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 Rules and other usefull information

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PostSubject: Rules and other usefull information   Rules and other usefull information EmptyWed May 23, 2012 1:13 am

These rules are basic common sense. It's obvious, and that is why they will be upheld. Use your common sense before reading the below rules, and you are sure to predict 9/10 of them.

1} Respect the staff. There is no need for flaming, or getting angry. Members of staff have lives. They have RL issues, like tests, classes, sicknesses, and other such things. Never forget that if a staff member poofs for a day or two, that you should not critize them. In addition, no whining and complaining about the staff. There is no need to call the entire staff lazy and doing nothing, there is simply no reason to do this, any legitimate issues can be taken up with the admins. Please respect the staff, and let them do their jobs in peace. Failure to do so may result in warnings, temporary baning, and later permanent banning. In addition, never bump a topic unless 24 hours bare minimum has passed without anyone looking at it.

2} Respect other members. Flaming, spamming, and otherwise pointless arguing will not be tolerated. If someone has had issues, has cheated, god modded, or broken a rule, contact a staff member, mods for normal members, and admins for a mod problem. There is no need to acuse, simply let the staff sort it out, it is their job. Untill then, be peacefull and don't stir more things up.

3} Members not related to an application have no business posting on them, please refrain from doing so. If they are using something of yours, fine you may post giving them permission, or asking that they remove it, short of such things, no non staff member is ever to post on an application, unless said application is their own. In addition, please comply with staff members and edits they ask you to make. If you make a character with an OP ability and they try to nerf it, respect their opinions, and politely object, siting logically reasons for your cause.

4} This forum is, by Forumotion rules, PG-13 as it's base. If you are going to get vulgar, cussing every other word, obscenely bloody, gorey, etc. you MUST say so in the topic title. (when creating the topic not later) If you fail to do so, it may get voided, and warnings and other punishments will be issued. Keep these topics to a minimum. There is no need for half the topics to be rated mature, R, whatever.

5} Do not spam, there is a time and a place for spamming, but all over the place, and in any thread, is not the time. This will be punished. In addition, spam PM advertising, etc. will result in a bann, no questions asked. If you want to advertise, ask the head admin, without proof of permission, you will be banned. In addition, do not endlessly rant or spam on the cbox, mods may kick or ban you from the chat if you do so, be wary and use common sense.

6} Please keep a decent standard of PM. There is NEVER an appropriate situation for 1 or 2 liners. You must be able to post bare minimum of a decent paragraph. 3 lines, won't cut it. In addition, please use the forums spell checking function to get rid of some mistakes, and try to use correct grammar. It isn't much to ask, and it gives people more to go off of. Ever try posting 600 words minimum Rping with a person who does 3-4 lines? It's near impossible, they give too little to go off of. In addition, in fights and such, be as specific as you can. In addition, always roleplay in the third person. For example "I walk into the kitchen and pour myself a simple glass of milk, my shirt fluttering a bit in a breeze coming from an open window, the milk tastes sour, so I spit it out" is not acceptable. It should be "Kaira walked into the kitchen and poured herself a class of milk, her clothing fluttering from a light breeze issuing from the window. Upon tasting the milk and realizing it was sour, she pat it into the garbage and threw the jug away." This is easier to respond to, and gives more details. So, no "I" in roleplaying please. He, She, etc. are all good.

7} In the event, in a fight, someone has failed to post in 48 hours, after being attacked, the attacker may determing the attack as a success, and post realistic results. Throwing a dagger, is not going to decapitate someone, so be realistic. However, in the even they have an away topic, or have notified staff, of their absence prior to leaving, or can explain a serious issue preventing them from notifying staff or posting an away topic, the auto hit will be ignored and they will be allowed to post their response as normal.

8} There may be no auto hitting. That means no attack can automatically hit someone, without giving them a chance to dodge. Any such attack will be made to be edited, and a warning issued. Do not even make things that can auto hit, they will be denied, there is no debating this rule.

9} No one may god mod. God modding is the act of determining someone other than your characters actions. If you post saying you threw a dagger and that it hit their neck and they bled to death, expect staff to jump down your throat and make you change it. This stuff will not be allowed, there is always an IF that allows for someone to dodge, avoid, etc. Similarly, Meta Gaming, is strictly banned. Meta gaming is the use of Out Of Character, OOC, knowledge in an In Character, IC, setting. For example hearing about the location of a secret base on the chatbox, and going their IC, when your char has nor eason to know it exists, etc.

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PostSubject: Re: Rules and other usefull information   Rules and other usefull information EmptyThu May 24, 2012 7:56 pm

Okay, now it is time for the more advanced stuff. The things that make or break the site. And the things many people are not going to want to read if they are known on other sites for being super OP, (Over Powered) or bending the rules.

1} The staff has the right, upon realizing that something has slipped through and is being used badly, or is greatly OP, to require edits be made to that character, skill, power, etc. This means, If you somehow get "weight manipulation" with a skill that lets you change other peoples weight, and get it approved, here is the staff's backup system. If you go KOing people and it becomes clear that the power was less OP sounding when written, or that it is being used in a way not known at the time, etc. The staff MAY un approve it, and force changes. This is a warning. If you are a person who likes sneaking things in, it may be banned later, leaving you screwed. If you have a doubt as to whether it will be OP, or else abused, or perhaps you want to use it in a way most people wouldn't think of, ask a staff member, and tell them how you want to use it. It is better it comes out now, than you make it, and 2 weeks later, it becomes obvious that it is OP, and your char gets un-approved. Such things are NOT going to just be "grandfathered in" If it ruins the character, seek admin permission to create another character of the same rank, etc. If you abused it a lot, expect a "No."

2} "I made this awesome gun that shoots out and makes someones nose hair grow 10 feet and this person stole the idea and got it approved!" Well, this is inevitable. After a site has been around a while and has a fair few characters under their belt, it happens. There is simply no way for them to know every weapon, every power, every skill, every machine, etc. of every other person. That is unrealistic. And before whining and complaining and griping, this is one of the few times you have the ability to post in another members application. In other words, if you see an otherworldly with your mutants power(s) described similarly, etc. this is one of the exceptions. You are allowed to post, 1 time, telling them politely that you have this exact thing, and politely asking them to change it.  While doing this, you need to link your own thing that they are "steeling" or copying, as proof.  The staff/mod will examine it, and determine whether or not the power/weapon/etc is viable and whether it is or is not a copy. "But it was already approved! Fire that mod he should have known!" This is illogical. Everyone likely things their char was more memorable, or their power/whatever was so unique that the staff will remember it. This is not so. After grading so many characters, no one is going to remember what was whose, etc. Instead of whining about it, contact the staff, link your proof, and they will, if necessary, un approve the other parties character/weapon/whatever for edits.

3} "This staff member hates me, and is being biased against me by refusing to allow ___ or un approved ___ because they hate me! Fire him/her!" Again, members love to declare bias. Some members have been known to make it their favorite hobby. I can't tell you how many times I have seen this happen. It is often not likely. I myself have un approved things and in every case, quite honestly,  anger at anyone in particular, was not a part of it. If your case is great enough and you are sure, use the system for offenses between members/staff and there will be an investigation of sorts. But be warned. Remember the story of the boy who called wolf? or the boy who called super biased mod?  In the end he cried so much that when a real one showed up, no one believed him and the baised mod ate him...err the wolf ate him alive. O.O So please, don't call wolf...biased mod..etc. unless you have some strong evidence. If you cry and it turns out they did it because your stuff was OP, etc. well...most likely your case will look bad.

4} "A mod screwed up, fire them!" Well....All mods make mistakes. Admins make mistakes. On another site, I once accidentally deleted a few apps that were wips for ages. When a member lost something he had actually been working on, without mentioning names, I did my best to fix his char back to the way it was, adding all the bought jutsu I could, etc. etc. to make it right. It had been a mod for a few months total. Mods screw up. Sometimes, like my case, BAD. It happens. I learned a lot, and it ain't happening again. In fact, screwing up every so often makes all mods better mods. Have I had things un approved after I approved them? Yes, not rarely. Have I done the same, Yes, not rarely. So relax, and be compassionate, instead of ranting and trying to get them fired for a screw up. My situation with an un named member of a past site (he is free to tell anyone, I don't mind, he knows who he is) isn't mad anymore. I did some work to fix it.  So try to be understanding. Most mods will help you replace anything you lost, etc. if it was there fault.

5} "My character/whatever was approved by an admin/head mod and a lower/new mod just un approved it!" Well, most mods are mods because the head admin chose them, and he doesn't choose people that are just going to strictly observe the hierarchy. If I ever make admin, and a new mod un approves something, fine, I am happy someone caught my lil screw up. It happens. Sometimes another set of eyes looking catches things the other set missed. Sometimes a power is phrased in a way one mod things is okay, only for another to see the potential for great OP/meta/god-modding in it. Honestly, as the lowest level of true mod on another site, referenced (but not by name) as above, I went over higher rank mods and un approved things frequently. And mod who favors keeping their job by not making the higher ups mad, of than actually doing their job as a mod, does not deserve to be mad. If I screw up, and you notice it, un approve it. Members, accept this.

6} "This person just MG'd into my characters secret lair type...thing?" Well, it happens. And feel free to report it using the methods described in the appropriate topic(s). But first, please post, perhaps in an ((OOC: ________________)) comment on your next RP post, or without Rping, requesting they state their IC reasoning for doing ___. Sometimes things will be clarified, and they will not have MG'd much, sometimes it is pure OOC knowledge that could screw your character up that they are using IC. If they can't explain how it makes sense, or refuses to edit it out, then report it. And no lengthy string of OOC comments in your RP threads, Pm's, Skype, or even a topic devoted to the OOC stuff of a single very important topic, is fine. If Mods can read the topic, and evidence provided by both sides, and make a ruling, and the member may be forced to leave the topic, and forget everything IC.

7} "Can I make a character with all of supermans powers?" "Can I make wolverine?" Well, canon characters from any marvel series are banned. No magneto, etc. BUT you can make someone with superman powers, as long as it is clear you are not creating a copy. use a different image, personality, etc. give it a nice quirk. If you use a superman image, quote, etc. you are going to make members scoff at you as if you just made a Sasuke Uchiha on a naruto RP site. No one wants cannon copies. So please, make the difference obvious, even if you use the same powers. Or, make the powers different, even if you use the same image or personality. FOr example, use Batmans image, but turn him into a villain with different powers, and suddenly, it becomes more fun for others to read, and for you to RP with.
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Rules and other usefull information
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