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The Daily Bugle

Senator Hines has revealed how mutants will be handled: Sentinels.

A rumor traveled the circles of the supernatural. Mutants heard a safe, underground railroad was being started, inquire at the Summit. The beyond sought the strange power said to rest at the Summit of New York City. The gossip flitted amongst the rest: valuable information was to come to light when dawn broke over the Summit.
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 Hell on Wheels

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PostSubject: Hell on Wheels   Hell on Wheels EmptyWed Aug 01, 2012 9:03 pm

Asher Hale

The Biography

Birth Name: Asher Hale
Aliases: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birth Date: Feb 8th 1993
Class: Mutant



Asher is the average looking man appearance wise. He commonly sports his blonde hair in short spikes or just regularly laid down. His eyes are silver but some people like to think of them as blank because of the appearance they sometimes give off in the light. Because of his Italian, and White backgrounds Asher has very common skin tone which some might call fair. His height is that of a man standing 6"1 and 6 foot 3 inches with his usual black boots on that are usually accompanied by his black pants showing their leather toning. On his upper body he normally sports a shirt commonly white with a white, blue and yellow design covered by a red and orange leather jacket and some orange goggles. . Speaking of body his body is well built for someone his size and he is hairy on his chest and arms and on his face he commonly sports facial hair. While at his Internship in Hale Enterprises he likes to dress formally and wear his suits preferably an all black one with a white shirt and black shoes.. No tie. As for his official weight think of someone at 205 LB.


Unlike most spoiled rich people Asher isn't very heartless in fact he is commonly known as the opposite. He commonly gives back to the community whenever he has the opportunity to do so sometimes going as far to give the shirt off his back to someone. Mentally he feels as if he was a martyr of some sorts and forces himself to be the voice that people need.. The cult of personality. He believes all should be able to eat where they want and sleep where they want.. Totally equality. No rich no poor... Just people. That is the world he loves for and its the world he wants.. He goes about getting this world verbally but he isn't one to shy away from a fight if the current situation prompts it. He is far from someone who would let words bother him but he is one to fight for what he believes in and sometimes that might include a spar here and there. When it comes to females he is very open with them and tends to treat them how he would like to be treated. As for men Asher has no problem with them and sexually they do nothing for them but he will try anything once. When around his friends he is commonly the voice of reason and someone who isn't to be taken serious until the situation becomes something in his ballgame. He is commonly seen smiling or in deep thought. In terms of loyalty Asher is very loyal to the people he works for and wouldn't betray them unless they crossed him.

The Capability



    —Main Specialty: Projection —Sub Specialty: Physical Prowess  


    —Main Power: Fire Physiology—Sub Power:(Leave Blank Until A-Level)

Abilities:(1 Free C-Level ability at Creation)


    —Name: Low Altitude Flight—Specialty: Projection —Rank: C—Description: While flying lower then usual Asher's flight is not hindered allowing him to fly at his top speeds in the situation of a battle or in the need of freedom.

    —Name: Super Hot—Specialty: Projection  —Rank: C+—Description: Amplifying his own heat Asher boost his natural speed while in full fire form by 10% compared to other users of the general flight ability.

    —Name: Stamina —Specialty: Physical Prowess—Rank: C—Description: After years of working out and being physically fit Asher has attained a great level of stamina and uses this in every day life to last longer in certain situations.

    —Name: Aerial Pyrokenetic Combat —Specialty: Physical Prowess—Rank: D—Description: Using his natural human ability Asher uses his pyrokenetic powers in a new one allowing him great prowess in aerial combat involving his powers.

    —Name:(Leave blank until A-Level)—Specialty:—Rank:—Description:

Weapons/Devices:(2  D-Level weapons if you have weaponry spec if not you start with none)
Item Name: Fire Suit
Item Rank: C
Item Description: A simple green and white suit mostly green with the S.H.I.E.L.D symbol in the center.
Patent: N/A
Item Image: N/A
Item Power: Hellion's costume, and the rest of his wardrobe, is constructed of unstable molecules, which are attuned to his powers, allowing it to become burst into flame when he does. Hellion's costume has a complete data processing and telemetry system woven into its fabric on a molecular level, making it a wearable communications device between him and other shield agents and most notably home base. The costume forms a network with the rest of the S.H.I.E.L.D, providing a constant, real time uplink of everyone’s physical condition as well as their location and current situation (Only if they have S.H.I.E.L.D suits). The costume is capable of displaying data and has touch-pad controls on the gauntlets. Its sensors can track all of the team’s uniforms and provide a picture of their immediate vicinity.


The Background


Born in Vancouver on Feb.8th of 1993 in his parents personal inhouse hospital which was prepared just for him. His parents knew they were to have a child soon so they prepared a special area in their home for him. Upon birth they instantly knew their son was special.. But more special then they could possibly know. As a boy his parents learned quickly that he was always trying to draw stuff and express his creativity and he was pretty good at it considering he was just a child. His father ran one of the premiere engineer companies in America but chose to stay in their Canadian home to raise their son for the first few years of his life. While in a Canadian private school for gifted young men Asher learned he had great talents as a artist while in 2nd grade. These talents eventually led to him going on to win prize money for his paintings donating all his earnings to charity knowing he had enough money at home. Continuing his higher education at such a young age Asher was doing a project one night in his school when he dropped some flammable paint which sparked a fire. He was trapped in the room but the entire place burned around him. Shuttering throughout the school Asher and all the other kids were running about through trying to get out. Asher's left leg caught on fire but no damage was sustained. His clothing was burned but that was all. By the time the children got out Asher informed his parents of what happened and they tested him at home by burning his arm but nothing came from it. No pain no nothing.. Their son was truly "Gifted".

Quickly the couple took their son and moved to New York in their brownstone apartment where their son would enter a new academy for the gifted but was told to never speak of his powers again. Soon he would get right back to his artistic ways of excellence as he quickly got the attention and buzz all around New York making him someone to be feared on the artist market. He continued his winning ways all throughout highschool until the point he got a scholarship to this cool college in California. More of an artsy place and they wanted to have Asher there as a student. He was incredibly honored and didn't bother turning them down. Now a student in college Asher would get himself known around the campus while pledging to some odd frat where he was going to spend most of his days at.

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Hell on Wheels
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