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 Fisrt Purchase

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PostSubject: Fisrt Purchase    Mon Jul 16, 2012 2:30 am

Name: Shapeshifting
Rank: C
Power: Full Symbiote integration
Description: By mere observation, Revel can form his body to look just like anyone he wants. This will not include birthmarks or tattoos he does not know about. He can also shift into animal or chimera type animals. He does not get the abilities of said animal, but merely looks and sound like them. Revel can also make up an identity like this, forming his own new persona if need be.

Name: Use me, Use me, I ain’t your average groupie.
Rank: C
Power: Full Symbiote integration
Description: This works along the same lines as the “Taking a Host” ability, but instead of Revel taking over he can either shut down his mind or just help the host when need be. The host gains all the abilities Revel has as long as it does not interfere with the host’s Physiology. This means If a person wears Revel, they cannot turn into a fully amorphous puddle and squeeze through a small crack in a wall, as this would mean that their body is now full integrated with the suit like Ace’s is, which will not happen. Revel can recede into the hosts or separate himself whenever he wants. While in the host he can talk mind to mind with no trouble and psychic abilities take two post longer to affect any of the three minds inside the host. The bonding of symbiote and host take a duration of two posts. The host may move around and preform any action he/she wishes, but cannot use any of Revel’s abilities until after the bond is complete. The user may post Revel. Separation from the host causes Revel to go into a two post cool down period where all of his stats are cut by 20%.

Name: Tendril manipulation
Rank: C
Power: Full Symbiote integration
Description: Revel can manipulate tendrils from all over his body at will. They can reach as long as his “webbing” abilities as long as they are used souly for that use. If they are used for being hardened and sharpened then they can only reach a 3 meter distance. Revel can produce up to 8 of these “combat” tendrils at a time.

Approved abilities link
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PostSubject: Re: Fisrt Purchase    Mon Jul 16, 2012 2:41 am

Prestige Deducted.
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Fisrt Purchase
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