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 Abel "The Electric Assassin" Stratton.

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PostSubject: Abel "The Electric Assassin" Stratton.   Mon Jul 28, 2014 5:29 pm

Character Name Here
Quote/ETC. Here

The Biography

Birth Name:Abel Stratton
Aliases:The Electric Assassin
Birth Date:6/18
Class:  Mutant

Appearance:Abel has blonde hair, like a golden blonde.  It is very long flowing down to his shoulders.  He often ties it up before combat to keep it from distracting him.  He has greens but also wears glasses, while not prescription and are used just for fashion. He stands at 5'11 and weighs 195 lbs with an athletic lean build.

He has two hoop ear piercing one for each ear.  He also has a black cloud tattooed on his back symbolizing the element he was given at his birth.  

Abel, despite being trained in ninjutsu, doesn't wear shinobi gear unless he has too.  He usually sports some straight fit jeans, some tennis shoes, a t shirt and a jacket.  However, if a stealth based mission is in the works, he will wear his grey gi and mask.
Personality: Abel since he was a child, has had an electric personality. Very outgoing and attracts attention upon arriving at the scene.  Something strange when it comes to shin obi. He is a very determined man, when setting a goal, not settling for anything other then success. This helped him pass through his training at a very young age. He dedicates himself to a mission to the point, he will sacrifice his life for it.  He never goes back on promises he makes to anyone.  He has a code of honor, and refuses to take the life of the innocent and weak.  He dedicates himself to protecting children and innocent women.  During combat, he can shut down and eliminate all types of emotion if he needs to get the job done due to his training.

The Capability


Main Specialty:Projection
Sub Specialty:Weapons Expert


Main Power:Electricity Manipulation
Sub Power: Ninjutsu (Through Flaw)

Flaw Name:Handsigns
Flaw Type:Conditional Power Flaw
Flaw Description:Abel has to preform several hand signs to preform his ninjutsu techniques, which leaves him wide open for attacks and could allow targets to escape.

Name:Shock Beam
Range:Self, Melee
Rank: C
Power Type: Main
Power:Electricity Manipulation
Description: Abel is able to concentrate his electric energy into a beam and focus it on a target and fire it at a target.  The beam is fired at 50 mph and is around 1000 degrees F

Rank: C
Power Type: Main
Duration:One hit
Description:Abel can replicate himself or one objection into a copy of the original.  He can only create one clone at C rank, and the clone can only endure one hit before dispersing.


Skill Name:Shocking Truth
Skill Specialty:Projection
Skill Range:n/a
Skill Description:Abel's electricity based abilities have a 25% boosted effectiveness

Skill Name:Enhanced Aiming
Skill Specialty:Weapons Expert
Skill Range:Long
Skill Description:Abel's trained eye helps him aim long ranged weapons increasing his efficiency with them by 25%

Skill Name:Electrifying Snack
Skill Specialty:Projection
Skill Range:Self
Skill Description:Abel is able to absorb electricity for various appliances or other electricity producing items in order to boost his own abilities by 15% for 3 posts.

Skill Name:Enhanced Gunmanship
Skill Specialty:Weapons Expert
Skill Range:n/a
Skill Description:Abel, an expert in several different types of weapons, is proficient in wielding fire arms and increases efficiency by 25%

Item Name:Stinger
Item Range: Close
Item Rank: C
Item Description: A ninjato (ninja sword), a very light sword weighing about 1 lb, and is about 20 inches long. Kept in a sheath on his back.  
Item Power: n/a

Item Name: Ninja Stars
Item Range: long
Item Rank: C
Item Description: Small projectiles with 6 sharp edges used to be thrown at targets.  Abel carries about 20 of them with him in a pouch on his side.
Item Power: n/a

The Background

History: Abel was born in a clan of ninjas hidden from normal humans in a forest deep in Japan.  Abel's father was American, and his mother was a member of the clan.  His father was a mutant, with the power of invisibility, and as a child, his parents were so frightened of him being attacked or bullied so they allowed the clan to raise him so he would be safe with people like him. There his father was trained, and eventually met his mother where the both of them fell in love and Abel was born. However, it was also later found out he was also a mutant, who could manipulate electricity, but he was accepted by the clan as somewhat of a celebrity, being admired for his powers.

Abel however, was a child of legend in the clan. The clan's head deity, came down from the heavens, and planted a mark on his back granting him advanced ninjustu, and giving him the title child prodigy.  

Abel by the time he was ten, was already a full fledged shin obi.  At age 15, he was the strongest shin obi in the entire clan, and eventually was labeled the go to guy for the most complex mission.He is often sent for the assassinations of high profile targets due to his efficiency.  

Present day, he has taken a break from his shin obi work by request to travel and discover his roots in America.  

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Ford Perfect

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PostSubject: Re: Abel "The Electric Assassin" Stratton.   Tue Jul 29, 2014 3:10 am

Both Blessed/Damned and Otherwordly Classes are closed until further noticed.

You also need a post count duration on your cloning ability.

You can up the percentages on your skills if you so desire to around 25%.

'Side from that, looks good.
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PostSubject: Re: Abel "The Electric Assassin" Stratton.   Tue Jul 29, 2014 3:14 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Abel "The Electric Assassin" Stratton.   

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Abel "The Electric Assassin" Stratton.
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