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 Dream Sequence 01: On The Run

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Axel Taylor

Axel Taylor

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PostSubject: Dream Sequence 01: On The Run   Wed Jul 30, 2014 12:57 am

In a Dream:

Axel has been on the run from SHIELD for two entire months. His defiant and rebellious nature seems to have put him on the radar for the organization and many others. He hasn't spoken to his short term friends Remy or Logan in the past 6 months, since his silent departure from the organization. They were once a team that worked under SHIELD but Axel saw the malevolent plans the organization had and despite his efforts to convince the others, they did not believe. Since then, Axel had been stirring the fire under SHIELD in hopes to expose the corrupt organization but that just labeled him an enemy and a threat to society.

Axel sat in a coffee shop, oddly similar to the one he sat in long ago when the day he had met Logan and Remy and their lives were forever changed. However unlike that day, this one was rather gloomy. It was raining and dark clouds blocked the sun. The coffee shop was relatively empty other than an old couple, a young teen girl, and Axel himself.

Axel was dressed in all black. He had hood over his head, hiding his now long blonde hair. His clothes overall looked a bit worn, nothing like his usual modelesque looks. He looked like he's been through the roughest time and that's for an obvious reason. There was a half empty cup of coffee on the table in front of him, no longer warm. He sat with his hand to his mouth, nibbling on his thumb nail in anticipation. He was paranoid to be frank. He had a hard time trusting people these days. SHIELD had started using some of their best covert sleepers in their hunt for him. ANYONE literally could be working for SHIELD and gunning for his head. It didn't matter how old or young they looked. He had seen it all. At least that's what he thought.

Axel was in this shop for one reason. He was waiting. Intel he had gathered said he would find Remy in this area on this day around this time. She would be in the area for SHIELD duty. Hopefully for a priority that didn't include bringing Axel into custody. He wasn't sure how trustworthy the info was but he had to try. Things were getting bad and SHIELD was closer to their goal. He was going to make one last attempt at convincing Remy to believe him. But he knew this would be difficult since he and Remy never really saw eye to eye on anything.
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Dream Sequence 01: On The Run
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