected to on the social network as well as on a variety of social networking services.
    There is a variety of music on the device, ranging in a wide selection of genres, from artists such as Owl City, Simon and Garfunkle, Harry Belafonte, The Beatles, Johnny Cash and many more. There at a rough estimate, 350 songs at present on the device.
    Origin: A present from his parents.
    Note: Credit goes to Wikipedia.

    Name: Butterfly Knife[Bailsong]
    Appearance: -
    Rank: D
    Description: The Balisong, also known as a butterfly knife, fan knife is a folding pocket knife with two handles counter-rotating around the tang such that, when closed, the blade is concealed within grooves in the handles. In the hands of a trained user, the knife blade can be brought to bear quickly using one hand. Manipulations, called "flipping" or "fanning", are performed for art or amusement.
    Balisongs are useful for situations where it is inconvenient to use both hands to open a knife. For example, a worker who is using a single hand to hold on to something as protection against falling will not wish to use that hand to open a knife. In such a situation it is useful to have a knife that can be opened with either hand.
    Origin:Stolen from one Weapons Stockpile or another.

The Background

Unlike many others within this world, the story of Kaku is by and large, an unimpressive one. He has a happy family. He goes to school with kids his own age. He plays board games and enjoys sports. Having a particular fascination for badminton but never being physical gifted enough to play it at a high enough level as he would of liked. But this is out of order, to reassert this vital aspect of the world, it is necessary to begin at the top of the page.
His birth went by without complications, in hindsight at least. At the time, the doctors believed him to have suffered some internal injuries from the unusually long labour. Pumping his system full of drugs to keep him alive, Kaku suffered a slight overdose from their enthusiastic medical treatment. He has now developed a slight immunity to most anti-biotics, causing him to be slightly more slower to recover from illness then others. This had a large effect on his parents, who were relucant to allow him to take many risks as a child, and to explore the world around him as many other children of the age were allowed to do. This has slightly contributed to his lack of sporting ability. Lack of experience. Not that it was likely he'd ever have been terribly good to begin with.
But it was this series of events that caused the young boy to experiment, to become fascinated with the presence of books and that which the mind envisions. He has never truly known when he became aware of the ability to shift his body between locations almost instantaneously. At first he was only aware that distances became shorter, that he could jump to almost obscenely high places, it wasn't until he finally slipped up in his day to day life while crossing the road by himself. He slipped and fell, and as one might expect, was promptly run over. Or at least the after-image of him was, as the young boy slipped away into a location he had not seen in many years. An old tree house, something that he could call his own.
And from that day onwards, Kaku travelled around, using this skill to bypass restrictions such as time, money and adult supervision. And throughout continued use, they have expanded since they first awakened, now able to transport heavier materials, the young boy has settled within his mind the determination of the occupants of his mind:
To rule the world. And everything beyond it. Nothing else shall suffice.

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