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 Prestige Rules

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Prestige Rules Empty
PostSubject: Prestige Rules   Prestige Rules EmptyFri May 25, 2012 12:05 am

[These may be added to and changed at any time]

  1. Alright so first of all, you can't get prestige for dem solo topics they aren't worth anything because you know, you control everything about them is stupid, they just sorta waste space on the forum and you definitely shouldn't get Prestige for them, so you won't!

  2. If your dude/dudette dies, a quarter of the Prestige that was gathered in their shortened life span goes to a character of your choice, even a new one!

  3. Alright if you want to get your Prestige you got to make sure everyone left the topic! Plus to make sure you don't all try to farm (not that you would on purpose) Prestige from that topic one of y'all gotta post that you're posting up the topic for Prestige scoring. So yeah do it, or else no scoring yaaaaayyyy!!!!

    There is an exception though, if people go inactive or die or something you can wait a week from the last post and then post it up for scoring and then get you some Prestige.

  4. So when you got some NPC's up in here, the person playing the NPC gets the Prestige for being the NPC and gets to give it to any character they have, giving them an incentive to be an NPC and such.

  5. For all you brahs that get tired of your characters you can go ahead and get rid of them and declare them dead, refer to rule 2 for what happens once you declare em dead.

  6. Make sure to indicate the Teams and/or Factions involved so they can get their Prestige too.

All Misuse or Taking advantage of Prestige Moderators, or in the case of moderators, their powers with the account book, is not tolerated.
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Prestige Rules
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