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 Kid Arrow

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Lone Star


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PostSubject: Kid Arrow    Tue Jul 17, 2012 12:11 am

Kimberly Sosa Hines
Rich Adopted child by day.. Villian slayer by night

The Biography

Birth Name: Kimberly Sosa Hines.
Aliases: Yellow Arrow
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birth Date: August 10
Class: Human



Unlike her adopted step father Kim is known for her naturally blonde hair and her burning red eyes. She normally wears his hair back with 1 braid coming down her back on missions but when casually strolling around her hair is loose and wild. She is about 5'0" in height and 110 pounds with bright light skin considering she is from Australia she knows how to change her accent and turn it off for the sake of keeping her identity known when she is out patrolling with her step father. Her regular attire consist of her uniform which she wears to New York Prep Academy. Or her usual jeans and dresses and shirts. She does wear glasses which are white but not for visual purposes just to help her disguise. In her hero outfit she normally wears a slick suit which consist of leather pants which are patterned to be red and yellow along with a vest which has the same pattern. And two arm glove/sleeve combos. The bottom of her boots are plastic so she can effectively get around and not harm herself in electrical areas. She wears a utility belt which has 8 slots which connect from the center which is a giant S standing for Star. For her face she wears a domino mask over her eyes. During the last year Kimberly has grown alot taller standing at about 5"6 and her hair has grown too. With this physical change she also switched up her attire now sporting a sleek black suit with a yellow arrow on the chest area. She wears a yellow hood and yellow gloves and boots.

Personality: ]

Kimberly is a very bubbly little girl and danty. She  loves to play pranks on her close friends but likes to show she is also very smart. Most people normally like her because of her ability to let whats on her mind be shown. In school she is one of the smartest students when it comes to math and various other things, She proves to excel in most academics. Because of her troubled upbringing she was also kept in silence and never given a chance to speak she eventually became outspoken and will question anyone on something they say if she deems it sketchy. As for her adopted father she calls him D.C standing for his first name and his middle name. When any woman comes in his life she feels obligated to question them and find out if they deserve a date with her step father. She does truly care about him and lets him known considering she became his sidekick because she was such a huge fan of his. Within the last year Kimberly was forced to grow up some and become more of a hero when Lone Star felt he couldn't do the job anymore. Because of this change she grew much darker and began doing things the way Lone Star did.. Not Red Arrow. Soon after she convinced her father into his role as Lone Star again she went into the name Red Arrow and changed her style to that of his. She even went as far as to dye Lone Star's bow and arrows yellow.

The Capability

Rank: C


    Main Specialty: Techno Savvy
    Sub Specialty: Physical Prowess
    Sub Specialty: Weapon Expert


    Name: Shotokon
    Specialty: Physical Prowess
    Rank: D
    Description: Because of her training with her adoptive father Lone Star Kimberly has become adept in the use of Shotokon Karate probably on the level of a brown belt.

    Name: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    Specialty: Physical Prowess
    Rank: D
    Description: Years of training Kimberly has become very skilled in this art probably matching someone of the brown belt level in terms of ability.

    Name: Hacking 101
    Specialty: Techno Savvy
    Rank:  D
    Description: General skill in hacking common things ranging from Doors, to computers to even TV stations. Cannot hack anything of a higher rank.

    Name: Bo Master
    Specialty: Weapon Expert
    Rank: D
    Description: After making it her primary weapon Kimberly has become a master with the traditional baton and bo style of weapons.

    Name: Acrobatics
    Specialty: Physical Prowess
    Rank: D
    Description: Many classes and personal sessions with her adoptive father have poised her to have great skill in terms of acrobatic abilities and also helps her in the way she fights.

    Name: Mid Range Combat Specialist
    Specialty: Weapon Expert
    Rank: D
    Description: Because of her extensive training Kimberly has become skilled in the art of mid ranged weaponry such as daggers and most projectile like weapons.


    Name: Retractable Bo Staff
    Appearance: A electric yellow like color spanning 1 foot before button in the middle is pressed causing it to expand into 6 feet in height.
    Rank: D
    Description: Comprised of complete steel. Mainly used for close weaponry
    Origin: Given to her as a coming of age gift.

    Name: Daggers
    Appearance: 4 inches long 1 inch wide daggers colored electric yellow.
    Rank: D
    Description: Used mainly for mid range combat but can be used in a close combat situation. Comprised of steel. (Can only use 10 per topic)

The Background


Not much is known to the public eye besides Lone Star that Kimberly had lost her family in a boat fire arranged by his father long before the two met. She lived and was saved and became the primary piece in Lone Star's life after being adopted by her adopted father she quickly moved into his home and learned of his alter ego Red Arrow and begged to be apart of the team. With much hesitation Red Arrow agreed to let Kimberly join him and she made sure to become the perfect sidekick thus taking the name "Yellow Arrow". Soon after Red Arrow's vanishment and presumed death in New Jersey. Kimberly moved to their new york home where she found out her father went awall and started working for her adoptive grandfather causing her to hunt down her adoptive father to seek out answers.

Soon after joining Lone Star in his fight on crime the young heroine watched her adoptive father lose his drive to be a hero causing her to take over the main mantle of new york until the hero was ready to return. Working in the shadows Kid Arrow became somewhat of a known name to most criminals going as far to put a hit on her head for 10 million dollars. When she was captured this caused for Lone Star to come out of retirement and save his daughter and swear off killing going back to his original style which also sparked Kimberly's interest causing her to become Yellow Arrow.

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Kid Arrow
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