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 Alliances of Salvation and Destruction? (Groups/Factions)

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PostSubject: Alliances of Salvation and Destruction? (Groups/Factions)   Fri May 25, 2012 2:44 am

So our friend, Captain Hygiene, is tired of flying solo. He needs to band together with other superheros in order to accomplish his goals. But a temporary group won't do. He is assembling a powerful team of elite heros. Leadership will be shared with the great prinny messiah, the prinny mask. But he needs more! Just two heros is not enough! So, he has come to help write this guide in order to recruit an able bodies hero.

So what are groups? Well, Captain Hygiene here knows quite well, but let us explain for less knowledgeable or new heros.

Groups are semi-permanent alliances between hero's, villains, or just random groups of characters who avoid alt he good vs evil crap. They serve a main function or purpose. They have a constant goal. What is this goal? Well, it depends. It might be a group set forth to counter a specific few villains/heros, or a group who plans to kill all super-beings in the universe, because they feel they are un-nessisary. A group can have any goal.

So then, what are the benefits you ask? Well, approved factions/groups can get their own color. That's right, their own color (assuming it is not taken, or too close to a taken color. (not a pale off white for example.) and this is a nice little thing to have on the forum. Groups also share costs at getting their base.

What kind of base you ask? Well a super-hero type base...full of...meeting rooms with lots of maps...a library...whatever you choose to put in them short of weapons and security systems. It can be a cave in a random cliff in arazona for all that matters. And it's likely that the only way you are going to get a base for your character, is in a group. Why? Bases cost 300 Prestige, and groups have, get this, the ability to share prestige costs. So a group of 5 hero's can get a sparkling new base, full of personal rooms, bathrooms, libraries, whatever, by dividing that 300 Prestige by 5. So, a group of 5 can each pay 60 Prestige, and get a base they can all use.

In addition, there are other benefits. Groups can help train one another, reducing things like prestige or word count costs of teaching one another if applicable. If two characters who can fly are in a group, and one has many flying abilities for his power, he can teach those to another person ho can fly, splitting the training/purchasing cost. This enables old, wize, and powerful beings to share their knowledge and possibly vast stores of prestige with weaker heros in order to help them along.

So, in summation, groups gain all sorts of abilities.

1} Their own color!
1} Their own page!
2} The ability to buy a base at reduced prices. (by splitting the cost)
3} The ability to split training and Prestige costs of some skills, abilities, etc. if applicable.
4} The ability to split costs of base security systems.
4} The ability to split costs of other technology if applicable. (an example being helping the techno guy buy materials so he can build weapons for all the group to use, etc.
5} You gain Faction Prestige by RPing with a character who is in a Faction, which can be spent to do things like, buy a base, security systems for the base, weapons for group members, etc. etc.
6} Bonus +10% prestige for every faction member in a topic when submitting is for prestige.
7} Can use co-op Abilities(team abilities that equal the combined power of what each member puts into it. Only thing that can rival/beat unlimited abilities)

So then, you must be wondering....How do I join one?

Well, it's really quite easy, but there are a few things that slow it down. Groups need at least 3 members. So, No great benefits unless you have 3 members of the group. In addition, the group looses these benefits if it ever drops below 3 members. (However they keep what they already have) And, because you will be Rping with these members a lot, you will want to make sure they are of a time-zone that is good for you. That way you don't get one person who is 10 hours ahead of you, and one that is 3 hours behind you, and one that is 13 hours behind you, etc. Next, you will  want to be comfortable with one another RP styles. You will be Rping a lot with one another, so, don't join a group with people you can't stand.

Here are the instructions for creating a Group/Faction:

Fill out the template below:

Faction Name: The name of the group, this part is obvious, but can be hard picking.
Faction Members: There must be a minimum of 3 members.

[url=LINKHERE]CHARNAMEHERE[/url] [Account]
[url=LINKHERE]CHARNAMEHERE[/url] [Account]
[url=LINKHERE]CHARNAMEHERE[/url] [Account]
[url=LINKHERE]CHARNAMEHERE[/url] [Account]
[url=LINKHERE]CHARNAMEHERE[/url] [Account]
[url=LINKHERE]CHARNAMEHERE[/url] [Account]

Faction History: At least 2 paragraphs long
Faction Goal: A sentence or two
Faction Symbol: Optional
Faction Color request: Code is preferred (example: #696994)

Simply post your information in a new topic in this forum. Please do kindly Not take forever. WiP groups will be archived if you take a couple weeks trying to get members. And a mod will check it, and, if the character links work out, etc. you will all make a topic, where you join togerher and make this group IC. From there you are good to go. (You may have to have your super-buds hang out in your moms basement till you get your evil lair of doom.)

Question & Answers

My group/faction makeup has changed. A new member joined/a member quit/location shifted/etc. What should I do?

Re-submit the template with the changed information. The Faction List will be edited if the change is valid.

The color I want is taken, can I have it?

Ask, and we can check. If the faction is not active anymore, it may be pronounced inactive, and their color will be open, though their base and whatnot might also be archived, but can be recovered later. The color will be yours untill the group breaks up, or goes inactive, etc.

How do I quit my group?

Groups are semi-permanent. You can't just quit for no reason. It has to be done IC, and then the group must be updated. Be warned, IC wise, if the group is evil, don't expect them to just let you go, they may attack you for your betrayal. And OOC wise you don't want a rep for quitting a lot. Groups who fall below three members, loose their benefits completly.
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PostSubject: Re: Alliances of Salvation and Destruction? (Groups/Factions)   Tue Jul 15, 2014 10:19 pm

Updated as of 7/15/2014


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Alliances of Salvation and Destruction? (Groups/Factions)
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