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A rumor traveled the circles of the supernatural. Mutants heard a safe, underground railroad was being started, inquire at the Summit. The beyond sought the strange power said to rest at the Summit of New York City. The gossip flitted amongst the rest: valuable information was to come to light when dawn broke over the Summit.
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 Relius Cravel

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PostSubject: Relius Cravel   Sun Jul 13, 2014 5:34 pm

Relius Cravel
My potion turned the chimera berserk, and it destroyed several buildings before it was stopped. It was a good day for science.

The Biography

Birth Name: Relius Cravel
Aliases: The Doctor, Frankenstein
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Birth Date: Aug 12
Class:  Human

Appearance:Relius is a tall, elegant and handsome looking man with a relatively muscular build. He stands at six foot, two inches, and has a slightly slender and lean body. One would first notice Relius' silky blonde hair, whose length goes down slightly past his shoulders. The hair flows gracefully on his head, most of the time parted to the right, as some of it gets in front of his eye. The hair has a certain flow and buoyancy to it, and shines quite well. He has a clean and fair face, with a more pointed chin, indicating more of a pretty boy look than a chiseled man. He has a small nose and thin eyebrows, but his eyes are a glorious shade of deep blue. He has a muscular and toned body, alluding to his exercising, and has fairly broad shoulders. You can see the muscles on his body, but what you can't see, are any marks, blemishes, or scars on them, as they simply do not exist. It's as if his entire body was in suspended animation, completely unaffected by the outside world, minus the sun. He isn't tanned much, but he isn't completely pale either, he has a rather normal skin tone. He is most often seen wearing one of three sets of clothing. The first set, which he uses in any type of meeting or when he is outside of his home or lab, is a very formal outfit composed of a black business suit and tie, white gloves, and shined shoes. He looks almost like a butler with the inclusion of the gloves. When he is in his lab, he wears a buttoned shirt that could be any number of cool and plain colors, and formal black pants with a belt. Over this is a white lab coat, and he often wears latex gloves in the lab, as well as glasses. He has perfect vision, he simply enjoys wearing them to complete his scientist look. The last outfit is simple casual wear, which usually involves another buttoned shirt, this time the buttons only going down to his sternum, and usually unbuttoned. More casual pants and shoes are also worn, which could be any number of colors, including blue for denim, or a more tan color for slacks.  

Personality: ] Relius is kind, cheerful, and an extremely intelligent person, that usually is bright and happy. He likes to spread the happiness to others, and enjoys attempting to empathize with people, helping them with their problems however he can. He is, however, very watchful of the people around him, making sure to gauge them before he fully trusts them. He will usually be nice with people and give them the benefit of the doubt, hopeful that they won't betray his trust and stay someone that matters to him. He takes his relationships with people very personally and seriously, and will adjust his personality slightly towards whoever he is currently around, so that they feel the most comfortable. He enjoys speaking with people, sharing stories and information, the latter being especially important for him. As much as he likes getting to know people, any new information that can be garnered from them is a definite plus, and he loves getting it from them. That being said, he is always extremely calm and calculating when the situation calls for it, and when he gets particularly riled up, he gives off a more sadistic aura and smile. This sadistic type of tone and body language that he gives off doesn't always mean something bad is about to happen, it may just mean that a certain individual has peaked his interest so much that he can't wait to study them. He isn't against studying and experimenting on people against their will, but usually any life-threatening experiments will be used on criminals that are on death row. He is very cold and merciless towards murderers, child molesters, and sex offenders in particular, and this is where his humanity stops. He will experiment on those people until they die, and will use the data of their decaying bodies for his research if he needs to, as they don't deserve mercy. He will also experiment on people if they specifically request it, even the more dangerous experiments and tests.

The Capability


Main Specialty: Professor - Bio-Engineering
Sub Specialty: Professor - Alchemy
Sub Specialty: Tech Savvy


Skill Name: Surgery Savant
Skill Specialty: Bio-Engineering
Skill Range: Touch
Skill Description: The user is extremely smart when it comes to biology, and changing the biological structure of things. He can perform complex surgeries without a possibility of failure, but that's simply his ability as a surgeon. The real strength is the ability to make custom made and altered body parts and implant them into a host body with very little error(after a few tests of course). This also allows him to implant cybernetics into bodies without fear of rejection as well. This skill allows him to make things that are much more complex than the current rank, but just as powerful.

Skill Name: Brew Master
Skill Specialty: Alchemy
Skill Range: Self
Skill Description: With the user's mastery of chemistry, he is able to use energy combined with different ingredients to brew potions. These potions can be condensed into pills and other things if need be, or stay liquid as soup and such. The energy infused liquids can have various effects, such as hypnotism, poisoning, healing, and a whole myriad of other effects, including shapeshifting.

Skill Name: Elemental Transmutation
Skill Specialty: Alchemy
Skill Range: Self
Skill Description: The user is able to rearrange molecules on a subatomic level, which allows them to change certain materials into other materials, and slightly manipulate them as well. This usually requires a machine to perform, but this simply gives the user the knowledge on how to do it. This allows the user to essentially manipulate matter on an atomic level, but under a highly controlled environment. This can allow the user to make advanced materials that do fantastic things compared to modern day materials, as well as create machines that can change lead into gold, or water into wine, as a few examples.

Skill Name: Computer Science
Skill Specialty: Tech Savvy
Skill Range: Self
Skill Description: The user is a master of the computer, and this skill represents that. He can make programs and code things on computers that allow the computer to perform certain tasks automatically or with the touch of a button. This skill itself doesn't really involve how to hack a computer, just how to use one and code advanced programs into computers. The programs could sequence dna, or run through massive amounts of data or what have you. This also allows the user to upgrade current computers hardware.


Item Name: Encrypted Phone
Item Range: Self
Item Rank: D
Item Description: A small black phone, that looks like an Android, the entire face of the phone being a touch screen.
Item Power: A simple phone upgraded to be encrypted, so that it is very hard to listen into and track the phone.

Item Name: Surgery Kit
Item Range: Touch
Item Rank: D
Item Description: A medium sized doctor's bag that is white in color. Inside there are various medical tools.
Item Power: This item has everything inside it to complete a small and non critical surgery, such as sewing up a moderate wound, patching up a burn, rinsing off chemical splashes, and the like. This is the modern day equivalent of a combat surgeon's bag, complete with sutures, bandages, antiseptics, etc.

The Background


Growing up, Relius didn't really have hands on parents, because they were savvy business people, and were busy co-running a company that got too big too fast, as soon as Relius was born. His parents chose that name, as they were Polish immigrants that were making a great living in America, and decided a name that meant power and kindness. Some sort of symbolism that dictated that they wouldn't have enough time for him. Growing up like this, he had plenty of time to teach himself several things, including how to condition his body and how to learn things quickly. It was revealed, after a short time, that he was indeed a genius, as they couldn't even place his IQ on a scale, because it was far too high. He completed his college doctorate in the field of genetics by the time he was sixteen, and this caught the attention of several people. Once he started making inventions and cures to some of the main diseases, he was immediately taken in by some SHIELD agents, and offered a job studying and working on certain things related to super beings. Taking this as simply a new challenge, and a great opportunity to improve himself and finally put the humans on the level of the super beings. He accepted the job, but then some sort of craziness went down with some cosmic energy phoenix, so his acceptance into the program was halted due to the Shield leaders constantly getting shifted out for several different reasons. Once the situation calmed down, he contacted the agent, and he was set up, and accepted into the Shield program at the young age of 18.

After this, Shield essentially left him to his own devices, and simply asked to be kept in the loop about anything major he was working on. He continued his work and research, until he started simply researching the increasing number of super beings being spotted. It seemed that the super beings were tired of hiding, and he knew that the government was going to do something about it so it didn't get out of hand. Sort of on queue, the government drafted as many of the super beings as possible, telling them to either join and get documented, or become a criminal. This caused a bit of a spark, and even some sort of civil war, before the government started talking about the Sentinel program. This program would bring about machines to take care of the super beings who refused to join, and there were rumors on the networks that they might even start persecuting all of them. Relius couldn't take this lying down, so he quit Shield and started helping the other super beings in secret, taking his secrets and destroying his personal creations that he had made, making them unusable.

After a few years of hiding and conducting private research, it seemed that Shield turned into another company altogether, named Hammer, and that it was under new leadership. It turned out later that the leadership was actually being manipulated by a super being, and this made the government cut the funding for Shield for a bit. Relius decided to go and find his own way, now that Shield was being rebuilt, and it seemed that records of him were wiped. He met an old man somewhere in the mountains of Tibet, as Relius was traveling the world. This old man taught Relius the secrets of Alchemy, which was essentially just brewing potions and adding massive amount of energy from electric eels into it, which produced different effects based on the ingredients. Relius took this as a sign, and with his advanced mind and knowledge of machines, he could turn this into something not only fierce, but something highly useful. This was the beginning of something fantastic for Relius, as he made his way back to the States, and settled down in a small apartment in New York, off the radar for a bit.  

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I think this is alright, just watch those skills.
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Relius Cravel
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