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 The Tryouts

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PostSubject: The Tryouts    Thu May 22, 2014 2:17 pm

Throughout the halls of the Manhatten Prep, on a bright sunny day, the rays of the sun beamed through the schools sun roof. It illuminated the school with much light, almost to the point where using electricity as power for lights seemingly useless. But walking through these empty halls, school being out, a large, yet fit coach, power walked through the halls. With his clipboard that contained the exercises for his team in his right hand, and his future prospect in the other, this being the Devon, are would be hero. While one walked freely, the other didn't , as he was being held against his will.

"But why?!? I don't want to play for the team, I want to go to...", Devon was cut off by Coach Starkwoad. "The Comic store? Your sure one lucky geek that me and your father are good friends. Your father told me how you waste your days inn that damn book store, reading comic after comic, like your some damn hero. Its time you do something meaningful with your tim-" "Like ramming into other people head to head, no thanks, Jerkwoad..." Devon really didn't want to join the team, much of them even knew of Devon. Devon had made plans with Chad and Aeron to go to the comic store, but that didn't seem like it was possible now. The nerd who thought he was a hero, the nerd who always got in trouble with the teacher, yep, Devon had a bit of a rep in Manhattan Prep. The funny thing was, everyone knew Devon's dad, since he and Starkwoad used to run the football team together. Devon was still going to middle school at the time. The Coach tightened his grip on Devon's white v neck shirt.

"No!!, your frame is too small to play a position like that. Also, your dad told me that you've got quite an arm, and that is why I dragged u out here. I cant let a gift like that go to waste..." Starkwoad smiled at the fact, that this year, the team could have a decent QB, something many teams lacked in the district. The two metal doors were opened with a single push of the hand by the coach, with the same hand he held the clipboard with. After which, the two stepped out side the school, looking onto a wide open field, which was busy with activity. Many groups were busy, as well as the track team that were doing their laps around the large rubber cement track. "Look at that Devon, this display of ultimate..., Athleticism", The coach said as he released his monstrous grip, while at the same time pushing Devon off the two steps onto the grassy field, Devon struggled to keep his balance. His hands brushed his light blue jeans, while his black converse got grass stains on them, already... "Now get out there and run the track, with the other receivers. After that, the offensive coach will instruct you on what to do next... And take off that damn leather jacket, its like 80 something degrees out here."

Stumbling on to the grass, nearly falling to the ground. Devon looked back towards Mr. Starkwoad, while he adjusted his gym bag's strap that hung on his left shoulder. "I know...", Devon watched the coach return back into he cool AC filled building. With no other choice, Devon walked closer towards the track, struggling to take off his jacket, he also noticed a group of guys jogging towards him. "Hey guys, is this football team group?" Devon was sure in for a rough outdoor day. His surroundings were filled with people yelling and pushing themselves to their limits, all trying to get better.
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PostSubject: Re: The Tryouts    Mon Jun 16, 2014 3:58 am

Aeron jogged around the school looking for Devon. Looking in classroom from classroom he would then look out of a window to see Devon on the football field.

"What is he doing? It's time to leave to the comic book store and he's on the football field."

Walking out of the classroom Aeron made his way to the stairs since he was on the second floor. As he was walking down the stairs he would then skip one step by accident and he would then fall forward. Catching himself so he wouldn't fall and roll down the steps he would place his feet down on a step and jump forward off the steps where he would land and roll on the ground jumping back to his feet.

"Eh could've done better, now off to get Devon."

Making his way towards the football field pushing the doors open he would then walk until he was a few feet away from Devon.

"Devon what are you doing here ,come on man let's go!"
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PostSubject: Re: The Tryouts    Fri Jun 20, 2014 1:36 pm

It sure was a lame day for Devon, not only could he not go to the comic store, but he was forced to do this unwanted activity. Within the troubled mind of our hero, he grumbled words of frustration, specifically towards his dad. Waiting for a response, a familiar voice was heard, a bit too familiar. Devon turned his head back quickly at first, then shifted his whole body towards the known figure. Aeron?

"Go? I cant bro, Coach Starkwoad is making me do try outs, I can't leave. Unless...,", our hero looks towards the door which he came from. Perhaps they could escape this hell hole, if it weren't for the pair of eyes that peeked back at Devon through the glass section of the door. Coach Starkwoad was ever present. "Nope, I'm screwed...", our depressed hero stated, looking back at Aeron with eyes of hopelessness. What could he possibly do now, maybe Aeron could help bail him out.
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PostSubject: Re: The Tryouts    

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The Tryouts
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