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A rumor traveled the circles of the supernatural. Mutants heard a safe, underground railroad was being started, inquire at the Summit. The beyond sought the strange power said to rest at the Summit of New York City. The gossip flitted amongst the rest: valuable information was to come to light when dawn broke over the Summit.
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 A Reborn Scarecrow

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A Reborn Scarecrow  Scarecrow_by_Luna133

Better ear your vegetables

The Biography

Birth Name:Em Jacklfar
Aliases:Scarecrow - Em(To his close friends)
Birth Date:Earth Calendar July 18 1556, Home Planet Calender 02/02/02 (Not 2002, but year 2)
Class:  Otherworldly

Scarecrow takes on a humanoid form, his plant material forming into that of an acceptable and well known form, humanoid. Dark brown outfit, patched together in some rough sewn form. A lighter brown gloves and cloak cover his hands and head. He wears a brown mask, along with his breathing mask coming through. Underneath all of that, Scarecrow or Em is nothing but a collection of organic plant matter. His face is patterned with leaves, giving him the appearance of green hair, similar to a pine style strands. His eyes look like knots in wood, where two orange nut like apparatuses come from. His skin is a wood fashion, rough and not soft or supple, his hands more akin to young saplings, light greenish and ending in pine like needles for nails. Same with his feet. At each of his joints are a vine like appearance, and his chest appears to have bark on parts of it. Underneath of that, he is a mass of vines, straw and birch like paper. One can't find organs or such, and his costume appears to be nothing more than leaves. He is a organic plant life form after all, much different than humans.


The Scarecrow is a unique individual, born into a world, perhaps a plane or plant where plants have obtained consciousnesses. Or perhaps the planet was consciousness, in either case plants can survive in the harshest conditions, and live for thousands of years, however they are relatively slow minded individuals, preferring to see a larger picture rather than a smaller one. Scarecrow is one of the few that are sent out in the form of a nut in a comet to preserve the future of there race, plant or plane. A seedling is what he is known as. He is young, naive about this world, however he holds traits passed on from his home-world. Similar to reptiles passing on knowledge, he too processes knowledge on that scale, however he is capable of learning, and passing on that knowledge to his seedlings.

Reverence - Stemming from plants (Pun intended) Scarecrow has a reverence for life, or rather plant life. This comes from the fundamental belief that all life can be sustained with a little water, some good dirt and a sun. He has no actual clue on how beings in this world eat each other to survive, as well as eat plants, and as such he finds animals to be at the bottom, requiring others to live, not able to live themselves.

Hostility - A foreign concept to him, rather the innate nature to threaten or harm others for anything other than nourishment. Polite and manners are one thing, but Scarecrow doesn't seem to grasp basic threats or intimidation. He believes he is a higher being, and it is his duty to preserve and record events on this planet, thus he has no need for violence, for one day plants will rise up and take hold of this planet.

Morals - As a being, Scarecrow tends to keep his word, however he has no qualms about other processes, such as following laws, or normal social contracts lesser beings created to maintain order. Order is simple to him, like a plant, he grows, sustains and produces offspring. He does not take more than he needs, and he doesn't get taken more than he gives.

The Capability


Main Specialty:Projection
Sub Specialty:Weapon Expert

Flaw Name:Carbon Makings
Flaw Type:Support System Flaw
Flaw Description: Due to being a plant, from a different planet, Scarecrow has a extremely difficult time breathing, without his mask he begins to become lightheaded and after 5 posts he falls into a unconscious state.

Flaw Name:Nocturnal Emissions
Flaw Type:Bane Flaw
Flaw Description: Being make of mainly plant, Scarecrow is vulnerable to nighttime, or rather the lack of sun. His abilities are 40% lower during the night.  


Main Power:Plant Manipulation
Main Power:Invulnerability
Main Power:(Purchased 1/2 off via 1000 prestige for 2 flaws)Enchanced Regeneration
Sub Power: ((Purchased 1/2 off via 1000 prestige for 2 flaws)Fungus Manipulation
Sub Power: (1/2 Price)


Rank: S (C to B = +50 B to A = +70 A to S = +150 Total = 270 Prestige)
Power Type: Main
Power:Enhanced Regeneration
Description:Scarecrow healing rate is exceptionally faster then average, healing from cuts, bruises and stabs at a quick rate. Able to heal even lethal wounds, huge amount of wounds extremely quickly. (This is S rank, and comparable to other S rank main style healing)

Name:Vine Manipulation
Range:Up to 50 meters
Rank: A-(C to B = +50 B to A = +70 A)
Power Type: Main
Duration:6 posts
Power:Plant Manipulation
Description:Users can create, control, shape and manipulate vines. The user can cause plants grow from the soil, move/attack or even rise from the soil and 'walk', mutate plants by rearranging DNA structure, Users can use their power for transport, they could create a bridge of vines.
[22:28:33] @ Keita : you can create and manipulate any and all vines in a 50m area

They can use their power for defense and support by growing plants from the ground and make them sprout . Though less commonly activated by passive users, the ability may deal a series of offensive techniques on a target. Weaponizing the plants allows users to grasp and strike continuously with vines. They can cause horticulture found, i.e. wrap of vines, to grow and climb around a target's neck, causing choking, or even strike with plants. He can control a large number of vines, as long as they are within the range of this ability.

Name:Dermal Armor
Rank: S (C to B = +50 B to A = +70 A to S = +150 Total = 270 Prestige)
Power Type: Main
Description:The users skin, or "Derma" becomes resistant to attack harm or pain. May or may not be a permanent covering, altering the users physique or hiding just beneath the surface. Withstand extreme damage for a prolonged time


Skill Name:The Bramble Vine
Skill Specialty:Weapon Expertise
Skill Range:15 meters
Skill Description:Scarecrow is able to produce a spiked vine from his arm, extending out up to 15 meters if need be. Covered with thick spikes, it is a separate style plant weapon that he uses.  


Item Name:
Item Range:
Item Rank:
Item Description:
Item Power:

Item Name:
Item Range:
Item Rank:
Item Description:
Item Power:

The Background

Em was born on the plant Jaklelle, which is to say Plant of Planets. He was born for a specific purpose, to be sent out to another planet to access the ability to colonize and propagate the species. He was born like a coconut, his inner shell was a organic photo-plasma that would colonize via spores plant material. His middle shell protected the soft inner from the recesses of space. His outer shell was protecting him from impact. Covering his shell was a comet, fairly large. He was hurtled through space to land on a specific plant within specific range from the sun.

Em landed in the great corn fields of the mid-west, or rather of the corn fields. He landed in what is known as a self style farm, a 1/8 acre of corn usually grown by the farmers wife to feed the family. No use of pesticides and such, all home grown and organic. His comet hit and destroyed that 1/8 acre, mutating the corn and surrounding material he took on the first appearance he saw, that of a scarecrow. However, it was not the farmer or his wife that found them, but the daughter. She was young, under 12, who was the first one out of the house. It was perhaps a odd form of birth, as he rose, there was no screams or shouts of horror, but rather the stern voice of a young farm girl, her doll, yelling at him. Shouting "Hey, Mister you destroyed our corn" in the voice of a child trying to be an adult. His language was unknown to the girl, however he studied her as a organic form, and quickly grasped such a tool. Em was well, raised by a farm family, scaring crows from the family, all the while he watched and monitored the corn growth. One might claim that was enough, and it was. However, the young girl grew, she married, she moved, Em stayed behind. The parents grew old, sold the farm. Two young men bought the farm, it changed, crops withered and died. They sold drugs, meth more precisely. Scarecrow soon found himself at the end of cops and a shootout. It was then that Scarecrow left the farm, no longer held by the bounds that he once had. He went out to search for the young girl who raised him. Thus his story comes to head.

Prestige Spent:1000 (2 flaws) + 405 (Salvage - total now) + 33 (Total now) = 1,438 - 500 (Main) - 250 (Sub) - 270 (S rank power) - 270 (S rank power) - 120 (A rank ability)  = 28 Remaining
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alright, approved
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