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 Rules for New Powers

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PostSubject: Rules for New Powers   Wed Jun 11, 2014 7:59 pm

So, you got a bunch of prestige and wish to buy a new power, eh? Well, this is something that effects your character as a whole, and thus, there will be a few rules about this, depending on whether you are buying a Main Power or a Sub Power.

Main Power Rules

  • 1) When buying a Main power, it simply needs to make sense in character. If your character already has something like blood manipulation, then obviously you might be able to unlock other parts of your body, and manipulate your bones, thus Bone Manipulation would make sense without a lot of thought or effort needed. However, if you have Blood Manipulation, and you want something like Cyber Mind, well... you're going to need to figure out a way to make this work IC. This means, perhaps you get another scientist character to tinker in your brain. Perhaps you have an npc played by a staff member kidnap your character and an experiment makes your brain into a super computer, then your friend rescues you. Simply make it make sense.
  • 2) Main Powers that directly contradict each other will also not be allowed. An example would be the already banned combination of Light and Dark manipulation. You may ask if Fire and Water would be a banned combo, but no. Those are simply 2 different elements. What would be banned, perhaps, would be 2 different physiologies. Since you already have Wolf Physiology, you can't possibly have Cat Physiology as well. This rule is under staff discretion, but you will rarely run into a problem with it.

Sub Power Rules

  • 1) A very simple rule, it may have been unwritten before, but when purchasing a Sub Power, it MUST be related to one of your Main Powers. This means that if you have a Main Power relating to the body (super speed, strength, etc) You can not have Telekinesis as a Sub Power, it simply makes no sense. Sub Powers are meant to be a portion of your main power, that perhaps you evolved it into it's own power. It came from your Main Power, but now it's slightly stronger and more defined than a simple Main Power Ability. The only exception to this rule is Flight, being a universal power.
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Rules for New Powers
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