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Welcome to Marvel Unlimited where you create your own hero/villain and do as you please. If you have question please look for the people with the @ in front of their names, they will happy to help you.

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Create your own Super hero or Super villain. Save the universe or conquer it. The choice is yours in Marvel Unlimited.
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The Daily Bugle

Senator Hines has revealed how mutants will be handled: Sentinels.

A rumor traveled the circles of the supernatural. Mutants heard a safe, underground railroad was being started, inquire at the Summit. The beyond sought the strange power said to rest at the Summit of New York City. The gossip flitted amongst the rest: valuable information was to come to light when dawn broke over the Summit.
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Beta Period [IMPORTANT MUST READ!] Empty
PostSubject: Beta Period [IMPORTANT MUST READ!]   Beta Period [IMPORTANT MUST READ!] EmptyMon Jun 23, 2014 11:22 pm

Hello members! It has come to my attention that some of you think that the new systems are complicated, or perhaps that they are worse off than the old system. Well, we hear your opinions, and would like to let you know that we are entering a beta period. During this time, the site will have multiple events to participate in, and all you need to do is post!

Some of these events will be mock battles, weapon and item creation contests, base creation examples, and essentially everything else on the site will be ran through to make sure everything works like the Administration who helped design them thought they ought to. If the systems prove to be faulty, this will be used to determine how to fix it, as none of us will truly know if the systems are good to go until we do some testing.

We were a bit overzealous in our re-opening of the site, and we hope that you stay a bit patient with us. We may require some reworks to your apps, depending on how we feel about the systems after testing, and of course if you as members decide that we need to change some things about the site.

Also! If you have any questions at all about the new systems, that may or may not be changed soon, ask them here!

We also ask that you refrain from going into too much detail about your characters if you're making them, as some of the system may change. Just be ready to change things up once the beta period is over.
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