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Elaine Morrow
"Mortal danger is an effective antidote for fixed ideas." Erwin Rommel

The Biography

Birth Name: Emmeline Rommel
Legal Name: Elaine Morrow
Aliases: Tiger Panzer / E.R. Panzer
Gender: Female
Age: Eighteen
Birth Date: August Nineteenth, Nineteen Ninety Five
Class:  Mutant

During a Kidnapping:
School Uniform: It is shown above with all its gander, however the lower bottom isn't shown. It is a small skirt that reaches down the lower midpoint of ones thigh, its glorious color is the same as the vest but its darker and has streaks of black lines. The shoes themselves are small black one, they have have a strip that goes across the top of the foot and snaps to the other side. The socks in this uniform are normal white and stretch up to the middle of the shin.

Style: She dresses in short revealing clothing, normally shorts that show off her shapes. You'd only catch her in something nice during some event she has to attend. Otherwise it'd be a yoga pants and daisy dukes. Her top ware is normally a tank top of sorts, the fabric will stop at her cleavage and stop just above her belly button. Quite slutty, she says its because you feel more free, I say its because she a hoe, I mean her superhero costume happens to be a all latex...hoe, case and point.

Accessorize!: She does however wear things on the norm. A pair of 16 x 8 marquise diamond ear rings that are on her ear via a small gold coated chain that attaches to her ear lobe. She also has gold coated bottom lip rings that are on each end of her lip, she also has 4 evenly spaced gold coated rings that are on her left eye brow. She has a small gold coated pin that is attached to the right side of her nose. Around her neck is a 12 x 12 karat princess necklace, that again is connected by a gold chain that goes around her neck. On the center of the diamond it says "Daddy's Girl". Her finger nails and toe nails are painted white normally. Fun Fact: The median income that the average US person makes in a life time is worth less then the jewelry she wears.

Superhero Costume:
Hero Time!:
Its not so much a costume but more so when she transforms and turns on her metal armor. The picture above is accurate except for the barcode and model number which don't exist and instead have E.R. in bold black letters where the three would be. Where the skin starts to turn humanish pink in the picture, its really totally solid silver. Her legs which are half shown are the same except the gold ring around her thigh goes all the way down covering the rest of her leg. Its important to note that she has nothing on her feet and they are simply a gold color. Now her face doesn't look like the one in the picture. Her face changes however, changes a lot. She looks much older and in her 30s, her face becomes narrower and she loses her baby cheeks. Her eyes turn a bright silver and hair a bright golden color. Facial recognition would fail horrible trying to identify the two, this is the level of change we are talking. She does keep one trait and that is her lips, they are still small and plump.

Naked: Without anything one she has a hourglass figure and a pair of deep blue eyes matched by long silky blonder hair. She has many scares across her body, they looking like closing wounds from a blade but are from her skin repairing itself, the strikes are across her chest, many small ones that aren't noticeable on her arms, unless you are up close. The scare on her chest lines across her boobs and then stops as it reaches her sides. Her head has a long scratch across the forehead the isn't noticeable unless you get inches from her. Its important to also note that she has large hands and feet, and despite her scares she is normally a 9/10 on the bang scale. Yea, I'd still bang her...I mean shes hot, dude...scares don't mean anything, just means its easier to get in her pants. She has very fair skin, its a creamy peach color with a slight brightness to if its shiny like steel. She is however 6 feet 9 inches and not telling you her weight..its a lot. However she has a slender hourglass figure.

Elaine is impossible to describe then any other way but with the word goofball. Every other trait that might be detectable by someone is secondary, her silliness is what really stands out when in a conversation. She is however quick on her feet and can keep pace with intellectual conversations, but a deep inner fear of inadequacy causes her to joke and not take things seriously when in conversations that require higher levels of brain activity. But despite her ability to joke off the more serious things, she can be very serious about her passions.

Anything that she loves or cares for she has intensity that would melt the steel off a tank. She even creates a aura around herself when doing things that she loves, the aura seems to draw people with similar views in and make them friends instantly.

Elaines (History of Wars, Abstract Art, World War Two: Germany Strikes Back, Beach Volleyball, The Cosmos, Baking Pastries, Hunting Large Game, and Computer Parts) interest are diverse enough to where she makes a lot of friends, however many switch tune when finding out how rich her father is. This has caused her to become very untrusting of others. She is always worried that the person across from her is trying to take advantage of her. The primary reason behind her virginity, sneaky men as she would say.

Bonds, if you can somehow form a bond with this've performed a act that is worth at least one thousand doubloons. Now on the subject of why its hard to form bonds with her, lemme just sum this up foreign orphan, bullied, and such, textbook stuff here. Such tragedy, currently her mechanism of protecting herself is by buying lots of things and trying to keep herself occupied in order to not face her inner demons, which are a collection of rage and anger towards humanity, errrr well people who have wronged her. They didn't just piss her off they also inserted there malice and hatred into poor little Elaines psyche.

Side Note: If you were to peer into her paintings they would be dark colors, with violent splatters, and a hint of love. She uses this as a way to express all the conflicting emotions inside of her that she doesn't want to show to others.

Death, she isn't subject to much death anymore, her years in the system however did give her to see some unsettling things. She understands the situation and troubles, to her crime isn't evil nor the perpetrators behind it are. She looks at it as the situation they have been put in produces crime, the human brain stretching for survival,trying to reach forward for more at the expense of others. She knows this all too well, as for early in her life much was taken from her, but now seeing the other side of being given all you could want has lead her to this view on evil. She somewhat gets that evil or what people define as evil is simply the predatory side of us lashing out to calm and protect ourselves from someone or thing. Back on track, she would never end another humans life.

When she is running around trying to save the world from its own torment she tends to not put people in jail. She never wants to, she sees it has a bad system and inherently flawed(jail). She trys to help them with whatever she can, she wants to bring them to a realization that someone is there to help them but not indulge them in there whims. She wants to steer away from villains destructive tendencies. Sometimes after winning a fight she will take them to a undisclosed location and help them back up and simply try to talk to them. Of course there are exceptions to this, EX: slaughtering people. She is naive and yet she does to a degree understand psychopaths exist and it might be better to let them rot.


The Capability

Main Specialty: Physical Prowess
Sub Specialty: Weapon Expert (Guns)

Main Power:  Dermal Armor
Her blood is a mixture of heavy metals (3/4) and normal blood (1/4). Due to her blood being mostly normal she keeps a similar physiological stance to other humans but her blood is sliver.  Her skeleton is also half and half mix of bone and nano-carbon. Lastly and what actually makes her entirely different from normal human is the fact she has 2 inch thick composite armor coating her entire body and then a regular layer of human skin over it. Its important to note that she moves and can do all things like a regular human with this power, expect her skills and abilities may increase her ability of movement and other tasks. Lastly its good to know that her outer skin layer coats the top of the armor and the part that normally would connect to the outer layer of skin connects to the nano carbon instead.
Main Power: Gun Protrusion
Her limbs can transform into weapons of various types and proficiency. They can load and fire on there owns, it works by bending and reshaping her body into whatever the desired weapon is.
Sub Power: (1/2 off, what a deal!)



Name: Nano Carbon Steel
Range: Self
Rank: A
Power Type: Main
Duration: Passive
Power: Dermal Armor
Description: Her armor has changed in thickness to 2 inches and she now has a titanium, Nano-carbon, and depleted uranium armor. This is done like chobham armor, it is layered and compacted. The first outside layer is a titanium carbon high alloy mix which protects the outside and then the secondary layer is a layer of 1/4 inch depleted uranium and sandwiched in between two layers of 1/4 inch titanium carbon high alloy, and then another 1/4 inch depleted uranium and while a layer of 1/4 inch titanium finishes the sandwiching of the uranium, the final 3/4 inch is a thick layer of nano carbon tubing tighten and thickened over each other in a knotting together. This creates a thickened layer of composite armor in this final layer of nano carbon tubing. This last layer is the hardest and strongest layer to get through, all these layers work together however when impacted and repel the incoming damage. The appearance is shown in the outfit. Its important to note that the armor on her skin is all angled at 30 degrees at two angles. The angles are like this because the armor naturally bends with the body and shifts to a 30 degree slice this gives the armor a total effective thickness of 200 mm. Can absorb A ranked amount of damage for a durability main which is withstand energy blasts taking half damage and everything below it in the chart.

Name: Arms of Small
Range: 50 meters
Rank: C
Power Type: Main
Duration: N/a
Power: Gun Protrusion
Description:She can transform her index finger into a small gun barrel in which she can fire 9×19mm Parabellum of it. It moves at 381 m/s and is accurate up to 50 meters away. Note that after firing 16 rounds she has to wait 2 seconds to reload and be prepared to fire again. Its also important that the shell casings fire from the side of her finger.  She can also change the rounds deadliness, the most deadly is the standard 9×19mm Parabellum round she can fire and turn down the bullet power from there to shells that will incapacitate a crook. The capability is comparable with a M9 Beretta.  


Skill Name: Brazilian Jujitsu
Skill Specialty: Physical Prowess
Skill Range: Within Reach
Skill Description: She has spent many summers going to Brazil and learning from  master of Jujitsu, this gives her a advantage of any grappling she gets in with someone who doesn't have grappling abilities, it also means she has learned striking with her legs and many choke holds making it possible for her to choke out someone who isn't skilled or capable of defending themselves.

Skill Name: Strength of Steel
Skill Specialty: Physical Prowess
Skill Range: Touch
Skill Description: She can lift at the top of her ability and is as strong as a ox, she can move and push things to the limit. This is caused by her becoming use to her undercoating and becoming stronger from it, she can now lift 25% more.

Skill Name: Bang Guns!
Skill Specialty: Weapon Expert
Skill Range: Variable
Skill Description: This also her to use the capability of weapons to there standard ability, being trained in various fire arms she is able to use small arms with proficiency.

Skill Name:Gun Range, Yeha!  
Skill Specialty: Weapon Expert
Skill Range: Variable
Skill Description: She can increase the accuracy by 25% of her guns and fire at targets moving. She trained to due this by long hours at shooting range and hitting moving targets. This gives her better ability at it and makes her extremely dangerous with weapons.


1 D ranked weapon token

Item Name: Police Scanner
Item Range: Local Area  
Item Rank: D
Item Description: It is a small portable device that looks much like a phone and is all black and in the shape of a rectangle with a touch screen.  Item Power: Allows for her to scan radio signals and find where crime is in local area by using the radio transmissions by police. There is a program that searches for keywords and names for certain disturbances and by using this it can give her a address and the type of crime that is occurring.  She can also go into the scanner and look into the types of current crime and where they are at. It also categorizes these by locations and can pull up troubled areas. Insecure line!

The Background

The Truth Behind Babies!
Little Elaine was anything but little, she came out of her mothers womb weighing close to 44 pounds in Berlin, Germany. Her mother was forced to get a C-section of course and ended up living...but with a much worse beach body. Her mother would then become obsessed with finding ways to deal with the scars, we are talking nasty scars by the way, like listen I can't describe to you what they looked like...but imagine getting your stomach ripped open by one of them alien babies and then someone trying to put it back together. After a couple weeks the family decided to give away the heaviest baby that anyone sperm could muster. Mostly because they thought she was a freak of some kind.  Anyways yea, she ends up in a orphanage of some kind. She sits around on her butt for a while, in it...I mean shes a baby. She would go through the first 4 years pretty easily, basic baby stuff. Nothing too exciting.


Now the interesting part. She was now 5 years old in the story telling, this iis when her troubles began. Many troubles happen to kids, but how the interact with them is different for her she took it and absorbed it. She didn't say anything, she allowed them to do what they wanted. If it was spitting, kicking or name calling. She would just take it, now you might be asking why people would make fun of her, well thats very simple. She was heavily overweight for a 5 year old, weighing close to 260 pounds. Now of course she didn't look like she weighed that much but she certainly was quite heavy due to the metals on the inside of her body, she also ate a lot of odd things like metal. How this all started is important, she had always eaten metal things and to this point she had been with a family that had understood mutants and let her happily eat metal, however her temporary family that keep her for years made her hide this fact, keep it on the down low as the kids would say it. She tried to, but toddlers have like the spacial reasoning of your average dog, so she repetitively would take trips out of the home at night and not being the most nibble person...she would become very easy to notice, fat people can't sneak..its like a fact somewhere.

Anyways she ended up getting followed by a little boy name George, he was a little black boy who didn't like her because Elaine had taken up his block time one day, one thing I know is don't take up someones block time..but Elaine did and she didn't even care, tisk tisk. Now George would get his chance to get revenge and oh he did, up until this point everyone at school and the home didn't really mind her and she was cool. But when you see a little girl down a steel bar changes a little boy and he knew this was his ticket to get her. So what George started to do is taunt her with metal objects, this never worked and so what little dick George started doing was waiting at night and when she tried to go out he'd complain. For weeks this happened and the staff at the home started to get worried about her as she started to thin, George keep this up for so long that she was often in trouble and became quite skinny. Eventually one day on a field trip to a museum there were large aluminium pipes that made them go around in a line and guide the people. Up until now Elaine had been making silverware mysteriously disappear along with electronics and this wasn't near enough to sustain her and as they were walking down her little mouth unhinged like a alligator and she took a bit of it and started to eat the entire thing. It took 5 security guards to pull the little thing away from it. Now she was simply metal eater and became made fun of for the next 5 years and she took it like a dog! George also keep up the starving little deal going on, but at least now she would eat steel for breakfast instead of food.

A savior appears before her, a young man come to town one day in Berlin and really had nothing to do with each other but they meet up for whatever reason, magic universe mojo is my guess or terrible driving one of the two. Anyways one day poor little Elaine was running away from George whos next plot was to make her pee her self by tickling and this was too much for the beaten dog to take and she took off. She started running faster and faster away from the school as they had been in recess. She ran and ran, George had given up chase after the Principle came to break up whatever was going, but the woman couldn't stop little Elaine from running. As she did a black limo carrying none other then Kenneth Morrow was coming into her path of sprinting, luckily she was in a school zone so the driver was only going really fast because the light wasn't on and he smacked into her moving at a steady speed of 70 kph or like 40 mph for the right people. Lucky the hit was directly on her chest and caused her skin to rip across her chest and blood began to flow down her chest and stain her shirt. Mr. Morrow called the ambulance then promptly when to the hospital (Fun fact: The driver was prosecuted and ended up in jail and is still serving his sentence, Kenneth made sure of that. What a meanie!) He waited for hours while she was in surgery and wanted to know how she was doing but they wouldn't tell her. After surgery she was able to meet him and for hours they talked, it was impressive how this man could carry on a conversation with a 10 year old and even more so understand her poor English, though she spoke it was anything from coherent. He came and visited the little girl for the next week and made plans to stay longer if need idea why he was there, maybe spear that's silly he was there for some reason and made sure to stay in Berlin until she was better. After a talking he found out she didn't have a family and this is where Mr. Morrow told her on the 12th day of visiting her that he was going to make her his child. After another couple of days she had her name changed to Elaine Morrow from her German name which was Emmeline Rommel. She took a flight for the first time with Mr. Morrow back to their home.

She was unused to all the attention from people and butlers and hide from them around the house, sometimes the staff would spend days trying to find her and she would only come out for Kenneth. So anytime he was gone she was playing a week long game of hide and seek. It took over 3 months before she became comfortable with it and her schooling up until now had been private schooling by her butler sir Garthwall. She began to form a deep relationship with him and eventually he found out she was a mutant and all the problems associated with it.  Her father had not as much of a chance to get to know her as he was always out dealing with things, he wasn't a distance father and tried to spend as much time with her as he could, but it takes a lot to build a empire and maintain it. Lucky the 3 months that she had arrived her dad was gone all the time and didn't have enough time to find out about her tightly guarded secret and when Garthwall found out he made sure to help her, teaching her all kinds of tricks to save herself from being found out. He would often cover for her and keep the secret because he knew how Mr. Morrow felt about them. He left it up to Elaine to tell her father and wouldn't out her as it wasn't his place. For the next 2 years she studied with Mr. Garthwall and finally her father decided it was time to send her to private school. She was a 13 and he thought it was time to get her into life.

Teenage Years: The Current Chapter
Oh the best years...except the ingenious of her father sent her to a girls only school! Ratzs, no sausage! This is where she really started to attach to her materials things, during the stay at their mansion she didn't care much for them at all. But now along all these rich white kids it seemed to be technology and themselves were inner mingled. She began to become a expert of sorts in this, she manged tech and got really into computers. This was where she picked up her first passion computers, for the next year or so she spent her time learning about computers in anyway she could.

During this time she ran into a fellow mutant named Julia, hers was a small change but its how she clicked with her. Following this Elaine became obsessed with her and began to follow and talk with her. She eventually found out that the girl was into other girls...and heavily into history. The second thing they became very together with and would learn about do stuff together for hours with history. Julia was in love with the history surrounding war and this soon became a passion of Elaines. By the time they were both 15 they had become inseparable and would do all kinds of things from gaming to playing Volleyball. Another passion soon would fall into place, Julia wanting more in their relationship, decided that a night under the stars would be a chance for her to score. This plan turned tail when they looked through a telescope and the passion became ignited in her and the entire night they spent looking up stars and Julia still wasn't able to confess her feelings.

By the start of her junior year Elaine decided it was time for her to do more with her life then follow Julia, she picked up Volleyball for the school team and entering a cooking class, she soon found that both were passions and began to get into them. She also took art classes and became obsessed with them and painted all kinds of things, from a dis formed naked Julia which she happily agreed to model for, to pictures of burning cities being warped up into space. Now you may be asking what her social standing was beside with her best friend, she was fairly popular and people always used her to get stuff as she would spend money on friends and she would spend most of her allowance on Julia.

During the winter of her junior year a good bit happened she returned home with Julia and began her dressing like a slut phase, a rebellion against all the school uniform thing, both her father and butler displeased in this much and when the two would go out they would often be forced to wear more suitable clothing. This is also when she picked up hunting, she began to go out on her father to hunt for turkey, she had no idea what she was doing but he seemed to and they would hunt. She soon loved and enjoyed it and became in broiled with it and would start this as her next great thing. This is also when she got a large diamond necklace that she would love and wear always.

Her junior year concluded with a bang as her Beach Volleyball team had managed to win 3rd in state and this by far would be her most proud achievement. This would also spell the end of her relationship with Julia or at least as we know, during June the two went out camping a plan by Julia it was to take the whole month of June and apart of Julia's plan was to make her move, now note this that Elaine had never been touched in these ways before nor kissed by anyone. After finishing building the fire on the 23rd day she decided it was time, after coming out of the camp to sit by a fire, Julia dared her to stare into her eyes for at least 40 seconds and Elaine did, thought it was odd but did. This is when Julia planted a kiss on her lips and said that she loved Elaine and wanted to be with her. Elaine simply had no response and ran from the camp site. She took a couple bus rides and eventually ended up in New York City, where her father had a couple places, she would have taken the camper they drove...but it was Julia's and...she would rather run then end the trip and go home awkwardly. This is where past meets present, a emotionally distressed and scared girl.

Superhero! Origin Style!

Lets wheel the time dial backwards two years, So she is now 16 years old and still friends with lesbo Julia. This is when she decided it was time for a change, what caused this shift is that there was a girl at their school who was constantly build among many other stupids, she became tired of seeing it and eventually began transforming into her metal coated version to scare the bullies and get them to stop, this was done in secret of course and had little effect. One day she found out that the poor girl was going to be stripped naked and put on a flag pole outside of the school in the morning. Her recent exploits with bullies had been minor and her only warning them and scaring them off. This time hearing the plan enraged her and caused her to assault the girls and she began to kick and punch breaking there bones. This caused one of them to call the police and when they arrived shots began to fire upon her and she ran off from the school leaving the bullies bent and broken. Scared what would happen she ran and ran, she had two days until school started and was lucky because a Monday she would have been absentee and easily found out.

She used these two days to collect herself and realize the power she had. This is where she decided she would change and make up for what she did. Mysteriously the bullies who were beaten up had all medical bills paid for and a lump sum deposited in their parents or there own accounts, this of course was Elaine's doing. She now would spend her nights being obsessed with catch phrases and things to say and moral philosophy. She decided to train her body, mind and soul, she worked hard and for many and long hours trying to perfect things. After a year of practice she had the things she needed and began to scan police networks for crimes in progress and would show up to them and help put away the villains.

She would soon spend her next years of nights doing this and dealing with minor crimes on the daily. She had yet to meet villains with superpowers or anything of the sort. She had only met thugs. On the name, she came up with 2 names she would use, at first she used E.R. Panzer and for the first 8 month of her crime busting she liked it, until one day while scrolling through a feed she noticed someone talking about how her arm looked like a panther cannon when it fired and this is when she decided to change her name to Tiger Panzer. The lady has a small following of 90% male pervert who spread her name and she has even posted on the forums using public libraries and such talking to them, now why do I tell you this, give you a idea of her fame. Its very small and she enjoys meeting and talking with these people.  

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Don't see anything wrong here, gonna call it approved.
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unapproved for conversion
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Finished, spent 120 prestige on Dermal Armor, I had 130 from creating a character (30) and updating (100)
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Just toss in quality of damage you can tank with your durability skill.

Since I'm nice, it is here!
Quote :
Invulnerability/Durability: Main/Branching-Sub* As it ranks up, you keep the previous rank durability before it aswell

C - Withstand moderate bludgeoning and melee + small arms fire / Withstand moderate bludgeoning and melee
B - Withstand larger caliber rounds and heavy bludgeoning damage / Withstand Small arms fire
A - Withstand energy blasts taking half damage / Withstand larger caliber rounds and heavy bludgeoning damage
S - Withstand extreme damage for a prolonged time / Withstand energy blasts taking half damage

You're maining it, and have got it at A-rank so throw in the relevant info.
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oh yah, this is approved
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Tiger Panzer
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