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 Scarecrows Prestige Award Grading Suggestion

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Join date : 2012-09-08

PostSubject: Scarecrows Prestige Award Grading Suggestion   Wed Jul 09, 2014 4:59 pm

So, I was called out *yikes* and figured I should throw my .02 cents in and create a PAC system for the site. I just am posting up my suggestion for staff to consider.

I believe the old system was

Quality of Writing

I wish to try and make it a little more consistent.

Prestige Award Grading System

The Grading system used here on Marvel Unlimited is built around a rather well defined system used on many successful sites in the past and present. For many it is a tried and true method, working around people who just make 15-30 posts and go "RAWR powers" or those who post poorly and earn the same as someone who does a good job. Marvel Unlimited is a literate site based upon a Junior/Senior High School level writing style. With that, comes along some expectations on how one should roleplay. Some might see it as a very subjective system, based on what the site staff wish to see out of there members. This is true, staff does have certain expectations. Just like members being expected to follow the rules, they should also be expected to roleplay in a certain fashion. The PAGS follows a page by page based grading, so each page gets its own grade.

【 The System 】

Consistency Consistency is the length and amount one posts throughout the topic, is it consistent or extremely varied. Consistency also carries relevancy in its umbrella, which means people who post long, thoughtful and consistent posts receive more points. Consistency is a 1-5 point category

  1. Extremely poor consistency, ranging from 4-6 lines up too 30-40 lines, no real consistency throughout the entire post. Also awarded for majority of the page containing irrelevant and fluff filler. Things like songs, copied material from books, or just general irrelevant information to bulk up a post
  2. Consistent, the member for this page has remained consistent throughout the entire topic. Information present was relevant to the topic and subject matter at hand
  3. Member went above normal consistency and relevancy, each post was well throughout and consistent with a person at there level should be role playing.
  4. Impossible to get in normal circumstances, 5 points is awarded for Plot/Event topics, in which a member receives a 4, the Plot topic adds a +1 to this category. Members who participate in Plot/Event topics receive a +1 to consistency.

Persona Persona is the character and writing part of the topic. Does the character generally follow there personality, does this topic follow a story, and is the writing on par with expectations. It is graded on a 1-5 point category.

  1. The member is poor in there grasp of story, sub-par writing, lots of writing mistakes and issues that make it difficult to read, and difficult to understand. Aside, the member seems to be purposefully attempting to make the writing difficult to read/comprehend in a malicious manner.
  2. The member has a few hiccups with following there personality, nothing major, enough writing mistakes to make it worth a 2, however they do not intend to confuse/waylay or make there posts incomprehensible to others.
  3. The member follows there characters personality for the most part, good grasp of the story and writing aspect.
  4. An excellent persona throughout the entire page, acted well with others, and followed there personality.
  5. Impossible to get in normal circumstances, 6 points is awarded for Plot/Event topics, in which a member receives a 5, the Plot topic adds a +1 to this category. Members who participate in Plot/Event topics receive a +1 to consistency.

Story The Story category is the second most subjective, with the other two being pretty straight forward. Does this member follow a story, mission, cause? Why are they in this topic? And are they active through out, or do they just post once or twice. Is the story justifiable or does it cause issues (meta-gaming issues, power-playing, random killings) Basically, is this a story worth telling, or something better left "off panel"
It is graded 1-10.

  1. The story being told is poor, and the lacking. Most likely the reason for this is a random killing, meta-game issues, or power-play issues.
  2. The reason for the member being part of this story is confusing and very borderline, the purpose is unclear and it doesn't fit with any standard. Basically in this topic for no rational reason.
  3. The member's character did not have a direct impact on the story, however his presence is noted.
  4. An incomplete story, usually given if that character had passed on, or if they joined very late in the topic.
  5. An unfinished story, given out if several (more than 2) participants went inactive and the topic died out. Also given out if the poster didn't post regularly.
  6. Fair, the story was told, the character in question wasn't main, or second tier, however they posted throughout the entire topic.
  7. Average, character told his/her story, was a noted presence, and made an impact, not the central force behind the topic, generally awarded to those who participated and lost or fled due to injuries etc etc.
  8. Above average, the character stayed true to the story and was a founding participant throughout the entire topic.
  9. Excellent, this member was a central contributor, perhaps the mission failed, or the target was killed/rescued, otherwise the character was not the center stage, but defiantly needed.
  10. Outstanding, the member drove this topic, and was the central force behind it. Completing the mission, or cause and was perfectly flawless in his telling of the story.

JudgementJudgement is the most subject part of the grading. It is entirely up to the moderator, and is based on a 1-5 scale. The moderator/grader awards this based on his overall feelings on how you rp'd, and is entirely left up to him. No justification, just if the grader felt you did well, excellent, fair, poor and lacking.

Conflict Conflict is a final catogory that is based solely on if a conflict occurred in the topic. It is worth 1-10 points, and gains a bonus 5 points if it was plot/event related.

  • 1 Point. Member was killed, or killed an inactive member
  • 5 Points. Member lost/fled and/or failed the mission
  • 10 Points. Member won and killed the target and succeeded in the mission.

You are free to tear it apart and such, I'll answer any questions about it, but I feel like I tried to take out some subjectively, and place more of it back in the members hands. 2 Categories that are pretty clear/straight forward. 1 that is solely based on the grader, and another based on a combination of the two.

Remember this is my suggestion as a possible PAC style system. This isn't law, this isn't already "voted" In. It will most likely be tweaked and such, but if I was Amen, I wouldn't want just complaints, I'd like actual solutions presented to me. So that's what I tried to do, present just 1 possible solution for the site.
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Ford Perfect


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PostSubject: Re: Scarecrows Prestige Award Grading Suggestion   Wed Jul 09, 2014 7:07 pm

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Age : 22

PostSubject: Re: Scarecrows Prestige Award Grading Suggestion   Wed Jul 09, 2014 9:59 pm

Ok Well all you really did was just change the names from what Pac called it. Though I do like that you gave a nice lil guide since Amatsu didn’t bring any of the Guides over and I don’t think he ever made one so new people would be lost when it came to Prestige. But you also took out some good things that Pac had.

Good things you took out: Like first off you took out Length and before you think Length is based on character post amount it is not it is based on the length of the topic itself. As for every 5 post the topic would get one length post with a max up to 10 points. And Grammar was just a free 10 points unless you completely just did stupid things in your post like wright half of it in Ebonics or something.

Judgment: I honestly think this is something that should completely be taken out as it could only lead to problems of the most part and it is not a Prestige mods job to grade how good of an rper you are but how good was the topic. And this whole judgment business will just lead for people to get but hurt as most people will tend to think that they should get a perfect score for this every time. (Ex: You pour your heart out in a topic doing some of the best post you have ever done in your opinion and someone comes and gives you a judgment of 1 this is going to lead to problems) As well as personal feelings can be taken into this part. Giving someone a lower score cause you don’t like them or just over all think they are a lesser role player. And no matter what it is always going to be those people who get but hurt so best to take something that gives them a major reason to do so.

Conflict: Now im am really unsure if people should get more Prestige because they had conflict in the topic. As Pac was created so that characters could also get something out of social topics instead of just training and combat. Plus I myself don’t like the way you did your grading for conflict. Since if anything Conflict should be graded on if there was actual legit reason for the fight and If the fight was good or over all just horrible.

My suggestions: I suggest you add the Length part back into the system as it will promote longer topics. And the boost for events I don’t think is needed as Events will most likely have bonus already so added extra Prestige for them is just over kill in my opinion. As far as the Grammar part of grading if It is a good one that will automatically give you 10 prestige but Im not sure if it is something that is really needed since it is pretty much almost impossible to get less than a 10.
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Jack Harper

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PostSubject: Re: Scarecrows Prestige Award Grading Suggestion   Thu Jul 10, 2014 6:30 pm

I agree on taking out length, 700 words of fluff could be toned down and even more consistent with half of those words. It should involve “But not limited to….” getting straight to the point, making relevant comparisons from that characters life, and the overall effect that the event/situation has on that character. Length should not matter; it should come naturally so I don’t think we should put it as a factor for grading.

I agree with noctis, judgment is an opinion and not everyone has the same opinion about something. If I may add to judgment, maybe it should involve that specific characters alignment of good/evil or whatever they are known for. If the overall performance of the thread is being judged, one of the factors should be how well the Rpers stayed in character, or great explanation as to how it turned out the way it did if something happened that was out of character.

Overall, let’s give It a trial run and see how it turns out. Once a topic finishes, try grading it with this just for the giggles and test the effectiveness. That’s a good way to look at it, you could even practice on the park thread I had with Hamseals
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Posts : 42
Join date : 2012-06-03
Age : 22

PostSubject: Re: Scarecrows Prestige Award Grading Suggestion   Thu Jul 10, 2014 6:50 pm

For everyone who dosent know Length in the grading system has nothing to do with the length of your post. It has to do with how long the actual RP topic goes on. For every 5 post you get one Length point.

This topic here is 21 post Link So when getting gradded for length everyone gets a 4 (Even if the person was only in the topic for 2 post they still get the 4 as length is judged on the whole topic) The Purpose of the Length grade is to reward for longer threads trying to motivate more in depth rp instead of just a simple 5 post thread.
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PostSubject: Re: Scarecrows Prestige Award Grading Suggestion   Thu Jul 10, 2014 7:17 pm

I understood that. However, I my purposed system would be based on how a person rp's in a topic, rather than the entire topic itself. I understand that a 8 page topic is great, but if 3 people made 3 posts, and 2 people made the rest. That's not fair to anyone, and in my opinion promotes a bit of topic hopping for prestige.

I believe consistency would cover this.

A) It rewards those who are consistent in making sure they don't one post do a one liner, and then a 1,500 word essay on why life is meaningless.

B) It makes sure those who participate get a share of the credit, rather than just "lulz I made a post, gimme a 5 for length"

Finally, as I indicated earlier

Scarecrow wrote:
The PAGS follows a page by page based grading, so each page gets its own grade.
I believe that statement addresses concerns about topic's being long/in-depth etc etc. Each page gets its own grade, so if your topic is 3 pages, you'll get 3 grades.

I do not believe in "free" prestige, good grammar etc etc shouldn't just be an automatic thing. Just like following the rules should net you automatic points. "hooray you didn't meta-game... automatic 10". You are supposed to use good grammar and such.

Finally, on the topic of judgement, which I feel is very important. I think we are all at an age where we can admit to crap when it occurs. I understand George R.R. Martin could write a beautiful expose on making the perfect chocolate chip cookie, and it is perfect. Great length, huge vivid details, stays in character, and most of all there is a conflict.

He comes to us and says, this is the greatest rp ever written, I want max scores.... Does anyone see the issue? I get it, its a well written piece. But what is the point George, well besides the obvious free points? Sure, we can say what if the character is baker, or fancies that as a hobby. But lets skip all those unnecessary details to try and really stretch some rationalization that this is just a very shallow attempt at some free point. This is where judgement comes in. Because honestly, no one is going to admit what they did was shit, even if it was, they will fight tooth and nail for perfect scores, because how dare someone critique there writing. I've never ever in all my years, see someone stand up and say "Yea that topic was just utter and total bullshit, we did it just for money". Never happens, and if you think it does, its always weeks after its been graded and people are getting a laugh at the stupid grader who gave them a good grade on shit.
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PostSubject: Re: Scarecrows Prestige Award Grading Suggestion   

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Scarecrows Prestige Award Grading Suggestion
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