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 Sakit {Done} L__Sugar_Shinigami_by_TheVanners
Humanity must be saved from itself.

The Biography

Birth Name: Sakit
Aliases: S
Gender: Male
Age: About 2500 years or so? He doesn't care enough to know the exact count.
Birth Date: Once the last keeper of the Underworld died. He ascended then.
Class: Otherworldly


Sakit has a very unusual appearance, being a keeper of the underworld, he has an inhuman, yet human appearence. He is what some superstitions call a death god, in that he has dominion over death to a degree. Beings like him live nearly infinitely many years, and are not easy to kill. Sakit himself takes an appaereance that, like some others of his kind, somewhat resembles his former form as a human being, but warped greatly. His body is covered in a blackish thing, and many people might call it that. It isn't really aparent wether or not it is clothing or fur. As far as he knows, it is closer to fur than anything, but unlike any animal fur on earth for sure. It is a very dark grey/charcoal/black color, which matches the color of his hair. His hair is kept fairly short, a medium short that really has no style other than messy. Greyish bandages cover his body in various places, though he isn't hurt. They are more of just something he wears, for absolutely no reason other than that when he became what he is, they came with it, so he wears them. Between his wings he has a weird thick "maine" of fur/whatever it is, that spreads out down his back, though it isn't all that long, just bit looking. He has the same color wings that are thickly feathered, and have the look of feathered dragon or bat wings, with a thumb-claw left. Oddly enough he may not even have wings sometimes. He seems to just tuck them inside himself, as if making them disappear when tucking them around himself literally into his body, and taking them out equally oddly. He stands a total of 6 feet 6 inches tall, fairly big, but lanky. His Abdomen is odd in that is is too thin, as if he is starvingly hungry, yet he really has no need for sustenance (though he can and may eat, he doesn't "need" to.) This enhances his weird look, int hat while very thin to the point normally you would see rib bones, you see no bones on him, creating the idea there might not be anything inside him, that he is just an animated husk in some people. He is mostly a type of undead to be honest, however he can "re-die" simply by killing him. Sakit has brown eyes, the iris perhaps larger than that of a humans, but not much so. His skin is a very pale color, yet flawless and in a way, beautiful, there is no real terrifying marks, etc. His face is often said to be pretty to view, especially in a good mood, when his smile lights him up. Elsewhere, his body is composed of many odd stitch marks that seem to indicate he was sewn together. These markings are part of his body, and don't really seem to be a weak point, and in memory he was never cut to ribbons and sewn back together, so it is assumed it is just a "birthmark" of sorts. Either way, he thinks tey look nice. His hands and feet are soemwhat clawed, his wrists bandaged up, and his feet having tufts of "fur" or whatever that is, coming from his body. He wears no shoes, and goes completely barefoot.


S, Sakit, Whatever you prefer, has a very unique personality. He is very odd, almost innocent to a degree. Though his body looks somewhat evil or creepy to some eyes, his facial features don't match that, and weird people out. He is easily amused by many things. He can cheer up quite simply just by getting something he likes to eat. There is just some childish innocence to him, that he can display, at the same time as creating a zombie minion, and creep everyone out. Perhaps the thing that drives this, is that he really isn't evil. People have a bad idea about the undead, the souls, etc. People seem to think he is practicing a vile perverse thing, not understanding truly what it is that he does. And combine that, with the sheer fright and emotional factors of seeing corpses move, and it's easy to call him evil. It's easy to assume he is trying to acomplish some dastardly goal. In truth, S has a goal beyond what others think of as a good goal. His goal, is to save the livings the pain of their dead loved ones. To help dead family members, relatives, etc. He comes to this world at the request of the dead to save it from the humans, who war, fight, and kill over petty things, causing their ownr ace so much hatred, fear, sadness, and pain. His goal is to stop that pain, by stopping the wars if at all possible. He comes at your dead relatives request to help ensure you live a happier life. He doesn't bind and torture your relatives soul as some so desperately want to assume he does. It would however be very wrong to think of him as childish, or ignorant, or stupid. For he is none of these. He is very intelligent, and capable of easily coming up with all kinds of plans, seemingly off the top of his head. He is very observant, and analytic. On the other hand, he is blunt. Very blunt. He doesn't lie unless nessisary, so don't ask questions to which you are not ready to hear the truth. If your dress looks ugly, don't ask if it looks good or not, unless you can stand to hear the truth.

The Capability



    Main Specialty: Projection
    Sub Specialty: Weaponry


    Main Power: Necromancy:

    Necromancy is a fairly broad power, like telepathy, which can mean many things. Necromancy often can mean communicating with the dead via many methods, or downright raising of the dead. Necromancy as a power, when fully developed, offers many abilities. Some of these are things such as communing with souls to gain information, the ability to predict death or sickness, in addition to the common modern definition, of using necromancy to raise spirits of the dead in various forms from ghosts, wraiths, zombies, skeletons, etc. It is also a means to divine or predict the future. Necromancy can also refer to things having to do with the soul, such as placing the soul of one being into a container, or modifying such a thing, controlling them. An example would be someone skilled in this power putting the soul of a dog into a wolf skeleton to create a sentient skeletal pet. Necromancy can also mean animation as a hole, animating inanimate things to serve a purpose.

    Main Power: Decay Manipulation:

    Decay manipulation also spans a large amounts of possible things. from decaying a building into a rotting husk, to taking rotting wood, and reversing it to arrive at good wood again. Because all things decay or decompose over time, this becomes a versatile to more powerful the user. At S rank even doing things like rusting normal bullets mid flight, corroding armor, sheilds, weapons, buildings, or un-corroding them. Or something like taking a corpse, un-deccaying it tot he point it looks perfectly intact. This field, while narrow sounding, is immensely powerful depending upon the mind of the user.

    Main Power:(Leave blank until B-Level)
    Sub Power:(Leave Blank Until A-Level)
    Sub Power:(Leave Blank Until A-Level)


Necromancy Abilities:

Decay Manipulation Abilities:


Weapons/Devices:(2 D-Level weapons if you have weaponry spec if not you start with none)

    Name: Scythe
    Appearance: A long straight shaft, with a rather simplistic, yet nice look to it. It doesn't have a fancy design, and is rather simple, being a charcoal black-gray (the same color as most of his body).
    Description: A sythe, used for cutting grass, cutting heads, a walking stick, something to fiddle with, something to use for intimidation, etc. The blade has a very simple mechanism that allows it to fold so the blade rests near the shaft, conserving space. Unlike some, this scythe isn't huge with a shaft as long as he is tall, and a very long blade, etc.
    Origin: A simply scythe obtained from a mutant merchant who sold odd weapons, as a replacement for the scythe he has in the "underworld" which he was unable to take with him when he came to the living world.

    Name: Dagger
    Appearance: A dagger with a charcoal black-gray handle the same color as the scythe. The dagger blade is about 6 inches long
    Description: The handle of the dagger matches the color of the scythe exactly, because the dagger is sheathed in the end of the scythe, making the dagger look nearly invisible, just being the end of the shaft of teh scythe. This allows it to function as a hidden weapon for throwing, slashing, stabbing, whatever.
    Origin: Bought with the scythe as a set.

The Background


Sakit, sometimes just known as S, was never really born. He came about when someone in "earth 616"'s "living world" died, and their soul got sent to the "earth 616"'s underworld of sorts. This world was where allt he souls of those that died on earth went after death. A sort of alternate version of earth, filled with the souls of the dead. It it's really an unpleasent place. Unlike what one might thing, it isn't filled with shambling corpses, but often the undead there choose to resemble the bodies they had when living, though some may choose to take the form of skeletons, and other such beings. This alternate or underworld deminsion of earth was ruled by various keepers, each in charge of specific areas. One might say that, for example, Keeper A was in charge of keeping the souls of those who died of suicide, or those who died in Africa. Other keepers kept different souls. Each time a keeper died for some reason, a soul would "ascend" and take on a shinigami type form, adn replace them. This is how Sakit, or S, came to be. S helps watch over the souls of the dead, and did so for a great many years. To be honest, he really doesn't know how many. After hundreds of years, the years mean less and less.

After many years of hearing the plight of the souls of the dead, his heart became greatly burdened. The tales of teh dead, how they feared for their families, who were still living, how mankind was going to destroy itself, constant wars and the fear, anger, and other issues, he became so burdened that he felt he needed to do something about it. It was clear that humanity was going to wipe itself out. Pointless wars, and superhumans becoming more and more common, threatening to wipe out humanity. The souls of the dead cried out to him, begging him to try and stop it, try and save their living relativves from destroying themselves with constant wars. The dead told him tales of great sorrow, humans waging pointless wars against one another for no real reason. The dead cried out for someone to save their living relatives from their fate, to save them from destroying themselves. Sakit was moved with compassion. He could feel the sadness of the dead. He contacted another keeper, and manged to cross fromt he world of the dead, tot he living world, to help stop the pointless suffering the living inflicted upon themselves. However, in the crossing from the underworld to the living world, Sakit's powers were sapped a bit, reducing him from a powerfull keeper to a lower level otherworldly, until he can train himself back up to his true power int he world of the living, where necrommantic powers are harder to use.

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