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The Daily Bugle

Senator Hines has revealed how mutants will be handled: Sentinels.

A rumor traveled the circles of the supernatural. Mutants heard a safe, underground railroad was being started, inquire at the Summit. The beyond sought the strange power said to rest at the Summit of New York City. The gossip flitted amongst the rest: valuable information was to come to light when dawn broke over the Summit.
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 Darker Things on The Wing [wip]

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PostSubject: Darker Things on The Wing [wip]   Darker Things on The Wing [wip] EmptySat Jun 28, 2014 9:14 am

Darker Things on The Wing [wip] 565634_large
Aamon || Abel
"Life is a choice; Death is a decision,"

The Biography

Birth Name: Aamon/Abel
Aliases: Betrayed One, (Un)Fallen One
Gender: Male
Age: 500+
Birth Date: [N/A]
Class: 'Blessed/Damned'

The appearance is the basis for many a preconception of someone, and quite often is a decent reflection of the way someone has lived their life. Someone who has lived a fairly happy life will have less lines of worry covering their visage, and perhaps will be more inclined to smile at things as opposed to retaining a stoic image. Aamon is one of those who would prefer to keep his façade up, there is no marks of times passage on his face, only a slight furrowing from his tear ducts to his cheek bones to signal that he is not as youthful as he appears. Decked out in the gear of an average teenagers or the irresponsible adult, Aamon is very attached to the jacket he constantly wears whenever possible, which happens to be nearly everywhere. Being so sentimentally attached to this thing that he will even forgo the possibility of disguise for the sake of wearing it. Not that his face is terribly forgettable either, with a pair of asymmetrical piercings for each ear, the metals they are made from are non-magnetic, and hence cannot be used against him by someone with that particular power. A notable feature is his hetrochromatic eyes, with the left being a vivid yellow and the right an angry red.
Aamon's hair is a bleached white that occasionally appears turquoise under the right lighting conditions. He can frequently be found wearing a pair of jeans and running shoes, the nike brand proudly sponsored by the supernatural.

Aamon's personality is by no means as erratic or as outgoing as his looks, while he generally prefers to hold a fairly pleasant, if lack-lustre demeanour, Aamon is not above being serious when the situation calls for it, which has happened to him more and more frequently over the years. He is not as sadistic as some of the more hardcore players within the competition of superheros, however he is by no means a slacker in that department. Having a distinct distaste for 'clean' kills, Aamon prefers to glorify death and life as much as possible, showing off the two extremes in a most delicate lime light.
Prolific aside, Aamon is fairly open minded in most things, preferring to take the longer route in everything if at all possible. He likes his humour well timed, sarcastic, and racist. Discrimination is an important aspect of his nature, and when in foul temper will frequently choose one ethic group to blame for everything. This group can range from red necks, KKKs, midgets and so on. Just so long as he can justify the world in his eyes as he sees it.

The Capability



    —Main Specialty: Projection—Sub Specialty: Witty


    —Main Power: Enhanced Vision—Main Power: Demon Soul —Sub Power: - —Sub Power: -


Enhanced Vision||"The New View:

Demonic Soul||"Old Mind, Young Body:



    Item Name:Item Rank:Item Description: (What it looks like)Patent: (If you or someone else has this item patented)Item Image: (Not necessary)Item Power: (What the Item does)

    Item Name:Item Rank:Item Description: (What it looks like)Patent: (If you or someone else has this item patented)Item Image: (Not necessary)Item Power: (What the Item does)

The Background

Our story begins with the birth of two children, one named [content withheld] and [content removed], the two are brothers, born of the First Woman and First Man, the first children, each commanding considerable weight in their existence.
These two by-products of sin, assumed a niche within the world. Each working to fufill their own dream. However, the Chinese in their infinite wisdow, have long held a saying that could be said to stem from this very incident. 'No family is without strife,' not to condemn each and every union and their offspring, but this the unfortunate truth, because the term 'family,' is wider then one might think. There have been multiple bottle necks in history, where the population of humanity dipped dangerously low.
In any case, the brutal murder of [content withheld] turned him into the First Martyr, the first human to ascend from the earth and return to heaven. And unfortunately, his brother was condemned for his actions, and hence their stories divided.
Whence [content withheld] arrived within the seraphic planes of their originator, he was greeted with open arms, fully expecting a confused albeit humble arrival.
But if there is something fundamentally wrong with the brother, there often will be with the counterpart. And he arrived angry, and searching for revenge.
The ForeFather consoled [content withheld] against this course of action, against the thoughts populating his head. This went unheeded, and for a long time, it was the ForeFather and [content removed] together, until the first few people began to arrive, and until that time, it had been alright. Manageable. Any anger directed at the ForeFather was easily redistributed or negated.
But the newer additions were not so adept at defending themselves, and it wasn't long before someone's entire existence was erased from heaven. And so fell [content withheld] and a select number of others who had been influenced by his ideals: Lucifer and his ilk.

And so Aamon was born, but unlike his brotheren, he did not easily bow to the Unmaker, and was hence discarded instead of rewarded like those who had followed him.
It's been a long time coming, but finally, Aamon has worked himself free of his binds, and is now ReBirthed, into the Middle Realm, Misguard and the multitudes of names given to this nexus.

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Darker Things on The Wing [wip]
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