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 Calamity Sigma [Done]

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Absolute Intelligence


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PostSubject: Calamity Sigma [Done]   Sun May 27, 2012 8:45 pm

credit too original creator
Commandant Abigail
"Ensuring the freedom of America and all of it's allies is top priority, all those who oppose it will fall to me."

The Biography

Birth Name:  Abigail Severity Tiberius IV
Aliases: Calamity, Severity, Sigma, Absolute Intellegence [Self Proclaimed]
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Birth Date: April 12
Class: Experiment

Abigail is a man of Haitian and Egyptian decent. His skin therefore reflects his ebony heritage and shins pure and bright when lotion is applied to his skin. He is a fit man due to his extensive upbringing and it is known that he keeps himself wearing finery that allows him to appear to have made something of himself. However his suit and tie should never be taken at face valur. He is a man of a tyrannical past. Many have called him General Abigail, due to his ability to command large crowds of people in a mob like mentality. He often wears a gas nask and a military officers jacket and hat. So that he can look more like a general himself. He doesnt care about hiding his identity for the most part, but he often considers himself to be untouchable. He is a criminal genious and has the ragged look to show he has been through a lot of scraps in his life. He has auburn hair and his eyes seem to never stay a certain color, it is notable that he is in fact looking fit and absolutely in shape.

He has donned a costume that he wears for most of his capers and events that he goes through. As the Commandant he wears a traditional S.H.I.E.L.D agent uniform that he likes to wear because it fits him perfectly, however when he becomes Calamity he enjoys wearing a blood red costume and bandages over his face. It allows him to be the mysterious being whom shifts the faith of the wold around him. Shockingly he is a villain specifically hired by S.H.I.E.L.D to keep the balance in check between heroes and villains as all of these freaks are completely outstaying their welcome in the world. He is however, despite how he looks, a Cyborg. Having only his manhood and brain remaining from his human self.

When it comes to "keeping your cool" it does not really apply to Severity. He is not one too lash out and do something irrational, but it is quite easy too push his buttons, enough too where his only desire will be too hurt or destroy whatever seemed too have got on his nerves, however this does not always mean he will resort too violence. He rarely actually is seen visibly upset, but a few mannerisms can show when he is upset. Such as a tone of voice change and the twitch of his left-brow. He is irish, and due too this he has a THICK irish accent. He isn't really the violent sort, well actually. He himself would never call it violence, except a mutual release of bliss shared between him and whoever his victim might be at the time. He simply loves to call the entire ritual of violence "The joining of Nirvana." He is for lack of a better word, a sadist. Especially when his anger picks up. He seems to enjoy beating and mutilating anything. Be it a creature or a fellow human. Regardless of the circumstance whenever he is the slightest bit pissed, he just seems to come forth and exact his rage upon those around him. This is usually however whenever something important is at stake, he is a monster, and therefore knows not too let his emotions get the better of him under any circumstance. However his most terrifying trait is that he is worse when he isn't angered. It is widely known through his circle that he is a maniac. At times. His complete and utter disregard for the well-being of others simply drives him to commit acts of the diabolical nature at the most random spurs of time. When he is not hindered by the thought of consequence.

He indulges in the sweet "passion" as he calls it, that he shares with anything that makes contact with those weapons of his. He does not cover up his problem nor make excuses for it. He knows exactly what he does and enjoys every last minute of it. However keeps a sort of high-class attitude about himself. He simply does whatever he wants as long as it does not conflict with whatever plans his organization has already stated. He owns a corporation and as the head of it he does not go out committing random murders and such. However, he is a very dangerous enigma. He has not shown this sadist side in awhile and has been seen as a more caring and compassionate man. However this is due recently to a few traumatic experiences and he is suffering from the withdrawal of it. He is more cocky then usual, talking about himself highly, and considering himself too be one of the greatest assets too the world. When he finally comes too again, everyone will see how he really is once more. He often brags about his accomplishments and his actions are better suited for a super-hero more then anything else. But due to his ability to keep himself in check and keep himself refined and dignified, he fits the role he was given quite well. He holds no grudge and no judgment for any of his victims, and he rarely does mourn their deaths if it comes to that. He simply embraces his human nature, as he states, and believes that humans act too out of character now. He is a living contradiction. As described by a few people who have served with him in the past "He is simply a monster in elegant finery."

The Capability

Rank: C


    Main Specialty: Techno Savvy
    Sub Specialty: Projection


    Main Power:

    Sub Power:

    Flaw Name: Aquatic Dis-assembly
    Flaw Type: Bane
    Flaw Description: Water, which must physically touch his current unit, has the ability to automatically shut down the processes of Stigma's mentality, causing him to freak out and over calculate. Processes that appear to him as 001 appear as 010 instead. Therefore his coding becomes scrambled and he is no longer able to use any of his abilities what so ever, on top of being completely disrupted mentally. As if one has been a victim of fear inducement. The effects of such events last the entire thread, until he is capable of either leaving the thread or is otherwise disposed.


    Name: Technology Manipulation
    Rank: C
    Power: Computer Physiology
    Description:  By touching an object the user has the ability to start manipulating technology upon contact and altering its functions. Allowing him to close automatic doors and open them partially and turning off an item as long as its C-rank and lower. If its B-Rank the item is offline for two post. If its A-rank its not effected same for S-rank.

    Name: Photon Burner  
    Rank: C
    Power: Bionic Physiology
    Description: The user is capable of growing a single tube out of their palms the size of a soda can, that fire off condensed beams of photon energy at speeds 66 MPH going 75 Meters in distance. The blasts themselves are six meters in diameter beams. The attacks can pierce all materials that are less durable than steel. Causing significant damage to the objects themselves. Structural damage included. He is capable of using one blast from each arm.


    Name: Radiance
    Specialty: Projection
    Rank: C
    Description: He has 10% higher damage output, now being able to effect steel with his beam based attacks. If both shots hit it, the object shall be pierced rather than ignored.

Name: Clarity
Specialty: Techno Savvy
Rank: D
Description: He is able to decipher computerized coding. Improving his ability to create programs.

    Name: Inspirational Waves
    Specialty: Techno Savvy
    Rank: C
    Description: He is capable of downloading his projected thought into an object for a moment, causing him to absorb the knowledge of the object itself into his digitized mind, as well as the object stored within stated object. Allowing him to understand the object and it's inter workings as if he had the digital blueprint of it.


The Background

Born in the ghetto the young male of the Tiberius family was not under the custody of his father rather his drug addicted mother. It was a life full of neglect from both parents as he would sit and watch his neighbor never get any better. Despite the efforts of the police and the super-heroes who were charged too protect the world from these low-lives It was a sad display really, watching all his heroes prove that his neighborhood and its citizens where minuscule in importance too these heroes. As if his location had been somehow plagued horribly. Being so young, he didn't look up too any heroes. He found that his reality was a harsh one. Especially considering that he was the only kid of his nationality around with an accent he was often teased daily by the other students. Until he discovered that he was a very good speaker. Many people stated that he was quite the bright young man and that it was rare. That he could actually help change how his neighbor hood was going. That he could be one of the few men too actually save it from the course it was going.

It sure did sound like a good plan, but then again it sounded like it was a fantasy. He never acted on the praise, instead used his influence too shape the neighbor hood in his own image. He started a gang with a few of his friends. Had a few run-ins with the phantoms as well. His members did at least. He was known throughout his city by the age of fourteen. His name became one that was praised by scumbags and intolerable with those goody goody freaks who seemed too live in his neighborhood. Everyone knew he was Celtic. That was the name he went by anyway. The gang was only established because it gave him an importance that he had never had before. When two parents who should love you are not around, one tends too make due with their own devices and attain that love and affection anyway they could possibly see it. In a world filled too the brim with extraordinary people. He certainly felt above man in his gang. They seemed too be growing in size and it started too attract the attention of actual heroes. Just because he was running an abnormal operation.

By age eighteen he had already procured his fathers institution and planned on leaving the gang for good, too go work with his father and take over the company. However the very gang he helped create and launch seemed too betray him. They had lured him too a hideout that was located in a very dangerous area in the docks. Upon taking him there they originally planned too ditch him there allowing for the cops too come and arrest him. Locking him away in jail, but they had arrived on an unfortunate night. One that would cost them all dearly. Seemed that on this night a dangerous being seemed too be blowing up very volatile chemicals and disposing of them, it was some mad scientist trying too cover his tracks for murdering his entire family. A superhero was there, trying too stop the man from doing his deeds and a heavy battle ensued. The gangsters being caught in the middle. One explosion locked them all inside the warehouse, and two more set off exposing them all too the chemicals. One blurted out how they failed in their plan and was so distraught he explained it all too Severity.

With the betrayal being known, he blacked out only too awaken in the hospital. Seemed his comrades, the main leaders of the gang had died. With their deaths the entire gang crumbled, and yet strange things kept happening too severity. He had discovered that he had strange abilities like those of the men and women that he had worshiped a good most of his life. To him this was the greatest day of his life. He had come into a business proposition that would allow for him too have endless money, and on top of that he was a mutated freak. This was exciting news. Now his plans where coming full circle. He would be able too not only bring the city he was raised in under his rule. But perhaps the world. From then on out he had trained in secret, having too keep his identity a secret he had created a special mask that kept his identity hidden and his voice altered. He had enough money too buy his way out of trouble for the most part. Powerful lawyers. The works. After-all, he had too keep himself active. So with that he took up the guise of Severity. A petty criminal.

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Absolute Intelligence


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PostSubject: Re: Calamity Sigma [Done]   Thu May 31, 2012 11:55 am

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The Superior Spider


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PostSubject: Re: Calamity Sigma [Done]   Fri Jun 01, 2012 4:10 am

Tone down that 10 miles per minute..o-o That at C rank is ridic.

That single bullet thing for the last skill is very situation, seeing how some guns have more firepower than other. I'd understand if that was for a simple handgun, but not anything more advanced as that at C rank.

For weapons, you don't have weaponry to start with those.
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Absolute Intelligence


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PostSubject: Re: Calamity Sigma [Done]   Fri Jun 01, 2012 5:04 am

Fixed Sexy Lady :O
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The Superior Spider


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PostSubject: Re: Calamity Sigma [Done]   Fri Jun 01, 2012 5:05 pm

Moving 20 meters a second at C is still alittle OD, but I'll let it pass. Though that's not really fast enough to make you appear as a blur, especially with your mass. Anyway, approved.
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Lone Star


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PostSubject: Re: Calamity Sigma [Done]   Sun Sep 08, 2013 2:12 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Calamity Sigma [Done]   

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Calamity Sigma [Done]
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