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 James Drifter, Detective

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PostSubject: James Drifter, Detective    Mon Jun 30, 2014 11:25 pm

James Drifter
Leave it to the professionals.

The Biography

Birth Name: James Drifter
Aliases: Detective Drifter
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Birth Date:
Class:  Human

Appearance: James Drifter is 6'0" tall, young, and fit thanks to his police training. He's got short black hair, and no facial hair to speak of. After graduating from Navy Blues, James often wears a dark long-sleeved shirt and jeans. He has a nice heavy coat he wears on the cold winter nights, but isn't a hat person. He has dark brown eyes, and a piercing gaze. The stress from the job hasn't totally affected James yet, but he has a couple of stress lines on his forehead. Though fit, James looks a little thin, due to both stress and the fact he doesn't eat much healthy food.

Personality: James Drifter is a sarcastic person. He's a bit cynical, which his job hasn't help take care of in the least. He tries to be better than his surroundings, but it doesn't seem to hard as he's surrounded by criminals and corrupt cops and officials. He has a deep belief that the world can become better, but he only knows one way to do it. He keeps his sense of humor, even in the most dire or inappropriate situations. He thinks highly of himself, and tends to be overconfident when dealing with regular people, but knows he is usually next to worthless when dealing with people with superpowers.

James doesn't like the idea of vigilantes, but he does realize that they are necessary when dealing with the villains of the world, especially the super-powered ones. He isn't too fond of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the way they deal with the world today. James would much rather have "superheroes" work in the police force along rank and file officers and conform to rules. He knows that S.H.I.E.L.D. has a very loose case of following things like laws and conventions.

The Capability


Main Specialty: Professor - Criminal Psychology
Sub Specialty: Weapons Expert
Sub Specialty: Hunter


Skill Name: Crackshot
Skill Specialty: Weapons Expert
Skill Range: Weapon Range (Guns)
Skill Description: Thanks to his excellent police training, as well as his years of practice at the fire range, James knows how to shoot a gun really well. He gets an additional 25% range on his guns, and is more accurate with guns inside the range, as he can process all the information that would affect his aim (wind, low visibility, etc.) within the range of his gun.

Skill Name: Investigation
Skill Specialty: Hunter
Skill Range: 10 Meters
Skill Description: James was studiously taking notes during his police training. Combined with a sharp eye, James can pick up information from an area about what happened, as long as the scene isn't too contaminated or extremely clean (high traffic areas like a store make a scene contaminated really quickly, while an abandoned factory can remained uncontaminated for months).

Skill Name: Elementary
Skill Specialty: Professor - Criminal Psychology
Skill Range: Self
Skill Description: When he has obtained enough knowledge on a subject through his investigations, James can "fill in the blanks," so to say, on a crime. For example, discovering a bullet casing on a crime scene can tell James the type of gun, and finding a piece of scrap from a cape will tell him a super was there. The more complex the crime, the more evidence required to solve it (a heat of the moment killing will be easy to solve, while a complex conspiracy will take weeks, if not months, of searching. This also factors in the amount of effort taken to hide evidence).

Skill Name: Inner Workings
Skill Specialty: Professor - Criminal Psychology
Skill Range: Person in Conversation
Skill Description: Whenever James is talking with someone, his training in criminal psychology allows him to read people. Anyone who isn't trained in the art of lying or hiding their emotions becomes an open book, allowing James to truly know what the person is saying (or isn't saying).


Item Name: Revolver
Item Range: 30 Meters
Item Rank: C
Item Description: Your average revolver. Beautiful and deadly, like an old fling.
Item Power: Hits harder than a handgun. Holds six rounds. With a special reloading magazine, reload is almost instant. Reloading by hand takes a post.

Item Name: Kevlar Vest
Item Range: Self
Item Rank: C
Item Description: Slightly bulky protection clothing. Dark blue with the letters "NYPD" on the back in white.
Item Power: Protects against bullets and other similar projectiles. Not very effective against knives or other sharp weapons. Covers the body area.

The Background

History: At a young age, James knew he wanted to be a boy in blue. It probably had something to do with the fact that both his parents were police officers. And his brother. And his sister. In fact, the whole Drifter family may have drifted away from each other, but they didn't drift away from their police calling. At age 8, James was taken out to practice shooting a handgun. At age 16, he lost his brother in against a super villain. At age 21, James graduated the police academy, ready to do his duty. And do it he did, so well that he was put on the fast track to becoming a detective.

One thing that helped put him there was the way he interacted with superheroes, and super villains. Most officers arrest rate on these "supers" was in the single digits. It was hard to arrest people who could kill you in an instant. However, with a lot of luck and sheer willpower, James made two arrests in two weeks on high profile supers. At such an early stage in his career, it was a huge boost to his job security, and even the governor took notice. James was guaranteed to his choice of becoming a detective by 24. A year later, and his wish came true. Now he is in a position that has him dealing with everyday mooks as often as vigilantes and villains. Not too many of them like him, and that's okay. James doesn't like many of them either.

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PostSubject: Re: James Drifter, Detective    Fri Jul 04, 2014 12:36 am

Completion Bump!
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PostSubject: Re: James Drifter, Detective    Sat Jul 05, 2014 9:27 am

Approved, fire away cowboy~
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PostSubject: Re: James Drifter, Detective    

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James Drifter, Detective
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