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 RIVALS!!!! Who is your RIVAL!

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PostSubject: RIVALS!!!! Who is your RIVAL!   Fri May 30, 2014 3:49 pm


This is a guide to what we like to call the rival system. Rivals are a very important part of the Marvel universe and thus we had to give our members a chance to take advantage of this to develop their story and characters. The dictionary states that a rival is "a person or thing that tries to defeat or be more successful than another" thus if you are a hero your rival does not have to be a villain. Rivals can be the same alignment or even on the same team.

How to establish a rivalry?

The way you establish a rivalry is to have had at least 6 topics with someone where the rivalry is clearly apparent. This can be conflict in various missions or simply trying to out do one another. Though I encourage you guys to spice it up....maybe share a love interest or have opposed political views involving your class. In those 6 topics the rivalry must be shown taking root and it's evolution.

What benefits do I get from having a rivalry?

Once per week you can claim x2 SP and x2 Prestige by having a rivalry topic. This must be a well crafted topic where the rivalry is blossoming and the two parties are in direct conflict. The topic must be at least 10 posts long with posts at least 600 words long of quality content...not fluff(if this is a true rivalry this should be fun character development and not a chore). All rivalry topics should be labeled with RIVAL in all caps.

How many rivals can I have?

A maximum of two

How do I end a rivalry

Simple, you can not claim a rivalry topic for 3 weeks and update the rivalry as done. Or you can simply mend the fence with your rival IC and update the rivalry as over.

Can I replace a rival if I have two already?

Rivals are there to stay until ended so choose wisely. You cannot replace them until an update is done.

I want to end my rivalry but my rival doesn't?

If this is ever the case then both parties should explain there points to staff. An IC rivalry should not be ended simply because ooc reasons or someone likes another character better. Their has to be good IC reason or both parties have to feel the same about it. The party who does not want the rivalry to end has one 72 hrs to contest the end of a rivalry before it is granted.


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PostSubject: Re: RIVALS!!!! Who is your RIVAL!   Sun Jul 06, 2014 7:37 pm

No changes needed as of 7/6/2014


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RIVALS!!!! Who is your RIVAL!
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