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 Ezekiel Tempest

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Azazel Cross

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PostSubject: Ezekiel Tempest   Ezekiel Tempest EmptySun Aug 03, 2014 1:57 am

Birth Name: Ezekial Tempest
Aliases:  Deadeye. EZ. ET
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birth Date: October 1st
Class: Accident/Experiment

Appearance: Ezekiel is 5’ 9" tall and weighs 180 pounds. He has an athletic build yet he is slender. He has short silver head and loves to wear anything white. Usually consisting of long sleeves, long pant, gloves, high collared shirts  covering up his body completely. He wears an eye patch over his left eye and his right eye is light blue.

Ezekiel is a lazy individual who never likes to do anything until the last minute or critical moments. Despite this he is dedicated to protecting the innocent or those unlucky enough to be his friends. He is very sarcastic often cracking dry jokes at ill advised moments. He usually stays calm never wanting to tell others about his life or show his emotions but this can lead to bent up bitterness and anger that could eventually destroy him physically and/or mentally. He is a sucker for women usually trying anyways to befriend them.

Weapons Expert


Main Specialty: Weapons Expert
Sub Specialty: Leadership


Main Power: Enhanced Vision-Ezekiel has enhanced vision greater than that of a normal human. With his vision he can see all around him in a 360 field of vision up to 10km. He can focus in a single direction up to 30km. He can also see movements a second or less before they happen much like a tracking system projecting what pahts you take by your movements (not foresight)  allowing him to react quicker than that of a person with the average sight. This gives him the ability to react to some high speed movements giving him the appearance of having greater speed when in fact he is really just adjusting to the tracked movements before they actually happen. However against super fast opponents he may fair better than someone with the average sight but he would still be susceptible to their attacks. With his great vision he is fairly accurate while attacking allowing him to hit with efficient striking and not just random powerful blows. With the accurate striking his blows are stronger than average.

Sub Power: N/a at the moment

Sub Power: (1/2 Price)


Name:Slow Mo
Range: Self, Melee
Rank: C
Power Type: Main
Duration: 3 posts
Power: Enhanced Vision
Description: By focusing entirely on his eye power he begins to see all. With already being gifted with great vision when he focuses his sights on something he can see it as if it were in a slower motion then original. (For speedsters he will probably see you at a normal pace or just slightly above average pace. He is not controlling time so he also moves as he sees it but this gives him better time to counter. On the outside it would look as if he had extraordinary relexes.


Skill Name: Checkmate
Skill Specialty:Sub
Skill Range:Self
Skill Description: With his enhanced eye abilities he is able to perceive things clearly often noticing the opposing plan before it is complete allowing him to formulate counteractive measures and good plans for a team as a whole. His eye makes him a good choice for leader of operations on anyone’s team.

Skill Name: Sharp Shooter
Skill Specialty: Main
Skill Range:Long
Skill Description: With his eye power he has the ability to see long distances and track movements making guns a great choice. Missing isn’t a real easy option for him. You can count Ezekiel to hit his mark as long as you are in the sight of his eye. Gun projectiles become 15% more effective

Skill Name: Slasher
Skill Specialty: Sub
Skill Range: Self
Skill Description: His eye has helped him become a great fighter in the samurai style. Quick reflexes and light but strong movements.Some might even call him the blindswordsman. Sword strikes are 15 %more effective.

Item Name:The Sword of Michael 
Item Range: 2 meters
Item Rank: S
Item Description: The sword of Michael is a long blade about the same size as Ezekiel but is shaped like a traditional Katana with Japanese markings along the blade. It also has a Lion crest on the hilt and the hilt is perfectly balanced with the blade. Ezekiel usually walks around with it on his back but has black velvet bandages covering the blade only unwrapping them if it is needed. It is made of  Adamantium making it a very strong weapon. 
Item Power: The user can cut through solid objects and enemies with relative ease and can send back S rank projectiles. The strike of this blade is so strong and swift that a projectile of sharp air will be created in the direction and length of the strike capable of inflicting fatal wounds. Its last ability takes advantage of its strong build. 5 times per battle/event the user can stab the ground with the blade causing powerful seismic tremors to effect the area up to 20 meters away from the user (with him as epicenter) very dangerous in urban areas.

Item Name:Handguns 
Item Range:Close-Long 
Item Rank: D
Item Description: Average run of the mill handsguns

Item Power: Shoot D rank projectile bullets. Nothing really special.

The Background
Ezekiel was orphaned at a young age when his parents died. He had a terrible attitude and was somewhat of a spoiled kid so no foster parents were available. When he left the orphanage at 16 he was kidnapped and taken into a strange facility. The considered themselves people with esteemed “morals” because the subjects of these experiments were people who did not contribute to society. They vowed only to take these kind of people in and Ezekiel fit the resume. No parents, no friends, an orphanage runaway, no education. The experiments conducted were to enhance the five senses touch, taste, sight, smell, and hearing and Ezekiel happened to be chosen for sight. Many of the experiments were failures resulting in complications after short term success or no success at all. When Ezekiel (Project 8071) was tested he begin to experience immense eye irriatation, severe headaches and then full body paralyses resulting in what appeared to be a coma. Considered to be a failure after weeks in this state he was cast on a ship sent to a volcano where the rejects were meant to be tossed into never to be seen from again. Even though Ezekiel was still alive they were going to go through with this. Waking up from his coma Ezekiel killed the men on the boat stumbling over his own powers as he became nauseated by the 360 vision and far sight hitting him all at once. His special eye was colored a bright glowing white that seemed to shine; however, his other eye went blind due to the experiments. He could not use his special eye for long periods of time and wore an eyepatch over it using it only when he needed to; however, when his eyepatch is on he can’t see anything due to complications of the experiment. It is normal that the body compensates for loss by upping the abilities of other senses but this is not on a supernatural level only within reason. Due to the events that happened he became more of a reserved individual, at first cursing his ability but then appreciating them. He was able to easily retain knowledge from books he read and remember procedural steps from any job that he worked due to his eye. It was after he turned 18 that he decided to use this to fight crime when he protected another orphan on the streets from a regular criminal. Remembering what happened to him in the past he quickly disposed of the criminal and vowed to stop criminals whether they be on the street or in high offices like the government. A few months into his crime fighting days he stumbled across a legendary sword that gave him great power. It must have been some great blade as he has never seen anything like it.

Flaw Name: Blood Shot
Flaw Type: Prolonged Use
Flaw Description: Due to being a prototype of this experiment he is still what you would call a failure in long dragged out affairs or battle when the user uses his eye too much during battle or for whatever reason for 15 posts his special eye begins to bleed at which point it becomes extremely painful to use and he begins experiencing headaches having occasional blurriness during use. He must close his eye or cover it to prevent progressing symptoms however the bleeding and headaches have to stop on their own. Symptoms include eye
irriation, headaches, bleeding eye these occur  during the 5 posts after 15 posts has reached (15-20) makes it hard to function effeiciently
If continued use blurred vision occurs on (20-25 posts along with previous symptoms)
If for some reason he continues or isnt killed he has one more usage of the eye and then experiences temporary blindness for ten posts and paralysis on the right side of his body for ten posts as well.

Flaw Name: Blind Faith
Flaw Type: Lost something I needed
Flaw Description: Due to complications of the sight experiment only one of his eyes received the special sight which in fact compensates for any loss of sight from the other eye; however, when it isn’t active Ezekiel is blind. He sometimes struggles with the fact that he has the greatest and worst sight at the same time having glimpses of the beauty of earth only to have it snatched in an instant darkness but he tries to function normally.

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Ford Perfect

Ford Perfect

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Ezekiel Tempest Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ezekiel Tempest   Ezekiel Tempest EmptyMon Aug 04, 2014 2:48 am

Two things.

1. Enhanced Vision isn't a speciality, the list of these can be found here

2. With two flaws, you are eligable for the following rewards from the Flaw System
Quote :
2 Flaws

1 Mid sized Adamantium weapon
1 free Main power
1000 Prestige
1 free tech upgrade
1 Free S-Rank Ability

So, feel free to pick one out of those and create something.

You can add two D-ranked weapons/items for free as part of the app.
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Azazel Cross

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PostSubject: Re: Ezekiel Tempest   Ezekiel Tempest EmptyMon Aug 04, 2014 5:28 pm

Okay so I edited. I added D rank handguns and an S rank sword (Adamantium pick). Hope the abilites on that are fair. Also changed physical prowess to weapon expert and added leadership.Changed Main power ability.Just giving you things to look for so you dont have to find em yourself.
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PostSubject: Re: Ezekiel Tempest   Ezekiel Tempest Empty

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Ezekiel Tempest
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