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 Beveras the Lich [Done]

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PostSubject: Beveras the Lich [Done]   Wed Jun 18, 2014 10:22 pm

"Power comes at a cost..."

The Biography

Birth Name: Beveras
Aliases: The Lich
Gender: Male
Age: 2,020
Birth Date: June 2nd, 26 BC
Class:  Blessed/Damned

Appearance: In Beveras' Lich form he is all skeletal with four horns appearing out of his head, he stands at an amazing height of 10 ft tall while weighing 50 lbs, almost nothing due to his body being skeletal, his hands each carry 5 inch blades. His lower robe carries two chains wrapping around his legs and his teeth as sharp as knives. In his Lich form Beveras' has glowing blue eyes as well as his entire body giving a faint blue glow, not great for stealth missions but when your an all powerful Lich you don't need stealth. Of course however this isn't his only form, he also has a human form so he can blend in with normal society. A mean suit if you would prefer. In his human meat suit Beveras' looks fairly normal, brown hair with a light stubble and deep brown eyes. In this form he stands at a mere 5'9 weighing in at 190 lbs only. The biggest notable difference is that the meat suit is as cold as death itself, its not a alive so its not perfect, it is merely a suit with some blood in it to make it look convincing. In this form he also wears a blue hoodie jacket, black gloves pull back 1 inch past his wrist, deep blue jeans, and some simply sneakers. His Phylactery wedding ring is on his right hand on his ring finger.

Personality: Beveras has a rather straight forward personality when it comes to things. His nature is to be serious most of the time but he is not above taking or giving out jokes from time to time. But he does know that there is a time and place for such things. He prefers to think before he acts. Overall he is a typical being when it comes to how he acts, except for one thing. Beveras' is a slave to love itself. Love has its grip tightened around Beveras, so he is not above slaughtering millions of innocent beings if it meant bringing his dead lover back to the world of the living. Beveras ins't evil but he isn't good either, he simply is. He views "Good" and "Evil" as points of view and nothing more, rather that everyone exists to serve a purpose in their life and that if they spend all of eternity worrying about good and evil, right and wrong, then they aren't truly living life as it is. And Beveras' purpose in life is to do WHATEVER it takes to bring his long lost lover back to the realm of the living. Even if that means all of Earth burns in the process.

The Capability


Main Specialty: Projection
Sub Specialty: Professor - Alchemy


Main Power: Lich Physiology


Name: Regeneration
Range: N/A
Tier Level: 1
Power Type: Main
Upgrades: None
Duration: N/A
Power: Lich Physiology
Description: Given that the only true way for a Lich to die is to destroy their phylactery means that Beveras is immortal. Sort of. The drawback is that where ever his body was destroyed is exactly where it will regenerate, which means anyone can simply steal his body parts and hide them preventing him from regenerating at all. The regeneration takes 1 week real time to complete.

Name: Raise Undead
Range: 6 meters
Tier Level: 1
Power Type: Main
Upgrades: N/A
Duration: 5 post
Power: Lich Physiology
Description: Beveras can raise a simple basic zombie. This zombie has nothing special about it accept sharp claws and teeth that could easily pierce flesh and cloth but not any type of armor. This zombie lasts for 5 posts before falling back to the ground and dying.


Skill Name: Necromancer
Skill Specialty: Projection
Skill Tier: 1
Skill Range: N/A
Skill Description: Beveras is a fairly proficient Necromancer, raising the dead left and right. As such the duration of his abilities involving necromancy goes up by 1 post before the effect of the ability ends.

Skill Name: Alchemist
Skill Specialty: Professor - Alchemy
Skill Tier: 1
Skill Range: N/A
Skill Description: Beveras, in order to achieve his lich form, had to resort to certain dark practices including alchemy. He has some skill with it and can create simple potions so long as he has the ingredients to do so.


N/A (For now)


Flaw Name: Holy Bane
Flaw Type: Bane Flaw
Flaw Description: Given that Beveras is an unholy Lich that means his counter part weakness is anything holy. ANYTHING with ANY type of "Holy" properties such as weapons, powers, abilities, or armor, automatically negate any and all of abilities made by Lich powers. Also anything with Holy properties get raised 1 damage level, so Light damage does Moderate damage and so on.

Flaw Name: Phylactery
Flaw Type: Support System Flaw
Flaw Description: In order to become a Lich, Beveras needed to bind his soul to a "Phylactery". In this case his Phylactery is a golden ring in his right hand's ring finger. This ring was the one he proposed to his Dead lover with. This ring contains his soul, as such if it is EVER destroyed that means instant death for him. This is the only true way for him to die however should it get shattered in even a teeny tiny way means instant death.

The Background

History: Beveras was born one year before the rise of the Roman Empire in a small village in what is now modern day Italy. His mother died from child birth and his father was quite the dead beat loser, most of his life he was taken care of by his mother's best friend's family. He spent most of his life growing up with another girl, named Aelia. Throughout his life these two never separated, they were always seen together and rare was it when anybody saw one of them without the other. At age seven Beveras' father finally stepped up and became a father, teaching his son how to read the Roman alphabet and even how to wield a dagger. At age 10 Beveras' father left and joined the Roman military cohorts in order to let Beveras keep living a quiet life rather then a rough one, this would be the lat time Beveras would ever see his father. At the age of 15 Beveras starting falling in love with his life long friend Aelia, and so he began making small moves to get with her. It wasn't until age 17 that they finally did, and then four years after that they were engaged.

Four years later on their wedding day, their village was overrun by barbarians and the only survivor was Beveras. Beveras held his wife's dead body in his arms for several days before finally coming to his senses and cursing the gods. He spent the next twenty years in despair as he wandered the land wondering what to do with his life, or whatever was left of it. Until he came across an elderly man who taught him certain powers. Dark powers. The kind that mothers tell children about to scare them into bed, the kind that turns grown men into sniveling cowards. The elder taught Beveras how to transform into something more then a human, into something unholy. And so Beveras became a lich, for thousands of years he crawled up learning new things and sampling all of the earth, for he has seen it all. The fall of rome, the golden age of piracy, name it, he has seen it. Now in modern day society he roams the earth searching for power and anything that could give him power. Be that an artifact, or another person.

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PostSubject: Re: Beveras the Lich [Done]   Thu Jun 19, 2014 12:01 am

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Beveras the Lich [Done]
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