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 Staff Authority and Member Rights

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PostSubject: Staff Authority and Member Rights   Thu May 22, 2014 5:42 pm

Staff Authority and Member Rights

This is a very important topic for me in that we do things a little different here  at Marvel unlimited. Some of the points I make in this topic may already be stated in the rules and thus may be a little redundant but are stated to clearly outline what staff and members can and cannot do. So lets dive right in shall we...

Staff Power and Responsibilities

As much as we just want to have fun and wish no disciplinary action was ever needed by staff we all know this is not so in the real world. Let me start off by saying staff are here to help the members first and foremost from the creator of the site on down. With that being said I want to remind staff that we are here to encourage members and help them get their things approved. Thus when checking an app the following is unacceptable;

1. Denied
2.Don't like it
3. Nope
4. Any other vague BS

Checking and responding to an app should give a detailed response at minimum containing what was done wrong and what is needed in order for their stuff to get approved. The way the system is set up if a member is following the guidelines there is very little that cannot be edited in order to fit site standards. We want to make sure members are approved in a timely fashion and adhere to balance of MU. Furthermore we do not want to frustrate a member and clutter a topic therefore we want no more than 2 staff looking at any one app unless the member requests it. Why? Each staff member is different and has different views on what is broken and what isn't. We would hate for one member of staff to list problems that need to be fixed before approval and once the member has corrected them all 2 other staff come with what they think the problems are. Admin are not able to micromanage everything out there so in order to keep the stress and clutter to a minimum we want to keep the least amount of staff in one topic to a minimum.

Chat Box stuff

Staffs responsibilities also include monitoring the c-box and answering member questions. Staff are required to answer member questions UNLESS members are being trollish about it. Staff does not have to explain things that are clearly stated in the rules but are required to point members in the right direction if asked. Every member has 3 strikes....2 boots and a ban. What are considered offensive are clearly stated in the rules so I won't go over it again but they will be booted two times before being banned. Prior to being banned any violations must be recorded and sent to all admin. Depending on the violation the punishment will come from admin leadership and action will take place.

Members Rights and Wrongs

The Warmongers and Trolls

Ok, most of the do's and don'ts are covered in the rules so again I am not going to touch on them. However there are are few things that members need to be aware of. This is not an rp is a community. We are here to help each other out, get better, relax, and enjoy rp. there will be competition and that is healthy for any place where rp is involved however the main focus is to have fun here. If you are looking to get your rocks off by killing a bunch of people to say you are "ELITE" of make a name for yourself by terrorizing beginners then you have come to the wrong place. We are not here to measure our internet manhood...we are here to enjoy ourselves and have fun.

The Pessimist

By far the most dangerous members to have and can quickly ruin a site. They second guess every decision staff makes and questions everything on the site because it is not the way they would have done it. In short....leave. Staff here are open to suggestions and we have an area for them. I look for feedback all the time because I want my members to enjoy the site. However, I can't stand a member that nitpicks at everything they deem "not their way". Some system will be flawed and sometimes staff will make bad calls. It is rp life....get on with your day enjoy your character and shut the f*ck up. Please don't badmouth staff or the site because it is not in compliance with your standards. Don't try to pass along negative views to other members on the site. We are here to keep things positive and again have fun.....this is bannable to the highest degree.

The Agitator

Members have questions and that is to be expected....especially from newer members. Though before you barrage staff with question do me a solid and READ THE RULES. I understand that a lot of you are skimmers and I even made a place for you guys. All the information you need is right here on the site. If you come across something that slipped through the cracks staff will be there to assist. Also give staff time to check your stuff...I would say at least 48hrs before you ask him/her again. For the love of everything holy do not link staff to an app or item to be checked as soon as they come into the chatroom.

The members we like and your rights

For the members who actually came to enjoy themselves and genuinely wish to roleplay I understand that you can be victim to any of the above that have eluded us. This may be by staff(though it better not be) or members who have simply not been detected yet. I and the other admin have an open door policy so if there is are problems feel free to contact us.


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Posts : 946
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PostSubject: Re: Staff Authority and Member Rights   Thu May 29, 2014 11:52 am

Done and up for review


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Staff Authority and Member Rights
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