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The Daily Bugle

Senator Hines has revealed how mutants will be handled: Sentinels.

A rumor traveled the circles of the supernatural. Mutants heard a safe, underground railroad was being started, inquire at the Summit. The beyond sought the strange power said to rest at the Summit of New York City. The gossip flitted amongst the rest: valuable information was to come to light when dawn broke over the Summit.
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 Kaz-Ra-Mal (WIP)

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PostSubject: Kaz-Ra-Mal (WIP)   Kaz-Ra-Mal (WIP) EmptySat Jul 12, 2014 9:27 pm

Quote/ETC. Here

The Biography

Birth Name: Kaz-Ra-Mal
Aliases: None
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (Appears to be 25)
Birth Date: Unknown
Class: The Otherworldly


Kaz-Ra-Mal stands at a height of 6'2, with a well built, yet somewhat slim figure. Due his home planet's gravity, Gazmeno'o, his body  His complexion is dark olive, with barely any blemishes or errors. To put it short, his skin is like porcelain. This is due to Kaz's genetic structure, his whole race practically mirrors the human race of planet Earth. The only difference to this fact,is that his race's physical capabilities, and mental abilities exceed the humans in almost every single way. His eyes, like all his people, are a dark red, which reflects light that makes contact with them. Kaz's hair is black, and short as well, which doesn't pass his neck. However, towards the top of his head, his hair holds some length.

His outer wear, which is a produce of his culture, his race, is a product of that. His people usually wears what appear to be armored robes, with material never seen on planet Earth. Due to the fact that his planet is millions of stars away from Earth, not from Earth-616, but of a different Earth in another universe. The mix of armor, and heavy cloth signifies balance of body and mind to the people of Gazmeno'o, however, their clothing is nearly covered in demonic looking symbols and trinkets. These physical implications explain how the people of Gazmeno'o worship evil spirits, and mix their highly advanced technology to please their gods. It is almost ironic how this technological advanced race clings to false gods, even though the answer to nearly every question of evolution, and theories can be proven with their advanced technology.

Another unique trait that Kaz-Ra-Mal's race possess, is that the pupils within their eyes are actually more diamond shaped, as opposed to the regular circle shape.

The people of Gazmeno'o live on a planet that teems with a special type of radiation. This radiation does not affect other in a  harmful way. In fact, the first being of Gazmeno'o had never shown signs of this radiation, until a few hundred generations later, the genes now fully augmented in a whole other configuration. This radiation was given the name "Gazamex", which in time the people fully learned of its capabilities. The radiation allowed the people to convert their bodies into skeleton like beings whenever they undergo stressful situations. The do not exactly turn into actual skeletons, but their skin and muscles become so transparent, that their physical skeleton begins to show. Also, they receive an aura that surounds them, some have gain a blackish-grayish color, while some have received a blood red color. This feature, thought merely for aesthetic purposes, influenced the people of Gazmeno'o greatly, even their dark clothing was a product of such.

How the radiation truly affected the race, was how long their lifespan, in fact, research even stated that it was a possibility that the radiation granted them some form of limited healing, or some form of physical strength that increased the body's condition greatly. Kaz and his people can live for centuries before showing signs of aging.

So from time to time, Kaz-Ra-Mal, due to his activity in battle, along with his soldiers on the battlefield, shift to such a state to give them an edge on the battle field. Kaz's aura was the blackish-gray type. However, like all soldiers of Gazmeno'o, Kaz has under went special training that enchanted his physical capabilities along with the Gazamex gene, granting him great physical abilities.

Kaz-Ra-Mal has a leadership like persona, just like his father, Azul-Ra-Mal. His born in sector 4 in the eastern quarter of the planet, which the planet is divided into 4 sectors by the people of Gazmeno'o. The Sector of which Kaz was born, was where the nobles, and the most important political figures of Gazmeno'o live. This also played a part on how Kaz developed his sense of purpose and view above all others. Thought he tends to suppress this sense supremacy when in sight of his father, the son becomes his own when surrounded by the likes of others. He also a very sharp individual, which he is able to pick up on the slightly physical expression, leaving nothing in the shadows for him to comprehend.

He tends to keep personal matters to himself, a very introverted person when it comes to problems that may due harm to himself. This means that he is not one for expressing his feelings, or pat with others familiar and unfamiliar.

However, on the battle field, he is a savage amount all else. His inner rage fuels him to vanquish all who stand before him. Thought he does show loyalty to his higher ups, but only to the highly individual ones, foe he has expressed clearly to his lower ranks, and above, that no one should bow their heads to a fool. But even with his loyalty, he still views himself a bit more capable then his leaders, it is his nature.    

The Capability


Main Specialty: Projection
Sub Specialty: Physical Prowess


Main Power: Strength   
Main Power: Invulnerability
Main Power: (1/2 Price)
Sub Power: (1/2 Price)
Sub Power: (1/2 Price)


Name: Enhanced Shielding
Range: Self
Rank: C
Power Type: Main
Duration: 1 post
Power: Invulnerability
Description: With Kaz-Ra-Mal's enhanced training, Kaz can augment his already enhanced durability even further, with the his Gazamex aura. When giving off his blackish-grey aura, and focusing his senses towards it, his skin becomes even more stronger, being able to withstand even greater blows. This temporarily increases the rank of his power from C to B.

Name: Sudden Strike
Range: Within striking distance
Rank: C
Power Type: Main
Duration: 1
Power: Strength
Description: Catching his enemies off guard, Kaz can deal a deadly blow with quick and deadly force. This sudden jab of incredible strength, increases his force x2. This enhancement goes towards the amount of weight Kaz can bench/lift at C rank.


Skill Name: Enhanced Mental Capabilities
Skill Specialty: Physical Prowess
Skill Range: Self
Skill Description: Kaz's people is so physically advanced, that their mental capabilities allow them enhanced reflexes, as well as incredible mental processing speed. Basically, Kaz can react and thing at the speed of a super computer, which using these two key abilities in the field of battle to assure victory in all his battles.


Item Name:
Item Range:
Item Rank:
Item Description:
Item Power:

Item Name:
Item Range:
Item Rank:
Item Description:
Item Power:

The Background


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PostSubject: Re: Kaz-Ra-Mal (WIP)   Kaz-Ra-Mal (WIP) EmptySat Jul 12, 2014 10:31 pm

d/b is closed sorry. Mutant or Otherworldly might be a better class.
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Kaz-Ra-Mal (WIP)
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